Feb 08

BRANDWATCH: Twix Fits! In A Milkshake?

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Aahh, the wacky gang at Mars. Is there no craven brand extension they will not try? I thought post Bisc& they had dialled down the rampant dilution of their brands. And dilute is indeed what they have done now with the somewhat uncalled for TWIX & M&M SHAKES.. Mars apparently wants to invent a new snacking category, namely Dessert Drinks. So for your £1.50 you get a thick shake (caramel in Twix, chocolate for M&Ms), a straw and some – er – bits. The bits being either mini-Twixs for dipping or mini M&Ms for you to presumable choke on when one goes whizzing up the straw and straight into your oesophagus.

Of course the Rolo milkshake has been around occasionally in McDonald’s, though I don’t think there were any toffees in the bottom of the cup. And again McDonald’s have been flogging their soft ice-cream / chcoclate bar concoctions for years. But the dessert drink? I’m not sure we need.

That said I have a completely different brand category people might want to consider. The starter coffee. Yes people like a soup, or maybe a prawn cocktail, but sometimes you are sleepy when you go into a meal. One of the FT writers was given looks of horror when she ordered a coffee for a starter recently – it strikes me this must be rectified before we can tackle dessert drinks!


  1. 1
    Alix on 27 Feb 2008 #

    I had a Maltesers milkshake last night. I walked in a newsagents after giving blood, somewhat lightheaded and emerged with a Maltesers milkshake and a fucking Fortean Times. The milkshake was moreish but disgusting.

  2. 2
    Pete Baran on 27 Feb 2008 #

    Yes, rub in your lack of eye herpes.

  3. 3
    Simon on 28 Feb 2008 #

    While grim, I’d say that this isn’t as offensive as the Coco Pop chocolate straw. I would hope that people (kidz no doubt) consume this instead of a choc bar rather than a can of coke

    And the starter coffee is an interesting one. While we don’t have the Italian espresso etiquette, there are many social constructs we need to break down. Tiramisu for starter and paté for dessert is top of my list.

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