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What Album Covers Are Really Trying To Tell Us: 4: Arcade Fire – Neon Bible

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I set fire to an arcade once.

Well, who could resist burning the leaping loons playing Dance Dance Revolution. I heard the thumping base of “You Can’t Touch This”, two synchronised robo-teens and all I could think of, whilst lighting my Molotov Cocktail was Die Die Revolution. Anyway, this deceptive album cover in full:

Remind you of anything?

Well yes, it does look a little like a tabletop video game from the early eighties, some sort of freeform Asteridis knock off, or a late level in Caterpillar. Perhaps one of the more trippy final levels of Missile Command might have been looke dlike that. The early ones were mere trackball minimalism.

Missile Command

But you are only thinking that because they are called Arcade Fire. Instead of “Sappy Anthemic Wettoes” as they should be monikered. Look closer. Squint a bit. Think monster…


That’s right. It is a neon artistic impression of an old school Cyberman from Doctor Who (here shown in somewhat less menacing cookie jar form). So what Arcade Fire are trying to tell us is that they are
a) Emotionless
b) Murderers
c) Have no heart
d) Are allergic to gold*
e) Are not as good as the Daleks.

Concentrate on b) and stay well away.

*Not, unfortunately to Gold Records.


  1. 1
    oms on 7 Jul 2007 #

    tanya why are such a bitch? how hard on ur head were u dropped as a child? is it because of ur poor pathetic little career of being a librarian?

  2. 2
    Alan on 7 Jul 2007 #

    sometimes i think we should have a policy of deleting the empty comments/responses that are just insults. but it’s sort of enlightening in oms case.


  3. 3
    Tommy Mack on 9 Jul 2007 #

    They are the new Pink Floyd. Expect a hail of abuse from cloth-eared virgins/Mojo-reading dads.

  4. 4
    Marcello Carlin on 9 Jul 2007 #

    That response seems to me to be just insults.

    However, Floyd/emo comments trolls add to the gaiety of the nation and I look forward to a similar multiplicity here.

  5. 5
    Tom on 9 Jul 2007 #

    Personally this entry outraged me in the cover’s total lack of resemblance to a cyberman, despite repeated assurances otherwise in the pub. :(

  6. 6
    Ed on 12 Jul 2007 #

    You’re amazing.

  7. 7
    Cacophonaut on 10 Oct 2007 #

    I will kill you.

    Anyone who insults the Arcade Fire dies.

    Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers did it, and now he is lying at the bottom of a river, waiting patiently for people to notice.

    You will be next.

    Lots of love, Fred.

  8. 8
    Compo Kasing on 10 Oct 2007 #

    You have been killed.

    Anyone who insults the Manic Street Preachers dies.

    Leslie Crowther did it – and he saw stars in his eyes all right.

    You will be last.

    Love of lots, Ian.

  9. 9
    leah on 12 Dec 2007 #

    STEP OFF. NOW. since when were you hailed as the greatest band at the moment by everybody except that nod nicky wire anyway?

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