Nov 06

on not feeling a little horse

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ok i was too busy to blog this on sat and then forgot and now cannot remember key details but on one of the bbc mornin cookin progs, there was an italian guest chef, and he was suggestin that for once we cook not with PARMESAN (“which smell of sweetie,” as he put it) but with [insert name of other grated italian cheese here]: “which smell of STABLE”

“stable?!” repeated the host. hoping he had heard awrong, and ready to chuckle at the misunderstanding

“yes stable!” said the italian chef


  1. 1
    Dadaismus on 1 Nov 2006 #

    Smells like stable, tastes like pony

  2. 2
    Emma on 2 Nov 2006 #

    It was pecorino. Whenever Gino D’Acampo (ew) or Gennaldo Contaldo are on Sat am cooking shows, the host, be it James Martin or Wozza, always seems to take great delight in mocking / deliberately not understanding their accent.

  3. 3
    Emma on 2 Nov 2006 #

    Gennaro even.

  4. 4

    i am trying to work out who the last laugh was on

    warning: do not google “pecorino smells like”

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