Jul 07

KITAN on the KEYS: a bad pianist’s practice diary #3

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the preludes and fugues in bach’s well-tempered clavier (1722) weren’t written for the modern piano — pianoFORTE, to give it its full proper and in this case relevant name — cz it wouldn’t be invented for another hundred odd years: so in particular prelude xxi in Bb major is written as a light shimmer rattle and run on a harpsichord or clavichord or spinet… which means it’s kind of a pity and a crime to play it REALLY LOUD with the sustain pedal down the whole time, the runs especially, but it sounds great that way and i can’t help it –:\


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    ps i wasn’t playing it JUST NOW as it’s after midnight and that would be a crime also — or anyway against the lease and unfair on kathy downstairs — but i couldn’t get FT posting page to load this afternoon when i was playing it

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