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The Scandal Of Skinny Water

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product_image.jpgSo in the fearless tradition of FreakyTrigger food scientists the years over (Food Science Day III coming soon), it was not enough to just boggle at the existence of Skinny Water from poor billboard ads. No, i had to try some and report back.

So I tried some, and am reporting back.

PRICE: £0.99 from Superdrug

TASTE: It is just like one of those flavoured waters from Tesco’s. Except pleasantly pomegranate flavoured, and without too much artificial sweetener sharpness. Actually rather nice for a flavoured water (akin to saying one of the more comfortable circles of hell). But pretty refreshing and cooling when cold.

PACKAGING: Still eye burningly fluorescent, with blues, yellows and pinks making it next to impossible to read the copy on the bottle (for good reason one discovers soon). Not sure if the bottle ACTUALLY fluoresces under UV light as unfortunately Cross Kings had none. But quite satisfying to use as a dancing aid.

CLAIMS: All the claims noted last week, plus the suggestion that it is the “perfect compliment to a healthy lifestyle”. A couple of DID YOU KNOWS about its “active” elements:

“L-Carnitine is found naturally in the body where it assists in turning fat into energy.”

“Chromium has been shown to assist the body to burn carbohydrates and reduce sugar cravings”

Admittedly cyanide also reduces sugar cravings. It reduces all cravings. Still I didn’t eat after drinking it: whether that was due to the Skinny Water or my unique lack of hunger all the time is up to question. What is not up to question is the real (vague) scandal of Skinny Water. Which is in its nutritional information. Where we discover that a bottle of Skinny Water is 8 Calories and has 1 gram of sugars in it. Making it 8 times more fattening than Diet Coke.

OK 8 calories is not much, but notably this water is a lot less skinny than actual water. And can 8 calories be described as “virtually no calories”?

CONCLUSION: What surprised me was the price. It was as cheap as any other flavoured bottled water product, and as such did not feel like a rip-off. Do I buy into any of its claims? Of course not. But it hit the spot when I was dog thirsty, and you know what: its probably those 8 calories which made it more palatable than most flavoured waters (tho note I wuv pomegranate). So not the worst new product in the world, but take it with a pinch of salt.

Actually don’t cos then it will be Salty Skinny Water and nasty.


  1. 1
    elli on 27 Jun 2008 #

    I BOUGHT THE SKINNY WATER A COUPLE OF TIMES AND EVEN THOUGH I DON T BUY IN ALL ” it can help loose weight” i find it really tasty and the 8 callories help u get a bit of a bust and i tink it s much more healty then a diet coke… buy one get one free now at testo i tink its a fare price and if u believe it works it might just do that as it helps beliving to accomplish something.

  2. 2
    Name on 30 Jun 2008 #

    Im telling you now,
    its silly.

  3. 3
    hope on 3 Jul 2008 #

    i think that it does work you just have to not eat anything when you are drinking it. i decided to drink 3 bottles a day and no other substance went down my throat. seriously starve yourself and drink it. tho the taste is rank invent a strawberry one pleez xx

  4. 4
    Tom on 3 Jul 2008 #

    I’m no scientist, Hope, but I think drinking 3 bottles a day of tap water and not eating anything might also have dramatic effects on weight.

  5. 5

    […] As opposed to the old fashioned "high calorie" water you get from the tap. skinny water The Scandal Of Skinny Water | FreakyTrigger […]

  6. 6
    Aukney on 28 Jul 2008 #

    Hey x

    I Am A 13 Year Old Girl And I Feel I Need To Loose Weight x

    I Have Dieted And Eat Healthy But I Cant Stick To It x

    iI Am Very Active Because I Dance

    But Should I Try Skinny Water ? x

    Is It Suitable For A Girl My Age? x

    Please Write Back

    Aukney x

  7. 7
    Pete on 28 Jul 2008 #

    If you eat healthily and have an active lifestyle then I can’t see that skinny water will have any effect. Unless you really like a slightly watery pomegranate taste, and poorly packaged bottles.

  8. 8
    lauren on 4 Aug 2008 #

    i think that skinny water is great, since drinking it i havent snacked on anything really, though i am still eating regulary and healthy things, i feel that i am not as hungry throughout the day as i am drinking 3 bottles of it, whether it is psychological…who knows??? at least it works either way!!!!! one bad point about the water is that it makes u peee alot!!!!!

  9. 9
    Susannah on 17 Nov 2008 #

    Of course you are snacking less during the day if you are drinking three bottles of water. Many of the hunger pangs people experience, and satisfy with snacks, are actually our bodies telling us that we are thirsty. Normal tap water would have very much the same effect.
    As for the claims regarding the “L-Carnatine” it does indeed help the body turn fat into energy. However it a chemical our body already has – if it didn’t we’d be in trouble. It is highly unlikely tha increasing the levels of L Carnatine will mean that more fat is turned into energy, the amount of fat processed, and the rate at which it is processed depends on other factors, Adding more L-Carnatine will just mean an excess of … you guessed it, L-Carnatine, which could in fact slow the metabolism. So though the pseudo science on the bottle sounds good, It, like all effective lies. contains only a small element of truth to make it seem more convincing

  10. 10
    Hammad on 18 Jan 2009 #

    im 14 yrs old and i was wondering that should i take this skinny water and would it make me loose wieght.please reply back.

  11. 11
    Pete on 19 Jan 2009 #

    Its unlikely that Skinny Water will make you lose weight. Eat less, do more exercise are the usual cornerstones of weight loss. Bear in mind however I am not a doctor.

  12. 12
    Arlene on 10 Jun 2009 #

    I have been drinking skinny water for a week now and i have lost week.. i have only been having two meals a day, lunch and tea. I dont know if its all in my head but i find it works.

  13. 13
    Pete Baran on 10 Jun 2009 #

    That’s a week you’ll never get back.

  14. 14
    sophie bannister on 24 Jun 2009 #

    i live in horley in surrey, and i have tried to find skinny water but to no avail, in the end i had to order it on line, tesco do not have nor do the local superdrug.



  15. 15
    Tom on 24 Jun 2009 #

    Good work Surrey.

  16. 16
    Billy Smart on 10 Jul 2009 #

    STOP PRESS! Tomorrow’s Daily Express offers a “Free Skinny Water for every reader”, so this brand is clearly being rolled out.

    The other half of the banner at the top of the front page offers a “Free bag of Hula Hoops for every reader”.

  17. 17
    Tom on 11 Jul 2009 #

    I can think of no brand more apt to promote Skinny Water than the Daily Express.

  18. 18
    il dottore on 21 Aug 2009 #

    it also has sucralose in it , which is a neurotoxin and excitotoxin which will do you as much good as a glass of anti freeze and also make you crave carbohydrates so like all the other diet drinks you wont lose any weight ,youll just feel the need to buy more “diet” products

  19. 19
    Jack on 22 Jan 2011 #

    Today’s Daily Star has a voucher for a free bottle. I searched for “skinny water” and this blog was the first result.

  20. 20
    michael s on 10 Feb 2011 #

    I’m on weight watchers and losing weight very nicely but I’ve noticed when I drink a couple of bottles of skinny water a day I drop more lbs the following week so I believe in it thus far besides it tastes good and its 90p each at Tesco so I buy it cause its bwt same price as a plain water what’s the harm ?

  21. 21
    Kelseymoomoo on 19 Jul 2011 #

    I’m trying to lose weight on skinny ater…i am an anorexic, will this work if i don’t eat any food and just drink skinny water?

  22. 22
    thefatgit on 19 Jul 2011 #

    #21 Are you serious?

  23. 23
    Kelseymoomoo on 20 Jul 2011 #

    Umm yeah??

  24. 24
    Kelseymoomoo on 20 Jul 2011 #

    I don’t want to be bashed for being what I am, i just came here for advice and guidence.

  25. 25
    Erithian on 20 Jul 2011 #

    Kelsey, I don’t think anyone on here is going to bash you for being what you are, but this being primarily a pop culture/music site, the idea of people who are already anorexic using this (or any) website to ask advice on losing more weight is beyond the experience of most of us and just a bit scary. I knew an anorexic girl when I was a student and it’s not a good place to be. The only thing I would advise you is to consult a good nutritionist and/or doctor, and my very best wishes for your future health.

  26. 26
    thefatgit on 20 Jul 2011 #

    Seconded, and I apologise for coming across a bit bashy with what might scan as a negative response. My daughter fought an eating disorder through much of her teenage life (her photos from those years are quite alarming). The root cause was an issue that needed professional counselling to overcome. The tragedy was that one of her more competitive “friends”, decided that she could lose more weight than her and became fully anorexic, with tragic results. The irony was that my daughter was shocked back into a healthy diet as a result, and still has guilt issues surrounding the whole episode. I must add that I think much too much pressure is put on young people to conform to impossible ideals regarding body-image. Skinny Water just fuels that fire, without offering any perceivable benefits.

  27. 27
    kelseymoomoo on 21 Jul 2011 #

    ok, thank you for that xx i really appreciate the well wishing xx
    i hope your daughter is ok now, it is a tough life living with an eating disorder x

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