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More Songs About Volleyball and Food

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Following on from last night’s volleyballpop discussion on Lollards, I thought I’d do a quick post as a follow up with some links to the other songs I mentioned! Doing the theme tune to volleyball championships seems to be quite lucrative. I mentioned that the first NewS single was used as the theme to the 2003 World Volleyball Championships (although for convoluted reasons this wasn’t considered the band’s official ‘debut’!): ladies and gentlemen I present NewS NIPPON! Really, nothing, ever, could beat the awesomeness of this song which I loved for years before I even sought out the video which features dancing in space, Yamapi in shorts. They also appear to have borrowed some of Kylie’s spare C&A spacesuits – remember when Kylie went into space? Yeah! I could go on (seriously <3 <3) BUT there’s MORE to this volleyball lark!

Because – as it turns out, in 2005, ANOTHER NewS single was used as a volleyball theme, this time to the ladies volleyball championship! This wonder is called TEPPEN (‘top’ or ‘summit’, whatevs). This song actually has an actual link to volleyball in the video, which features the lovely band members wearing various shades of quasi-dayglo trousers (AND THEY ACTUALLY MANAGE TO STILL LOOK GOOD WTF) and playing a wide variety of sports in a very well-kitted out warehouse. Oh, apart from the warehouse is semi-flooded, so as they play kicky-ball they get WET. (Like Andrew WK). (Ok not quite). Anyway, they play basketball, fitba, give each other backies on a bike (I’m saying NOTHING – oh Shige), drink cocktails, sweep the floor in orange boiler suits. But they DON’T actually play volleyball! Argh! But at the end they jump up and down like DORKS and it’s great so they’re forgiven.

Final one is the new single which we played on Lollards last night by Hey! Say! JUMP! – there is, mathematically speaking, ELEVENTY GRILLION of H!S!J! which means they would make a very effective volleyball team – if backflipping is a legal move in volleyball that is. The tune is Ultra Music Power – which I didn’t like so much on the first listen, perhaps because I am seriously concerned that I am listening to groups featuring a large amount of members under the age of 15 (I am 26, I admit this). But – you know what, I give in, it’s BLUDDY GRATE. The video is suspiciously similar to NewS Nippon now I think of it, except they appear to be in a CITY OF THE FUTURE rather than in space with aliengs, also they are pod people. There’s quite a lot of angsty staring at the camera inbetween cracking dance routines which makes me wonder – just how seriously ARE they taking this volleyball lark? AGAIN, no volleyball appears in the video. I now have a TOTAL CRAVING to watch boybands play volleyball. They should have a boyband league all of their own, totally!

Ah, ah. I said songs about volleyball and FOOD didn’t I? OK then, a sudden change of pace from relentless jpoptimism, here’s the wonderful 60s beat Eating Cold French Fries & Drinking a Lukewarm Coke by Louise Lovett. Wrenching stuff! At the beach on a date, she goes to the hamburger stand (cz the way to a man’s heart, etc) comes back clutching grease only to find the boy kissing JUDY! The b1tch! Our Lou flees the scene, clutching the by now soggy fries and syrupy fizz – when he drives up alongside her! DOH – it wasn’t him kissing Judy! It was Judy’s boyfriend! Louise just can’t tell men apart! Ha – so Louise gets in the car and they share the cold french fries together – but the real gutter in this one is the line “they pretend it was a joke”. You can picture them eating the cold fries in silence, he drops her off at home but when they see each other at school the next day, the awkwardness is still there. She doesn’t trust him, he doesn’t like that, and she’s embarassed. By the end of the week it will be over and Louise will be embittered, and working at the burger stand. Why are the burgers so salty? It’s because of her tears…

Anyway! I think this is the most I’ve posted to Freaky Trigger in donkeys so – erm, enjoy your songs about volleyball and food! I’ve made myself hungry now…


  1. 1
    Sarah on 29 Nov 2007 #

    This is a bit long but I don’t know how to ‘cut’ it (make wordpress more like LJ alan :)) – if any other admins do pls feel free to cut where you consider appropriate

  2. 2
    c i s on 29 Nov 2007 #

    okay which is the HSJ member singing those mel-c-in-‘say-you’ll-be-there’-esque harmonies? because he really shouldn’t: ow, my ears. I’m still not feeling this much (hey!say! was way better), it sort of sounds like a scoosh of album tracks off the first NEWS record?

    things i didn’t know until just now: they’re called ‘hey!say!’ because they were all born in the heisei era, i.e. since 1989. ARGH.

  3. 3
    Sarah on 29 Nov 2007 #

    I have an idea it is Chinen but I don’t know why! He freaks me out a bit. Augh! I like him though! NOT IN THAT WAY. Watch the VIDEO and find out – I’m not watching it at work they will consider it SUSPICIOUS, oh sigh. It has taken me a while to like this song, in fact it only really clicked last night – also a scoosh of album tracks from the first NewS record = CLASSIC obv.

    I was telling people the heisei thing in the pub last night, as if I weren’t traumatised ENOUGH.

  4. 4
    c i s on 29 Nov 2007 #

    Chinen has a girl’s name, no wonder he sings like a girl (seriously: when was there ever a boy called Yuuri). You are not wrong, he is q creepy. I’ve been watching a really dreadfully shoddy drama with Yamada Ryosuke in it, so I’m quite pro-him at the moment, aww his sad sad face and dead little eyes. It does have better rave noises than the first NEWS record, too.

    also maybe here is the correct place to go: omg remember how NEWS debuted with nine members? that’s never going to stop being hilarious. Keep that rate of attrition going and HSJ will be back down to HS7 in no time.

  5. 5
    Sarah on 29 Nov 2007 #

    Let’s open a book on which one will be found slumped in the gutter clutching a can of Spesh. I don’t know them enough to think which one is the most likely, I’ll do some research and get down Paddy Power.

    Speaking of Yamada Ryosuke, dude dude!! Is the internet just mocking me or is it REALLY TRUE that he and KAMENASHI are going to be in a drama where Kame plays a boxer who has problems KEEPING HIS WEIGHT DOWN?? For srs??? Lardy Kamenashi?? Agh.

  6. 6
    c i s on 29 Nov 2007 #


    – kame with food control issues
    – as a BOXER
    – who falls in love with a NUN
    – I have no idea what yamada r will be doing but surely it can only be sulky and lolsome
    – ???
    – PROFIT

    (seriously, how is it that bar nobuta kame is only ever in super-g4sh dramas?)

  7. 7
    Sarah on 29 Nov 2007 #

    I liked Gokusen 2! Though it was more because of Twinkie and Jin’s little acting FACE and flicky hair and trying to be all tough in peoples faces. Also it taught me I had been mispronouncing the name Ryu all these years. I blame Streetfighter2. Stupid Yankumi, although I have learnt lots of good useful japanese phrases from it ie “let’s all run together towards the horizon” which will come in useful no doubt.

    Surely Ueda should have got the part of a boxer, being how he is AN ACTUAL BOXER (albiet a fish lipped freako of a boxer). Kame + eating issues is surely such a DON’T GO THERE that… that… they went there… *wibble*

  8. 8
    Sarah on 29 Nov 2007 #

    (NB I totally love Yankumi but she is SUCH a nerd and the constant repetition of “precious students” is annoying, but the payoff is definitely worth it).

  9. 9
    c i s on 29 Nov 2007 #

    I liked Gokusen 2 but having seen the first series it was all a bit too repetitious. yes yes precious students, homeroom teacher, teenagers joining gangs to make money because their no-good dead-beat father lost it all in some kind of deception, poor-little-rich-boy all aloooooone, oh noes everyone must graduate etc etc etc etc etc… new ideas pls! Still the fight sequences were always pretty brilliant.

  10. 10

    this is worth a separate post i think: re the “poland not defeated YET” chat, timtim lollard mentioned the actual real unnerving content of anthems round the world and it reminded me (as a marches-born boy)* of THIS post: “The chorus of the Welsh national anthem contains the line: ‘Tra môr yn fur i’r bur hoff bau‘ — which translates roughly as ‘For as long as the sea is a wall for the pure and beloved country…'”

    Sea being not such an effective wall when there is a COUNTRY-LENGTH BORDER with a HOSTILE NATION which er overran you centuries ago

    *shrewsbury not only has a CASTLE to flummox the celtic hordes, but a very short walk to the North there is a gloomy half-wooded field in a hamlet called “Battle”, where Prince Glyndwr was o’erthrown for good and all… and plus all of shropshire is protected by 1 x FAMOUS DYKE

  11. 11
    Sarah on 29 Nov 2007 #

    I have a bit more on this that I could post up tomorrow unless you want to do it Mark, there was a lot more that could have come out of that little snippet (but it required more knowledge of the lyrics to anthems and AS YOU CAN TELL “knowledge” anthem-wise = SOMEWHAT MINIMAL ARGH).

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