Apr 07

Fat Is The New Thick

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Things that struck me on reading this Observer article yesterday:

  1. Businessman hired to be hard-nosed and callous on TV lives up to stereotype shocker! (I am not sure how good the “It’s his job to be a knob” argument actually is, but it tends to stop me getting too exercised over these kind of ‘outbursts’)
  2. OK the stereotype that fat people are lazier than thin people is k-stupid BUT I can’t actually talk, it’s certainly true of me.
  3. Anyway won’t the invisible fat hand of the market prove or disprove Mr Dragon’s theory as his rivals hire the talented fattXoRs and gain the fruits of their labours?
  4. Haha the main obesity lobby organisation is called TOAST!
  5. Erm hold on isn’t saying “If you are obese you have a self-esteem problem” just as stereotyped and probably MORE harmful than saying “If you are obese you are lazy”?
  6. OMG how bad an idea is calling your pressure group that?


  1. 1
    Pete on 23 Apr 2007 #


  2. 2
    Emma on 23 Apr 2007 #

    I am disappointed that this article didn’t include the reasoning ‘many obese people are big boned / have a hormone imbalance’ etc.

    I am beyond disappointed that there is an organisation out there claiming that obesism (or whatever they call it) is the same as racism.

  3. 3
    Pete on 23 Apr 2007 #

    Hmm, gym owner in making fat people feel bad and perhaps take up gym membership shocker!

    I blame the fois gras.

  4. 4
    DV on 23 Apr 2007 #

    TOAST is a great name for a lobby group. Everyone loves TOAST.

    Given the amount of stick chubsters get from the media all the time (and from people like me who refer to them as chubsters), I am amazed it has taken so long for a pro-obesity lobby group to emerge.

  5. 5
    Tom on 23 Apr 2007 #

    TOAST is indeed a great name – I wish the spokesperson wasn’t such a WHINGER though.

    However Fat Is The New Black is a less good name.

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