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Why We Hate Emo Kids (Apparently)

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hitler_emoI’ve long been a little shamefaced that this mean-spirited tirade is the most-read thing I’ve ever written (co-written to be exact): not that it wasn’t a true reflection of what I felt but I’d prefer it if one of my more, er, generous pieces was the one that hooked the punters in.

BUT the new look comments function means that the article has been given a second life with the addition of – mostly spluttering and hostile – reader feedback. And it’s turned up something interesting – a sociological fact that I had got too old and out of touch to realise. The description of indie kids in the piece was US-centric anyway, and is out of date now: we had in mind Death Cab fans conducting secret feuds on artofthemix.com, not Kaiser Chiefs-loving Brits. But the traits are clearly still recognisable to googling readers, and recognisable as “emos”. And some apparently “indies” hate “emos”, quite passionately.

“OI YOUR GETTING INDIE KIDS MIXED UP WITH EMOS IN SOME OF YOUR POINTS… 1) indie kids do NOT wear black rimmed glasses… emo DO!
2) indie kids are not all bis, emos are!”


“i think yu should get ur fuckin facts straight before u make urself look even worse. u dont have it right.

emo= (ex.) Where’s my mascara? and i’m a man. (or) i wear size one jeans and i have a penis. (or) hey do you want to come over so we can cut eachother’s wrists!?!? sounds like great fun!

like someone said before (and they’re one of the smart ones – a REAL indie) indie kids aren’t mainstream and dress different and in my opinion better than otyher people. they don’t do what everyone else in the world is doing and dont give a shit what other people think.

(plus they listen to the best music – all alt. and indie)” (“Wtf!?!?!?”)

Parsing the comments I can theorise that indie stands for what it always has – a defensive sense of individuality with no real fixed values. The despised emos, through an indie lens, are hateful wrist-slashers. Of course we don’t know where the commenters are coming from, or how recent this opposition is, or the relative size of the warring camps, or what they might or might not unite against (aside from me getting things wrong). But I’m finding it pretty fascinating to read.


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  1. 331
    who gives a fuck? on 8 May 2007 #

    sorry about that rant last night….

  2. 332
    who gives a fuck? on 8 May 2007 #


    AIM: Random23xq

    I’m bored, talk to me, or cuss at me, i don’t really care

  3. 333
    who gives a fuck? on 10 May 2007 #

    someone bich about emo’s or indies so i can bitch back or agree please…

  4. 334
    ryan on 11 May 2007 #

    LOL. just heard 3 emos complaining about getting crushed in the mosh pit.

    ffs, YOU WERE IN THE MOSH PIT!!!! pathetic twats

  5. 335
    who gives a fuck? on 13 May 2007 #

    I got the shit beat out of me in a mosh pit…..


    :'( boo hoo hoo

  6. 336
    ryan on 13 May 2007 #


    now, now. sarcasm is the lowest form of wit etc etc

  7. 337
    Tahlia on 14 May 2007 #

    why the fuck can’t you losers get over the fact that people are different??
    what makes you so good that you can rag on how other people dress and feel?!
    You should all get a life instead of sitting on the fucking internet being mean about “emos” and “indies”
    people are the same. no matter how you dress or how well you deal with emotional pain. fair enough if you dont like emo’s but get over your fucking self!!! stop trying to make people feel shit about themselves because there not like you.

  8. 338
    who gives a fuck? on 14 May 2007 #

    i feel like shit about myself, why shouldn’t everyone feel the same way? wouldn’t this world be nice if everyone was emo like some of us?
    then we could all be dead!!!

  9. 339
    kat on 14 May 2007 #

    hmmm….either that or we could all go eat ice cream

    =D have recently discovered smiling. try it some time


  10. 340
    www.myspace.com/kirstennichols on 14 May 2007 #

    i missed alot.
    i was in st. cloud for my aunts grad.
    so i didnt have time to write anything.
    but how about this;
    we stop criticizing.
    sound good?
    if you wanna say something,
    then do it nicely.
    you’re not very threating over the computer.
    the worst thing you could do is spam people.

    ♥ kirsten

    p.s.- am i committed or do i have a slight obsession?

  11. 341
    who gives a fuck? on 14 May 2007 #

    ok, i nicely dislike those who call themselves indie,

    and i nicely dislike those who hate emos

    p.s. Both maybe?

  12. 342
    Olivia on 15 May 2007 #

    I think this is a funny article but you need to get some of your facts strait and quit stereotyping. Sure many emos where black rimmed glasses and are bi and cut themselves like it’s a daily thing, but not all emo’s do. Emo’s are just like everyone else. Some are kewl and some are freaks. But most are kewl so get over it

  13. 343
    Olivia on 15 May 2007 #

    adding onto my last comment… why do you hate emo’s so much? It’s like theres emo and the rest of the world. Some people classify me as emo *I dont think I am but if I am hey that’s kewl with me* and I dont slit my wrists or wear black rimmed glasses and I’m not bi. That’s just a gay stereotype so you really should get to know emos without judging them.

  14. 344
    who gives a fuck? on 16 May 2007 #

    i totally agree ^^

  15. 345
    Morgan on 17 May 2007 #

    whoever the fuck said that emo’s/goth’s/skater/punks cant be christians in in-fucking-sane. Skaters, punks etc. are normal people, they just like to actually be REAL people rather than pink-preppy-nightmares! Emos must have a reason to cut! and NO, not all emo’s are middle class! one of my freinds like in the fucking ghetto for fucks sake! you should’nt judge all people unless you know wall the people in that position. assuming things get’s you nowhere. Goths are unique. hey like to keep to themselves, and show they’re not afraid of who they are! i look up to goths! Punks-rebellious, wild, rowdy, yes most pnks are, but thats why you love them! pnks like to have a good time, and get in trouble! tehy like the phrase, What are rules for except breaking every once in a while? and frankly, i agre! Skaters-DONT GIVE!! they like to do what they want to, when they want to! like gths, they’re not afraid of showing true colors! sure, most of them are’nt the most brilliant people, but at least they’re not posing, pink preps! all of the people listed have their own unique style, and they make their own lives. If you dont agree, Then that’s your problem.

  16. 346
    who gives a fuck? on 18 May 2007 #

    ^^”preppy-pink-nightmares” lol, that’s great!

  17. 347
    who gives a fuck? on 18 May 2007 #

    in addition to my last comment though, now that i think about it Gothic is rooted in satanism

  18. 348
    who gives a fuck? on 18 May 2007 #

    but yeah they still rock, and it’s not really satanic anymore i have a lot of friends who are goths and i love ’em

  19. 349
    Al Ewing on 19 May 2007 #

    okay, kids – what about SPIDERMAN 3 and the EMO=EVIL EQUATION contained therein?


  20. 350
    who gives a fuck? on 19 May 2007 #

    why not?

  21. 351
    Al Ewing on 19 May 2007 #

    Without EMO all you have is VN.

  22. 352
    who gives a fuck? on 21 May 2007 #

    ooo gocha (sorry, i am realllllllllly slow)

  23. 353
    who gives a fuck? on 23 May 2007 #

    ok, so there’s this self labeled “indie” girl in my class (her name is Shleby, but that’s besides the point) and she likes to sit there slicing up her arms with rusty nails

  24. 354
    Al Ewing on 23 May 2007 #

    Fuck her and her tetanus – what about my Spider-Man question?

  25. 355
    who gives a fuck? on 23 May 2007 #

    i say this to make on point: stereotype emo = stereotype indie there is no, or hardly any difference, if you can prove me wrong then by all means do so

  26. 356
    who gives a fuck? on 23 May 2007 #

    Spider-Man rox (ok, maybe i’m a nerd, but it’s true) and fuck emo=evil, 99% of emos make the rest of us look bad

  27. 357
    Lanie on 24 May 2007 #

    i’m writting a peice on what “emo” really is. I would appreciate if those of you who consider yourselfs “emo” would contact me at:


  28. 358
    who gives a fuck? on 26 May 2007 #

    wow, expect hate mail, that’s all i can really say to Lanie ^^

  29. 359
    Emilie Emo\PunK ! on 27 May 2007 #

    EmO Punk rules !

    i Cutt myself.. It’s Emo..
    And i really hate myself..
    That’s Punk

  30. 360
    who gives a fuck? on 30 May 2007 #

    ^^ thank God for a person who shares my sentiments

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