Apr 07

Waters-ing Hole

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Going drinking in Shoreditch is rarely a straightforward process. Our original chosen pub being closed for a family funeral, we found ourselves in The Barley Mow, a small and noisy boozer which initially seemed to offer a common-sensical safe option. Bit too crammed at the bar, but then it was a Friday night. Pink Floyd playing on the jukebox – well, no accounting for taste, there’ll be something else on in a minute.

Except there wasn’t.

As “The Great Gig In The Sky” yowled to a close, it was replaced with…”Money”. As a reformed Floyd fan I knew what was up: the jukebox was clearly not working and the pub had put on Dark Side Of The Moon. Not my choice of Friday night drinking soundtrack but their gaff, their rules. And there above the bar, a Pink Floyd poster showing Gilmour in full seventies outpouring mode. This lot liked their Floyd.

Quite how much, I realised when I went to the bar for a round. This wasn’t Dark Side of the moon – it was a live, longer version of Dark Side. Even so, it would be over soon – right? But as the profound erm threnodies of “Eclipse” faded away they were replaced by…”Wish You Were Here”. AARGH! We were in for the full Floydian Monty. And then some. Because just as we were getting hopeful that Roger and the boys had screamed their last scream….”Dark Side Of The Moon” came on. AGAIN.

None of this would have been quite so bad if the pub hadn’t run out of bitter too.


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    Tom on 16 Apr 2007 #

    This is merely posted as a warning – the pub were doing nothing wrong, after all. But they were creating an atmosphere that non-Floyd fans might want to know about in advance.

    Actually the discussion at our table mostly focussed on whether or not – given the location of the pub – the people running it were hipsters performing “liking Pink Floyd” for the insider appreciation of their “fellow” “Pink Floyd fans”.

  2. 2

    that’s not what i remember the conversation being about!

    but the music caused the people there — inc.us — to have to be screaming at each other so as not to listening to PF, which became v.oppressive after a while (to old man me anyway); and meant i could hardly hear anyone not right opposite me :(

  3. 3
    Alan on 16 Apr 2007 #

    The 7″ of “Beds are Burning” by Midnight Oil nailed above the bar was a little confusing.

  4. 4
    Marcello Carlin on 16 Apr 2007 #

    but the music caused the people there — inc.us

    If there were some Incus people there they should have asked for some classic Derek B cuts on the jukebox in tender tribute!

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