Dec 06

last-minute wobs scifi-for-kidz popquiz!

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andre jpg1. who first decided that IN THE VERY FAR FUTURE we would all refer to the earth as TERRA OF SOL?
2. who do you know has won the following literary awards:
a. the PHOENIX?
b. the BALROG??
d. a “plaque from the Netherlands government for her past work”????


  1. 1
    jel on 22 Dec 2006 #

    The answer to number one is Sol Campbell.

  2. 2
    Alan on 22 Dec 2006 #

    i have often thought about #1 and i am sad that it is out of fashion. alternatively let’s hope that someone refers to TERRA or SOL THREE or something in an ep in the new series of drwho

  3. 3
    Kat on 23 Dec 2006 #

    Dame Edna Everage?

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