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Tanya’s Teaser: What’s That Coming Over The Hill?

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Welcome to my new quiz for music fans, where if you win I will send you all the hated music I have “liberated” from the Virgin Megastore but would not fit in the dustcart when it came on Friday. Clearly I cannot have the music lying around in my house, it would mark me out as the worst kind of hypocrite. Equally I cannot just leave it in the street where some innocent young whippersnapper may pick it up and suddenly start liking Akon. So instead here is a picture poser for the music fan. Send your name, address and when you are likely to be in so I can kill yet another another accursed music fan deliver your prize.

So this weeks question is simple: What’s That Coming Over The Hill?



  1. 1
    CarsmileSteve on 30 Nov 2006 #

    is it mid 90s chart botherers “Right Said Fred”?

  2. 2
    Tanya Headon on 30 Nov 2006 #

    Nope. Think more literally. That said: it would be trebuchets at the ready if it were the baldy bad guys Right Said Fred, being the worst of bands A BAND NAMED AFTER ANOTHER SONG. BY BERNARD CRIBBINS.

    Deeply Dippy? Deeply Shitty more like.

    But its not them.

  3. 3
    Tim on 30 Nov 2006 #

    Is it Rise Up Like The Sun by the Albion Band?

    I bet it’s something I don’t know like Sunn:0(((((

  4. 4
    Tanya Headon on 30 Nov 2006 #

    That folkie bunch of no hopers? I always liked the way they split up in 2002 because of lack of venues to play in. IT WAN’T LACK OF VENUES: it was lack of punters for your fiddly-diddly-di-do nonsense?

    No. Its not the Albion Band.

  5. 5
    alext on 30 Nov 2006 #

    Is it a honey monster?

  6. 6

    is it another think?

  7. 7
    Kat on 30 Nov 2006 #

    I know! I know! It’s a ROCK LOBSTER.

  8. 8
    Marcello Carlin on 30 Nov 2006 #

    Is it Bond Berglund, enigmatic frontman of seldom-cited ’80s pre-post-rock trio Saqqara Dogs?

  9. 9
    Tanya Headon on 30 Nov 2006 #

    None correct so far, though the closest so far has been Dr Thompson. My views on a so-called Rock Lobster have already been made clear here:

    As for Bond Berglund and the Saqqarra Dogs, there is a reason he is being enigmatic. I had a Thirst for his blood in the late 80’s.

  10. 10
    CarsmileSteve on 30 Nov 2006 #


  11. 11
    Tanya Headon on 30 Nov 2006 #

    Christ: even I have never heard of Monstermouth. Why should I hate them (beyond the obvious that they are clearly a no-mark indie band).

  12. 12
    CarsmileSteve on 30 Nov 2006 #

    haha, it’s OK tanya, my BRANE seems to have made them up.

    i think i meant: is it MONSTERMOUTH by the popinjays?

  13. 13
    Tanya Headon on 30 Nov 2006 #

    No, nothing by the hateful tweecore of the POP (pshaw!) injays. Popinancrematoriumfire more like.


  14. 14
    monofiopia on 30 Nov 2006 #

    A giant insectoid head sucking on the back of a hill?

    It must be an I Monster!

  15. 15
    Tanya Headon on 30 Nov 2006 #



    Yes, its I Monster and their embarrassingly titled album NEVERODDOREVEN. It clearly should have been entitled NEVERANYGOOD. Its the album that contains the laziest use of a sample ever, Daydream, which even the Beta Band (a band not well known for ever being creative) though might be jazzed up buy their somnambulant rapping. Cheapskate sampledelic losers who never had another hit, clearly coming over the hill to play their one minor hit at us, again and again and again…

    Here’s the full album cover for you:

    Well done Monofiopia if you would like to send you Name, Address and Particular Allergies to me at tanyaheadon@yahoo.co.uk I will rush you prize to you as soon as possible. Or at least as soon as this persistent Tanquery banging allows.

    Look out for more Tanya’s Teasers in the next couple of weeks.

  16. 16
    joe on 18 Dec 2006 #

    daydream in blue by i monster was such a cool song before some idiot decided to make it into a rap record.

  17. 17
    Alan on 18 Dec 2006 #

    i call shenanigans! i would have got that if you hadn’t waited til i was on holiday AS WELL YOU KNEW. also i preferred the original cover

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