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Brandwatch: Pepsi Raw

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i has a pespiPepsi’s big new idea – launching later this year apparently – is PEPSI RAW. Guess what this could possibly mean and then find out:

The gimmick is that rather than being made with fructose corn syrup it will be made with cane sugar. I’m not sure what the product benefit is going to be – not health, surely, so I guess this is about “real-ness” and organic-ness. Those are good buttons to press, but I’m still not sure this will work. Pepsi is notoriously oversweet anyway – there’s a reason Pepsi Max has overtaken the parent brand, and even that is more than a bit cloying – so going “I CAN HAS SUGAR” might be a bit offputting.


  1. 1
    Steve on 21 Nov 2007 #

    I thought Coke and Dr Pepper tasted sweeter than Pepsi because of the fructose corn syrup thing. I think Pepsi is horrible but like the other two.

    Drinking Fentimas cola again right now tho. I hope they get round to putting it in cans before my teeth fall out.

  2. 2
    Tom on 21 Nov 2007 #

    Coke isn’t as sweet as Pepsi. Actually there’s a good post to be made on how to fake a taste test which I might do tomorrow.

  3. 3
    Pete Baran on 21 Nov 2007 #

    I thought Pepsi Max was winning cos if we didn’t drink it, Fergie would come and destroy all our floors by jumping on them.

    Tedious Mark Thomas anti-Coke progs only interesting thing was “The taste of a brand” and showing the taste test doesn’t work.

  4. 4
    geoff on 21 Nov 2007 #

    Coke in Mexico is already made with sugar, not corn syrup. Coke obsessives in the states import Mexican coke because it allegedly tastes much better. And apparently Mexico has the highest per capita coke consumption in the world. So perhaps they’re onto something.

  5. 5
    V on 21 Nov 2007 #

    US Coke is made with corn syrup, European Coke is made with sugar (don’t know about the rest of the world). Pepsi = corn sugar everwhere, as far as I know. UK Pepsi = sweeter than UK Coke, so corn syrup = sweeter than using sugar? That might actually make Pepsi Raw drinkable.

  6. 6
    V on 21 Nov 2007 #

    That should be “Pepsi = corn syrup”

  7. 7
    . on 22 Nov 2007 #

    If this is such a good idea, why don’t they just make the original Pepsi with cane sugar?

  8. 8
    Andrew Farrell on 22 Nov 2007 #

    Pepsi’s made of sugar as well, as two minutes in a few local shops proved (more than one shop necessary as many of the sodas sold only have ingredients printed in various Eastern European languages)

  9. 9
    Mork on 30 Nov 2007 #

    Original source 10/30/07:

  10. 10
    Tom on 30 Nov 2007 #

    My source was Marketing magazine actually! Good scoop though, I will check out yr blog more.

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