Oct 06

soft tissue found in t-rex fossil

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T-Rex tissue fragments

I was chastened to realize that my first question regarding this extraordinary find was nothing to do with DNA etc. but an intense curiousity about the TASTE (surely if thee scientists can break their own rules enough to chop a fossil in half they could just go whole hog and nip a little T-Rex marrow off with their teeth while no one was looking — Science beckons, gentlemen!!) Ever since reading “A Gun for Dinosaur” by L. Sprague De Camp, with its to me baffling focus on taxidermy — rather than prandial concerns — I have wanted to know what a T.Rex tasted like. On this count, the article delivers; it probably tasted a lot like ostrich. So, very nice indeed!


  1. 1
    Rob Brennan on 2 Oct 2006 #

    Food Science Fiction Day experiment ahoy!

  2. 2
    tracerhand on 2 Oct 2006 #

    sorry folks, i got played – this story is actually a year and a half old

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