Oct 07

Careless Wispa (the old ones are the best)

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Whilst I am happy that the Wispa is back (it’s chocolate heaven, I ate it an hour ago and I’m still on a lovely bleary fuzzy high – Green & Blacks and Montezuma et al can just… fvck off until they get with the cocoa butter), the Cadburys Wispa microsite is the worst thing ever. I hate all Flash animation ever and it must die. I also mean YOU, Lucky Voice.

Said microsite includes:
1) a feature where you can upload a picture of yourself and it will give you “your 80s throwback look” in case you “weren’t there at the time” (ohgod)
2) 80s “prizes” including a Rubix cube

And there’s more but the Cadburys website is somehow stopping my keyboard from reacting so I’ve had to close it! Resign, internet.


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  1. 31
    stevem on 26 Oct 2007 #

    “they are no indicator of whether a bar will STAND THE TEST OF TIME. Are you some kind of choctimist?”

    but why would their sales suddenly drop to the extent that they would stop making it? i have never liked Cadbury’s Boost but there it’s been around for 15 years or more. i have not always been a choc-elitist and liked to think of myself as in touch with the common man’s taste in the past. not many bars have actually come AND gone in my time (have they?) so Fuse’s absence became conspicuous and MYSTERIOUS.

  2. 32

    i. new bar arrives
    ii. i eat it every day for a month
    iii. i notice i feel queasy/bloated/remorseful/made a fool of
    iv. new bar’s sales drop

  3. 33

    boost is lovely

  4. 34
    stevem on 26 Oct 2007 #

    v. chocolate wrapper millionaire
    vi. glass elevator shenanigans

  5. 35
    Tom on 26 Oct 2007 #

    Divine is nice but really REALLY sweet, even though it’s high cocoa solids, and high cocoa plus sweetness is always a bit of an overload combination.

    As for fuse, this is like saying “Where has Hooch gone?” – one of the things about branding in the last decade or two is how hugely faddy its become – take Sunny D for instance, which actually outsold COKE briefly and then just collapsed totally.

  6. 36
    Marcello Carlin on 26 Oct 2007 #

    Has anyone ever actually tried Dubble?

  7. 37
    stevem on 26 Oct 2007 #

    But why exactly do these things happen? I was baffled by Hooch’s disappearance too (and Boddingtons*), but Hooch had controversy that Fuse didn’t. I just don’t see why Fuse didn’t just settle down into the ranks along with all the other bars it was certainly no worse than.

    I haven’t noticed Divine tasting any sweeter than Galaxy really but to be honest I only buy it because I am haunted by Newsnight’s expose of child-worker exploitation in Cotes D’Ivoires. Damn you Gavin Esler.

  8. 38

    I blame my machine theory!

    well not the theory but the FACT of the way the machines work! if BOOST rises in popularity they don’t have capacity to pump out enough TIME OUTS, bcz the machine is in constant use with the knob on the wrong setting

  9. 39
    stevem on 26 Oct 2007 #

    Spira and Applause must’ve been launched around the same time as Wispa. How much older were Marathon, Topic, Aero and Rolos?

  10. 40
    Tom on 26 Oct 2007 #

    Aero – 60s
    Rolo – around the same time cos it’s fiddly to make.
    Topic – is old skool I think, 30s maybe
    Marathon – 479 BC

  11. 41
    Pete Baran on 26 Oct 2007 #

    Mars, some time befopre the Earth was formed.

    Why aren’t we talking about the Fat Emma bar?

  12. 42
    Raw Patrick on 29 Oct 2007 #

    I’m always surprised the Star Bar keeps going. I love it, other people seem to have never heard of it and lots of shops don’t stock it. It’s far superior to it’s closest rival the Boost.

  13. 43
    gareth hanford on 27 Nov 2007 #

    i remember cadburys silk as if it was yesterday really short-lived confectinary,5 bite size chocolates with the most delicious strawberry cream filled centres in a blue packaging.my ex wife was contemplating suicide when without warning she couldnt buy them anymore

  14. 44
    Elizabeth on 4 Dec 2007 #

    Does anyone remember what the chocolate shaped monsters were called? I think they were out some time in the 1990’s and maybe into the early 2000’s. They also had some hot chocolate that tasted like them. They were well nice.

  15. 45
    louise on 26 Apr 2010 #

    i remember caburys silk bar it had strawberry mousse/fondant/goo type stuff in it loved them bring them back and lemonade crunchies mmmm

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