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Why We Hate Emo Kids (Apparently)

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hitler_emoI’ve long been a little shamefaced that this mean-spirited tirade is the most-read thing I’ve ever written (co-written to be exact): not that it wasn’t a true reflection of what I felt but I’d prefer it if one of my more, er, generous pieces was the one that hooked the punters in.

BUT the new look comments function means that the article has been given a second life with the addition of – mostly spluttering and hostile – reader feedback. And it’s turned up something interesting – a sociological fact that I had got too old and out of touch to realise. The description of indie kids in the piece was US-centric anyway, and is out of date now: we had in mind Death Cab fans conducting secret feuds on artofthemix.com, not Kaiser Chiefs-loving Brits. But the traits are clearly still recognisable to googling readers, and recognisable as “emos”. And some apparently “indies” hate “emos”, quite passionately.

“OI YOUR GETTING INDIE KIDS MIXED UP WITH EMOS IN SOME OF YOUR POINTS… 1) indie kids do NOT wear black rimmed glasses… emo DO!
2) indie kids are not all bis, emos are!”


“i think yu should get ur fuckin facts straight before u make urself look even worse. u dont have it right.

emo= (ex.) Where’s my mascara? and i’m a man. (or) i wear size one jeans and i have a penis. (or) hey do you want to come over so we can cut eachother’s wrists!?!? sounds like great fun!

like someone said before (and they’re one of the smart ones – a REAL indie) indie kids aren’t mainstream and dress different and in my opinion better than otyher people. they don’t do what everyone else in the world is doing and dont give a shit what other people think.

(plus they listen to the best music – all alt. and indie)” (“Wtf!?!?!?”)

Parsing the comments I can theorise that indie stands for what it always has – a defensive sense of individuality with no real fixed values. The despised emos, through an indie lens, are hateful wrist-slashers. Of course we don’t know where the commenters are coming from, or how recent this opposition is, or the relative size of the warring camps, or what they might or might not unite against (aside from me getting things wrong). But I’m finding it pretty fascinating to read.


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    pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør on 2 Aug 2006 #

    “Where’s my mascara? and i’m a man” is excellent — b-but surely it suggests that what emo is comin to mean for 13-yr-olds = (more or less) GOTH!!

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    Tom on 2 Aug 2006 #

    Yes my impression is that the divide is paper-thin, but it’s intriguing that none of the commenters so far have used the g-word. Maybe the relative visibility of older (i.e. older than 16!) gothists is a disincentive.

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    Pete Baran on 2 Aug 2006 #

    YEs, I think Goth is potentially a blind alley. Whereas old sckool goths were often linked more to the idea of dark magic, world destruction etc, emo is much more about being – you know – emo. Hate myself type stuff.

    Mascara does not necessarily lead to deathly pallor, purple hair and wearing black tenchcoats in the hottest summer ever.

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    Tom on 2 Aug 2006 #

    The interesting thing about Goth for me is that it has always been a web of culture – what you read, watch, are ‘into’ as well as listen to and dress. Dunno if emo has a similar wide cultural remit – or maybe myspace is it. What books or shows or films do emos namecheck?

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    Tim Hopkins on 2 Aug 2006 #


    Also I want to live in a Brill Building.

  6. 6
    Pete Baran on 2 Aug 2006 #

    Other recognition factors: goths smell of fish, emo’s don’t.

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    pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør on 2 Aug 2006 #

    “where is my RAMMSTEIN CD? and i’m a man” = gremo

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    alex on 2 Aug 2006 #

    what I (and the grown-up world in Scotland) would call goth seems to now be called emo. i.e. black clothes, hoodies, band T-s, stripey leggings, velvet jackets, cleavage for the girls if they have it or a general androgynous baggy clothing look, yes make-up and LOTS of overtly EMO behaviour i.e. they’re always hugging each other as if to compensate for the crimes the world has inflicted on them. NB: they are all picked up by their parents in massive BMW 4x4s so they are almost entirely middle class. Emo icons apart from bands = Emily The Strange (seen on T-shirts a bit). Don’t know about books, films etc.

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    alex on 2 Aug 2006 #

    and yes the hostility indie / emo is probably ‘generational’: i.e. little brothers and sisters are into emo, but it looks like a pre-packaged youth rebellion to an indie-ist. Also do emo bands get in the charts whereas indie bands don’t?

  10. 10
    alex on 2 Aug 2006 #

    ALSO: There are flyers up round Edinburgh saying ‘Make Emo Histor y’!!! I will try and take a photo.

  11. 11
    pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør on 2 Aug 2006 #

    but it looks like a pre-packaged youth rebellion

    alex in nyc is not an indie-ist! (haha yes i know he is)

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    whats in a name? on 2 Aug 2006 #

    HEY!! i wear glasses….im sad….something boiling inside me….evil…coming out…cant stop!…Oh No! i turned into a EMO!!! sorry couldnt help it….but like i was saying a wear black rimmed glasses…and im not emo…and i never listined to emo in my whole life(i actually got the idea from Drew from Whos line is it anyways?its a show…well he was in a video with Weird AL…his kinda chubby…from Ohio,come on people Tom you know who im talking about right?.)well i just like how it looks on me…cause personally i look really bad if i use any kind of glasses.

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    koganbot on 3 Aug 2006 #

    indie stands for what it always has – a defensive sense of individuality with no real fixed values

    Er, I would challenge that one in a number of ways; first off, not “always has.” In the Fifties indie meant Sun Records and Atlantic Records and rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm & blues, in the Sixties it was Red Bird and girl groups, in the Seventies – much more self-consciously – it was Bomp Records and Hearthen and (briefly) Sire records and the Ramones and Patti Smith and and “rock ‘n’ roll” as Creem had appropriated the term and punk and power pop; in the early ’80s it was getting more eclectic in one way (OP magazine and a taste for pygmy chants and Ornette Coleman as much as for the Minutemen and Hüsker Dü) but narrower in another, as being the select type of person who listened to all this (listeners of WFMU maybe), and wasn’t really until the mid ’80s a specific style of music – “indie rock” – and the type of person who listened to that. And the sense of “individuality” and being a misfit certainly has an interplay with an identification with indie bands and indie kids.

    Um, thing about emo is that it started off as an alternative way of being punk – a more “sensitive” version.

    Not that current usage is beholden to any kind of ancestry, but I think that traces of a whole bunch of old hero stories are still in play, going back to the Cleveland party kids in 1950 and the Cleveland underground punk whatevers in the early ’70s etc. etc.

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    koganbot on 3 Aug 2006 #

    Now to go look at the Poptimist discussion.

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    Doctor Mod on 3 Aug 2006 #

    There was a kid like this in one of my classes. For fifteen weeks, he sat in the class and stared into space. On his exam he wrote that existentialism means that nothing matters so you should have a good time and mistook Paul Oakenfold for Harold Pinter. The rest of the exam was blank.

    One of the young women in the class said that he was traumatised because the girls were actually paying attention to the professor (a statuesque middle-aged woman who wears a tie) and not to him.

    I don’t know if he was indie or emo, but he must have been one of them.

    He failed the class.

    I don’t feel bad about it.

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    Tom on 3 Aug 2006 #

    http://community.livejournal.com/poptimists/217379.html?mode=reply – what we decided might be ’emo’ cultural touchpoints.

  17. 17
    Tom on 3 Aug 2006 #

    That long URL has buggered up the front page hence this comment.

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    Admin on 3 Aug 2006 #

    (You should be able to click [ed] to edit yr own comments if you’d rather)

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    Grace on 8 Aug 2006 #

    Size 1 jeans lmao… All about Emos!!!!!!
    Emos do have that whole culture thing. They all like getting really drunk, love art, gigs, eyeliner, music, black, big fringes, hairspray, hair extensions, myspace and photography. Filmswise, its all about trainspotting (about heroin junkies from edinburgh) and harry potter. Music? Any rock band that you HAVEN’T heard of!!!!!! One thing they do do though, is try and be ‘different’ – in a cutesie way. Eg: they love pokemon, they think everyone is cute, they watch films like bring it on, love fairies and flowers and they always talk french: “That is très cool!” “Oh my god, i hate ma mère” “J’aime black jeans alot!” They also do faces like this: =] instead of like this: :-)
    I went on a bit lol! They’re just ridiculously skinny, middle class kids and most of them are quite intelligent. I actually know a few emos and they are all really nice!xxxxxxxxxx

  20. 20
    Grace on 8 Aug 2006 #

    Emos just arent goths by the way. xxxxxxxxxxxx

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    WusTvoX on 8 Aug 2006 #

    Now, my comrades, is the time for global jihad against the emo menace!! Unite as one ye legions of emo-haters, metalheads, bootboys, punks, and healthy sane people everywhere! We must not tolerate this cultural poison that has for so long been a detriment to our society!

    To be emo is to be a villainous rat that, until recent history, has been forcably kept behind the walls of pestilance and evil! Of course we have only ourselves to blame for allowing these rats access to our food stores and if nothing is done than the result shall be plague!

    Late is the hour and we must act now or our entire world will be taken by a vicious regime of pillow-biting pansy emo butt-pirates!! Remember, the day will come when you shall be asked: “Where were you during the revolution?”

    Come and join the fight!

    .: Emo Hate Reich :.


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    jhedjd on 9 Aug 2006 #

    Emo is a look, it is not a definition of a persons character or traits…just as indie is a look, otherwise why would they all dress the same….skinny jeans, tight band t-shirts, funny shoes and a trilby…maybe you should meet some so called ’emo’ people, it wouldn’t hurt.

  23. 24
    whats in a name? on 14 Aug 2006 #

    anyone remember Mr. Rogers?….i love that guy….wont you be my neighbor?

  24. 25
    Sara on 17 Aug 2006 #

    Making fun of ‘scene kids’ is fun but…
    Emo is just music, and half of the kids who believe they are ’emo’ don’t even know what kind of music it is. (Sonny Moore and such, lawl)

  25. 26
    megan on 20 Aug 2006 #

    the proberlem with this is its not true.
    Emo streiotype is that they cut each other wrist bla bla bla but thats attention seeking emo’s

  26. 27
    Sam on 21 Aug 2006 #

    You are ALL thinking of ‘scene’ kids clearly…the true emos do NOT cut their wrists nor think about it…they do NOT want to harm themselves or wear eye mascara…true emos do NOT wear tight jeans that look absolutely hideous on guys. Im emo…i admit it…but im not a scene kid! i have 2 lip piercings and an emo fringe…thats as far as emos go…the rest is purely for the ‘scene’ kids…they started dying their hair and funny enough because its not ‘uncool’ to have lip piercings have started to take them out…thats a scene kid…emos dont care what people say but they arent ignorant…’scene’ kids are the preppy kids but thought theyd be ‘different’ ad therefore have made a whole new category…otherwise known as ‘FAGGOTS’ they are low life selfish butt munchers who think its cool to be that way…ok im done…just thought id share with you all what a REAL emo is and what you all seem to think is an emo…

  27. 28
    Tom on 21 Aug 2006 #

    Sam what kind of music do real emos listen to.

    Thankyou for the post, too, tho I don’t think “FAGGOTS” as an insult is k-cool.

  28. 29
    Admin on 21 Aug 2006 #

    The Independent on nu goth/indie/emo WHATEVS

  29. 30
    greaterthings on 22 Aug 2006 #







  30. 31
    KT on 23 Aug 2006 #
  31. 32
    KT on 23 Aug 2006 #

    STupid emo FucKS- check this out

  32. 33
    Oscar on 25 Aug 2006 #


  33. 34
    Al Ewing on 26 Aug 2006 #

    I knew Jesus would be involved in this somewhere.

    If Jesus returned today, would he be Emo?

  34. 35
    pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør on 27 Aug 2006 #

    jesus is a sk8 punk

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    kaylie on 30 Aug 2006 #

    i love emo boys and that they wear eyliner, there hair there look like there lost, and there clothing. evry thing bout them is so hot and sexy. no not all emos cut there wrists or commet suicide. but some do. some emos r emos becouse there lives suck and there hearts were broken i mean thats why im emo. its all about the music……………………EMOS DO IT BEST AND ARE THE HOTTEST GUYS. ewwww being with a guy thats not emo is one of my worst nightmares.

    im 13 i luv emo and will always. lol my mom thinks its cute……….my cuzins tried to rat me out that i loved an emo boy but she already knew and didnt care cuz my brother was emo.

    signe by a hot emo girl……..kaylie……………….

  36. 37
    Danae on 30 Aug 2006 #


    Do you by any chance happen to live in/around Maidstone, kent?

    Lol, the indie/emo divide isnt that great, I mean it wasnt that long ago that to be truly indie, you had to dress differently and like obscure bands, and be percieved as an outsider. lol, um lets see emo, well, you *have* to be different, Like bands hardly anyone has heard of, and you have to EMBRACE being an outsider.

    What makes me laugh is, what people are calling “emo” now, and how fashionable it is, isnt really emo. I hate to admit it but I’m emo, I’m an outsider, I like my own thoughts, and I think chuck taylors are the most comfy thing on the planet. But, A) I dont have 16 million friends on my myspazz account B) I really dont care about what people think of me. and C) Im just being me, not trying to follow the crowd like some ridiculous sheep-like animal. =]
    If they have long unkempt dyed black hair, skinny jeans, studded belts and The Angles on their myspace account, chances are they aren’t Emo.
    They are Scene.
    I mean, its just a fad, and right now its popular, but mark me, the real emos will be here long after the Scenesters have buggered off!

    Oh, and contrary to popular belief, most real emo people are quite happy =]The real emos arent the wrist-slitting, crying demons they are made out to be


  37. 38
    Nico Rebel on 31 Aug 2006 #

    I think EMO music is awful and the look is awful. The EMO kids all look the same and the boys especially, look sad with those stretched ears and fringed haircuts.

    I am also don’t agree with this self hating, the World is crap EMO angst. The majority of the are middle class rich kids, with two parents, money and stable homes. I dont see what problems they can possibly have. There are kids in Bangladesh who are child slaves, many African children are forced to be soldiers, There are Palestenian children who are not able to attend school because their are being oppressed by another group of people, these kids have real problems yet do not have time to reflect and have no choice but to get on with their miserable lives. I think kids in the west at large, have too much money and time on their hands, plenty of it to moan all the time. If they were too busy trying to beg for a crumb or being forced to work then they would know what real problems are and what teen angst really is…

  38. 39
    brooke is brushed_Red on 6 Sep 2006 #

    “Emo is a look, it is not a definition of a persons character or traits…just as indie is a look, otherwise why would they all dress the same….skinny jeans, tight band t-shirts, funny shoes and a trilby…maybe you should meet some so called ‘emo’ people, it wouldn’t hurt. ”

    “Oh, and contrary to popular belief, most real emo people are quite happy =]The real emos arent the wrist-slitting, crying demons they are made out to be”

    okay these are like, exactly what I thought- its dumb to say “emos” are wrist slitting depressed people who are gay/les. But it stinks cuz I like the emo style- the clothes, the music, the hair styles…but if I ever called myself an emo or said I liked emo guys- they would think I’m into being depressed and cutting myself..ugh! its so dumb!

    also I think emo is like a form of punk and indie is practically emo but more vintage

  39. 40
    pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør on 6 Sep 2006 #

    vintage like a fine whine!

  40. 41
    kirby fields on 7 Sep 2006 #


  41. 42
    kirby fields on 7 Sep 2006 #


  42. 43
    Rufus T. Roofdog on 7 Sep 2006 #



  43. 44
    Pete Baran on 7 Sep 2006 #

    Yes, that clearly is response post of the week by a long shot!

  44. 45
    The Other Bam on 8 Sep 2006 #

    To hell with just sitting on your computers and bitching about all the tight pants wearing, japanimation style haircut having, 80’s wanna be, **NEW** hip bible toting **NEW**, suicidal nublets…

    Bitching simply wont cleanse the earth of this underground clone factory shitting out its army. (which by the way i, when i say “underground” i meant MAJOR LABLES pushing it onto the youth… repping it as an “INDEPENDENT” scene in a a very scandoulous, EFFECTIVE way to manufacture more GARBAGE and to get away with paying the “so called” artist way less for there music.

    So if you want to make actually make a difference…and purify america of this societal virus…then next time you see an emo kid, instead of thinking how retarded he/she/it is and then going home on your computer and writing about how gay they are here… call them out straight to there face. publicly humiliate there indolent clone army. Send them home embarassed to have been seen simply walking down the street… or even worse… pleaguing a coffee shop or barnes and nobles store.

    and next time you see a group of emo kids preching how christian they are… flipm some devil horns… or say a prayer at night wishing them to hell… seriously – one life time is enough to deal with this scum. if i see these people at the pearly gates… ill walk straight to hell from there. ;(

    and someone remind KIRBY FIELDS to take her meds… hopefully enough to thin her blood real nicely so when she cuts her wrist next time… she might bleed enough to rid herself from anyones presence.
    Cause she has a PREP friend and an EMO friend…(way to scream “im 17 and my highschool drama isnt enough for me so i have to come here and reap even more bull shit” ) i hope you find a COLUMBINE friend where you attend school… then youll know what its really like to meet someone who doesnt feel accepted in your shit society. change your tampon you cum bubbled cock hopper. :x

    and dont bother writing something in response for me to read, im not coming back here. i was simply bored and stumbbled upon this shit. enjoi!

  45. 46
    brooke on 17 Sep 2006 #


  46. 47
    fivelongdays on 17 Sep 2006 #

    I went through a vaguely off-and-on quasi emo phase that lasted from when I was around 19/20 to when I was about 22ish (I’m 24 now), and it’s interesting that, the predominant thing with emo fans was that they weren’t TOO far off the styles of regular guitar-music fans. There was also the awareness that the stuff I was listening to was, in the main, stuff that had followed on from the original emo scene (ie Embrace, Native Nod, etc etc). But it’s also worth noting the bands I was listening to (Jimmy Eat World, Get Up Kids, Saves the Day, etc etc), have either disbanded, or fallen into semi-obscurity compared to the likes of My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco and so on. So it’s like their listening to a different wave of emo than what I did. Or summat.

  47. 48
    Taz on 20 Sep 2006 #

    i think many people have confused themselves with emo’s and goths. Emo’s wear tight jeans, studded belt, converse, a band on thier shirt and have a dyed eye fringe. A goth however will where all black pretty much and perhaps spikes, big boots, chains, baggy clothes and leather. Some go for a medievil look. I know quite a few goths and they don’t really seem to be depressed at all. I’ve met loads of emo’s and they are all depressed. How can you turn depression into a fad? It’s insulting to people who have depression as it’s a condition not a fad! And why must they cut their wrists? to get attention? If they truley wanted to end their lives they should cut all the way up their arm and they will not survive! (I know this not because i am suicidal). And the amount of times my friends (who are goths) have been called emo’s is countless, people seem to be extremely confused or unneducated.

  48. 49
    heather on 21 Sep 2006 #

    Stereotypes, it’s strange. Everyone says they are all the same, and everybody who does has a different description on it. Some people say emo’s are all the same, they have fringed haircuts, wear eyeliner, girlpants, some say they cut themselves, wear mascara, ect.. Same with goths, same with preps, same with jocks.

    Honestly, everyone is different. They may be simliar to one group, but they all are following the same group in the end. They’re not particularly all the same, but then again, who really cares? Why is a stereotype causing fights, anyway? I can’t tell if people feel secure with their cliches, or insecure for not having one.

  49. 50
    emma! on 21 Sep 2006 #

    im emo =]

  50. 51
    xXNobodyXx on 28 Sep 2006 #

    oO Wth. . I’m emo and I don’t cut myself. POSERS cut themselves.

    Just because one or two people cut themselves doesn’t mean they all do it.

    ._. Stop stereotyping us. .

    :] Have you ever been in their shoes for once. .?

    There is a reason why they’re emo.

    Maybe something happened in their life. . A death of some loved one maybe. .?

    Get to know them before straight up saying they’re gay or stupid.

  51. 52
    emo girl on 1 Oct 2006 #

    emos dont really cuts they wrists goths do i should no im an emo y r u sayin that were all gay and sh*t coz were not people like u really piss me off im 13 but dat wouldnt stop me from givin u a kick up the butt 2 show u that u shouldnt say all that just because uve seen 1 do that where all the sme and werent not posers so get a life jack ass

  52. 53
    emo girl on 1 Oct 2006 #

    boys emos r cute

  53. 54
    emo girl on 1 Oct 2006 #

    boys emos r cute!!! and not gay

  54. 55
    AJ da emo on 5 Oct 2006 #







    yeah well TRUE emos dont give a fuck.
    its all about feeling sadass

  55. 56
    Izzy on 14 Oct 2006 #

    Its time you heard from a kid. Emo is short for Emotional. OK, so maybe some emos slash their wrists. So do people from other labels. Most emos however, just wear eyeliner and mascara and listen to emo music. There is nothing wrong with that. Emos are just people who have a different style and get a little emotional. surely indies are the same. And in my opinion its better to be an emo than an indie!

  56. 57
    john on 14 Oct 2006 #

    I enjoy indie and alternative music. There is a lot of EMOtion that goes into bands like the libertines, the strokes and razorlight. There is a lot EMOtion on stage at the gigs, a lot of EMOtion behind the scenes, when writing the songs and going out getting pissed up…telling each other that you love each other. EMOtion is a human instinct. Anyone who tells me they aren’t EMO is an idiot. What are you cold? Have you no heart? Yeah well played mate. You have no clue. Here’s the deal…fair enough someone might dress differently, might think differently or listen to different music, but who is someone to decide that that’s wrong. It’s discrimination. It’s getting to a point where it’s traits could be likened to racism. Get with the times people and live and let live. x

  57. 58
    Daniel_Rf on 15 Oct 2006 #

    “Anyone who tells me they aren’t EMO is an idiot. What are you cold? Have you no heart?” – main difference between emos and goffs possibly that any goth worth his salt would answer these questions with a gleeful “YES”?

  58. 59
    leena on 17 Oct 2006 #

    you know what I am so tired of these stupid little trends with fucking srh, skin, spades, famous… and the word “bro/brah” or “broxcore” whatever mumbo jumbo.. kmk!!!! oh my god!!!! POT! like oh my god since when did smoking pot became the latest cool thing since the 60/70’s…. along with girl pants and youth medium shirts…… and the retarded extensions on girls who can’t grow out their mullets………. or dying your hair like the zebra gum package!!!!!! seriously do you people not realize how ridiculous you people look!!!!!! gollllllllllllyyyyyyyy our society/generation is retarded, I do not care if I sound like an old lady kjhfdklfhkdlshfaklashkfljhsdklfhdsklah it pisses me off, especially with highschoolers, and teenagers.
    ya im just saying ya know? i had to get it out

  59. 60
    alext on 17 Oct 2006 #

    post of the day!

  60. 61
    Alex on 19 Oct 2006 #

    (i do not label people but to put my point across to you fucks im going to have to.)
    Well, i can see a lot of ignorant people here.
    There probably are people out there who do the whole “i cut my wrists thing”. But its not limited to this “emo” label. Ive known different kinds of people who go through it.
    But you cant really go around assuming that everyone with an angled fringe are all the same. To be honest, your all idiots. The haters are idiots for being ignorant, the 12 to 17 year old kids (who think they are defending their “emo” way of life) are idiots for not actually knowing what their talking about.
    There are a lot of different kinds of attitudes in this “emo” scene not just the wrist slashing kids, there are actually stable rounded individuals who just happen to look this way, Not because everyone else is doing it.
    In my town, “emos”, “goths”, “metallers”, “punks” and “indie kids” all get on well and even hang out together, why cant the rest of the bloody world?
    If i was a parent id rather have my kids listen to this kind of music and dress in black rather than let them go out late at night and mug people and steal cars.

    You and your site is sickening.

  61. 62
    Daniel_Rf on 19 Oct 2006 #

    “If i was a parent id rather have my kids listen to this kind of music and dress in black rather than let them go out late at night and mug people and steal cars.” – awesome

    “You and your site is sickening.” – should be the new Freaky Trigger motto.

  62. 63
    The Mutt on 21 Oct 2006 #

    I have no idea why you people are so judgimental, Emo people aren’t always facists and nazis or whenever the hell you think. First of all EMO is a label not a crime okay idiots, and labels are dumb basically. Not all of us “EMO’s” are alike, many “EMO’s” are punks, nazi’s, other bullshit, but that doesn’t give you the right to call all of us “EMO’s” stupid. Many people dress how they feel, or because they like it. Emo’s are regular people just different interest. We all started out as someone, and who you are is based of what you went through or how you feel and what you like. -The Mutt

  63. 64
    Jumper on 22 Oct 2006 #

    Yeah. This is a repost from part of what I posted on Why We Hate Indie Kids.

    Emo originated from mid to late 80’s bands similar to The Rites Of Spring. The Rites Of Spring were influenced by hardcore pun bands. So by the transitive property, emo has some of its roots in punk rock (it’s painful to say that, it is).

    In the early 90’s, the sound softened a bit and the product was bands like Texas Is The Reason and Sunny Day Real State. All through the 90’s, emo was nothing like the overplayed and obnoxiously pretentious bands today (i.e., Panic At The Disco, Fall Out Boy, Cartel. Those three bands make up the trinity of mainstream music whored by 14 year olds. I like to refer to the aforesaid bands as Fall Out! At The Discotel, considering that they all sound exactly the same). Emo used to be stuff like Saves The Day and The Get Up Kids (The Get Up Kids were never indie, no matter what was stated).

    So how did emo get a sound like that which we associate it to Taking Back Sunday, MCR and Fall Out Boy? What happened to “real emo“?

    Well, before emo went mainstream, you had bands like Good Charlotte and Blink 182. It was “pop punk” and all about “rebellion”. They skated and they had dyed black hair, eyeliner, and tatoos because they were “punk” (and we all know that all punks skate, have black dyed hair, mohawk, and wear eyeliner, of course). They were “dangerous” and “threatning to the social norm”. But there’s only so much people can hear of such bands before they realize that it sucks.

    Well, if the image of GC and Blink was what made them popular, then pussies like The Get Up Kids couldn’t replace them on the radio and on MTV. They wrote “poetic music” (yeah right) that was neither edgy nor dangerous (like the shit GC put out was).

    But what do you know? Taking Back Sunday and all of the 39439 identical bands had been starting a movement. What did their movement sound like? A cross between pop punk and emo. So of course, major record labels went after them and they were easily marketed. Why? Because Taking Back Sunday was just like GC and Blink, the only difference was that the former had more substantial music (and when I say substantial, I mean by comparison).

    Then TBS evolved in to Panic and A Static Lullaby and MCR and so on. And don’t get me started on all this nu-hardcore bullshit like Further Seems Forever, Norma Jean, Killswitch Engage, and From First To Last.

    I’m not defending emo, by the way. I hate it just as much as anyone who actually likes music.

  64. 65
    EmoFreak on 24 Oct 2006 #

    I think all you people out there that are judging emos are soooo freakin retarded & need to go to hell. I dont think you would like it if we started stereotyping you. In fact, I think you’d be pretty pissed. Don’t you think we already have enough problems as it is without retarded people like you making stupid web pages like this. If you really have nothing else better to do then make fun of emos & take bad about us then I think your just a poor excuse of a human being. Just because we are labeled emo doesnt mean we cut ourselves. I dont cut myself, i’m not anorexic, & I am a christian so whoever said that you can’t be a christian & an emo.. you are messed up. I’m not being funny either. You seriously have problems if you think that you cant be emo & a christian at the same time. In fact, its people like you guyz who stereotype us that makes me sick & hate life. Thank you.. thank you very much for putting me down yet again. [[ASSWHOLE]] Just thought that i’d give my thought about you!

  65. 66
    mylli on 25 Oct 2006 #

    hmmm i get called emo
    i dont slit my wrists tho
    and i dont get offended by what other people say
    i just wear the clothes i like and listen to the music i like
    thats all.

  66. 67
    emo girl on 28 Oct 2006 #


  67. 68
    Cassie on 1 Nov 2006 #


  68. 69
    Daniel_Rf, in a skirt up to his fucking (parts) on 1 Nov 2006 #

    17%? The last numbers from the Emo Institute Of Statistics I read had it at 19,5%, please cite your sources!

  69. 70
    alext on 1 Nov 2006 #

    What on earth is a “prep”?

  70. 71
    CarsmileSteve on 2 Nov 2006 #

    i believe it’s similar to a “jock” in modern parlance, short for “preppy”. think Andrew McCarthy/James Spader in Pretty in Pink…

  71. 72

    sadly neither mccarthy nor spader wear skirts up to their parts in PiP

  72. 73
    CarsmileSteve on 2 Nov 2006 #

    you mean you haven’t seen the directors cut?

  73. 74
    alext on 2 Nov 2006 #

    But I associate ‘prep’ with prim and proper not with skanky ho skirts.

  74. 75
    AdorableX♥Xillusion on 4 Nov 2006 #

    Fuck all those that are talking shit about emo! i am a fucking emo and proud to be me! if u don’t like it oh well ur gonna have to just deal with it u dam biches!im not a mean person but im not a fucking poser anyways! if u want me to lie and say oh im not anything im a normal u are wrong every one is emo! we all have fucking emotions there for we are all emos. does not matter if u like it our not! we all get mad,depressed,happy,annoyed. ALL OF US! so if u want to make shit up about emos go ahead bc u know u are truely wrong in many ways. and preps SUCK FUCKING ASS, FUCK ALL PREPS TO HELL. i may not be that old at all but i know what im fucking talking about !

    a thanks to those that don’t talk shit about emos.

  75. 76
    AdorableX♥Xillusion on 4 Nov 2006 #

    now bye and have a nice day, or night depends on where you live. so latters >=D =D :D

  76. 77
    Cheyenne on 5 Nov 2006 #

    ok who ever thinks emo people are dumb there not im a 11 year old girl im emo i cut my self…i do it because it lets the pain out so if u think were stupid then your the stupid one u are…u just dont under stand

  77. 78
    tracerhand on 6 Nov 2006 #

    whatever happened to just punching a pillow when you got angry? it seems a lot simpler than buying a bunch of new clothes.

  78. 79
    Dadaismus on 6 Nov 2006 #

    “Oh, go punch a pillow!” I’m going to start saying that a lot in the hope that it’ll catch on…

  79. 80
    CarsmileSteve on 6 Nov 2006 #

    i think punching a pillow was dealt a fatal blow by that bit in (i think) “analyse this” when crystal suggests it to de niro that he punches a pillow to let his anger out and he shoots it with an gun instead, hilarious, there.

    however, this is no reason not to try and revive it as a catchphrase ;)

  80. 81
    im someone on 11 Nov 2006 #

    they dont all cut you dont need to be emo to cut im a goth

  81. 82
    im someone on 11 Nov 2006 #

    chavs think emos cut chavs are stupid i hate chavs cos they hate me i no you think emos cut well inside so do we we all have feeling so do “emos” well thar shey blows im not emo i cut everyone wants emo to shut up but i dont there nothing wrong with freedom of expression but you take the piss it causes depression

  82. 83
    britt skate on 12 Nov 2006 #

    punch a pillow id rather punch a brick wall DICKHEAD and not all emos cut there self

  83. 84
    Admin on 12 Nov 2006 #

    instead of a “CAPTCHA” anti-spam thing (you know, where you type the non-machine readable letters shown in a graphic) i’m going to look for a “cloze passage” plugin that tests choices of “their/there” and so on. and perhaps a test on how to use punctutation TO MAKE YOUR MEANING CLEAR without forcing us to work out where the bloody clauses start and end.

    capital letters at the start of sentences is for losers and are for emphasis only, grandad.

    perhaps a plugin to turn long comments threads into pages too, eh?

  84. 85
    Johhny Wad on 18 Nov 2006 #

    I wish my lawn was emo, so it would cut itself.

  85. 86
    Kat on 19 Nov 2006 #


  86. 87
    Strike101 on 27 Nov 2006 #

    EMO’s suck dick big time an i aint a chav just your average punk rocker, whats with cuttin your self then claiming to be an emo you dude’s need to grow the fuck up

    an Johhny that joke fucking rocks

  87. 88
    Strike101 on 27 Nov 2006 #

    AdorableX♥Xillusion unless your a girl shut the fuck up an listen to some real punk

  88. 89
    Strike101 on 27 Nov 2006 #

    Fit girl opppppps

  89. 90
    grrr on 27 Nov 2006 #

    i’ve got a message 4 those stereotypers… FUK OFF U STEREOTYPING FUCKERS! LEAVE EMO’S ALONEEEE!

  90. 91
    Johhny Wad on 29 Nov 2006 #

    Mr. Wad here. I like to think of myself as a monotyper rather than ‘stereotyper’. I kick it old school (that’s school, not skool, you illiterate fucks. Use your fucking spell checker and for Christ’s sake, write in complete sentences. And what ever you do stop abbreviating everything under the fucking sun. If typing is taxing for you try taking a nap. Just don’t cut yourself on the way to the couch.). Anyway, I can assure you that everyone is not EMO. My feelings dried up years ago. I stopped being a pussy when I was thirteen. Somewhere between sprouting pubes and realizing crying, miserable little shits don’t get laid often; I became a man.

    I must admit it feels pretty good to be a man. I wear men’s clothing. My giant package could not fit into tight girls jeans, unless she’s wearing them of course. Seriously, stop all the bitching and crying. Get a fucking hair cut. Don’t fuck around with left handed scissors. Life is hard. It gets a lot harder. Right now you live with your parents. They pay for everything. Believe me, you don’t have it bad at all. You life is pretty easy. Stop pitying yourselves, not one else pity’s you, because quite frankly – you don’t derserve it.

    I am an unwilling memeber of generation x. Your generation of spoiled-single-parent-raised test tube babies makes my generation look like the great generation. (Hey retards, the ‘Great’ generation was the folks that lived through the REAL depression and then saved the fucking world in WWII ). That’s fucking depressing. You guys really suck. So does your music. At least we had Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Smashing Pumpkins. I don’t really hate you. You’re kind of amusing. You look like preteen Robert Smith’s. And let’s face it, the Cure rules!

    You know what? Now you silly bastads got me all depressed. Aw shit. Well, Fuck You!

    It’s not that bad.

    Love Always,
    Johnny Wad

  91. 92
    josie on 2 Dec 2006 #

    emos are not punk! they just think they are! indie kids are not emo! they are all differnt.and i DONT like being compaired to an EMO just because im nothing like one! i am PUNK PUNK PUNK!! i like the sex pistols and NOFX not my chemical slitmy wrists and funeral for a emo!!

  92. 93
    dawn yendr on 7 Dec 2006 #

    i thinkim emo just tell people to fuck off if they bug u its that simple im 11 and i’ve gotten the shit kicked out of me a coupple times

  93. 94
    kayleigh on 7 Dec 2006 #

    emos dont slit their wrists u daft fucker

  94. 95
    CarsmileSteve on 7 Dec 2006 #

    is there a missing italics tag here or do emos just like slanty writing?

    [ed – fixed that rogue i tag]

  95. 96
    Bob on 9 Dec 2006 #

    wot the fuk im emo, n y d fuk d ppl judge us on d way we r yh sum of us cut our wrists bt int it wots inside dat counts not wot we do n wot we look like!!!!!

  96. 97
    alext on 10 Dec 2006 #

    Dear Bob, I’m curious about your reasoning: if ‘it’s what’s inside that counts’, why do ’emos’ make such a point of dressing in a particular manner?

  97. 98
    stella on 10 Dec 2006 #

    i dont give a sh!t bout eni other comments emos are the top 5 grates labes there are there own persom they dont cair about the latest stile or beeing a bah sheep and following the latest craze there what there own persom gold 4 them all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  98. 99
    the emo one on 11 Dec 2006 #

    emo rocks yess…!! hehe you suck…!! let`s cut eachother’s wrists!!

  99. 100
    Ron Burgundy on 12 Dec 2006 #

    “i thinkim emo just tell people to fuck off if they bug u its that simple im 11 and i’ve gotten the shit kicked out of me a coupple times”

    You see that? Emo is now a global epidemic affecting people of all ages. Even kids as young as young as 11 (and younger!) are falling ill with this horrible disease. We need to find a way to rid the emo population of this crippling mental and emotional disorder. Let’s go people, it’s time to find a cure for emo!

  100. 101
    kat on 12 Dec 2006 #

    I’m and EMO and fucking proud soo stop the FUCKIN judgement!!!

  101. 102
    kat on 12 Dec 2006 #

    We EMO’s fuckin rock stop the judgement it is really getting old. who want’s to come my house to slit wrist????

  102. 103
    Daniel_Rf on 13 Dec 2006 #

    “emos are the top 5 grates labes”
    1- Emo
    2- Motown
    3- Fania
    4- Chess
    5- Salsoul

  103. 104
    Abraxas on 16 Dec 2006 #


  104. 105
    britt on 16 Dec 2006 #

    If your a ture emo you dont slit your wrist.

  105. 106
    Mandy on 18 Dec 2006 #

    HEY! Will u STOP insulting emo’s! I’m emo, I DON’T cut myself, 2 of my friends died and i couldn’t take it anymore, so I WENT EMO! STOP LABELYING US, go up to an emo and look them in the eyes, say hi, talk to them 4 5 minutes, THEN SEE IF YOU STILL HATE THEM!

  106. 107
    Steve Mannion on 19 Dec 2006 #

    surely if everyone stopped hating the EMOs they would no longer be EMO and have to wear NORMAL CLOTHES and be NORMAL like the rest of us accepted members of society? is that what you want? is it?

  107. 108
    Rob on 19 Dec 2006 #

    I think everyone who labels emo kids are just stupid…i mean not all emo kids cut themselves…and if some do it’s only because they feel theres no excape and it doesn’t give you the right to judge all of us…and like mandy said talk to an emo kid and you’ll see that we are not that bad…I don’t know what your problem everyone is kinda emo in thier own kinda way so chill out with your insults…If you have a problem with my comment then f*** you.

  108. 109
    ellie on 20 Dec 2006 #

    im not emo but i cut myself. everyone i no that cuts themselves arnt emos. its just the way we r.

  109. 110
    leah on 20 Dec 2006 #

    i dont hate emos but when my friend turned emo he’s turned into a very nasty person but i know not everyone is like that. so cheer up emo kid ^_^

    i do cut myself but im not labeled as emo, im more ‘goth’

  110. 111
    StuffAndThings on 22 Dec 2006 #

    I just stumbled on this website because one of my friends is turning so called emo. I find it very interesting that people, especially kids are forming subgroups within their social classes, seemingly just to be different, SOMETIMES to cause problems. From reading this site (which took ages) there seems to be alot of anger.

    For those who are bitter and twisted about what people wear… get some perspective on your lives and move on… seriously there are more important things in this world then your distaste in someones clothes. If you just left your little world you’d understand. (And that means more then just getting off the couch and wandering down to the shops to get some more smokes or maccas).

    For those who are enraged at the SOMETIMES self mutilating, antisocial behavior of our emo friends… have you ever considered that they might need constructive help.

    For those of you who are Christians and call yourself emos… don’t let your labeled life style dictate your commitment to Christ or others. Make sure that your BEHAVIOUR (not look) reflects that of Christ. If this is not an issue for you then i encourage you to continue, if it is though do not recoil from rebuke, but learn and love.

    I know alot of people are bitter and twisted beyound repair be they emo or not and they will mock my post, but get a grip on life…

  111. 112
    rodrigo on 23 Dec 2006 #

    i dont know why u ppl create all this crap about emo guys i hope u all die.inmature shit.we all are same shit so u dont think u are better then me ok.try to make this world better and give us a break with this shit.we are the worst creation of nature.

  112. 113
    rodrigo on 23 Dec 2006 #

    i was kidding about ‘u all die’ sorry ^^

  113. 114
    tim seward on 25 Dec 2006 #

    alright i am sitting here at my computer in launceston tasmania and i’m going to set this straight. the thing is, we all assume that emo and indie are similar things right? wrong. it is widely KNOWN that emo has a negative slant. goth wasn’t neccisarily negative ever. the 90’s was a mixing pot of cultural norms. we had supposed “goths” going to wilco concerts and singing along to elliott smith. how did that happen? because goths were negative. goths constantly were being confused with satanists. and close to the turn of the last century

    (god, jsut step back and realise it, this is such an opportunity to develop! for a comparison think about the 1700’s and the 1800’s. what a contrast. cannons to machine guns. lamps to electricity, and the cultural/artistic/social advances were huge)

    people like maralyn manson were still being called goth. the “new milennium” goth didn’t wear chains. they wore normal clothes, prefrably black. and dying your hair came back in (pink was big for a couple months there) so right then and there is where we made the jump from goth to emo. NOW that is not to say that in the background there was never anything similar to emo. bands like fugazi and emery had been in the background for many years previously, some outlasting phenomena like nirvana and smashing pumpkins (yet more goth{emo}-confused bands) though even in those dark days for “emo” (lets call it something else please. from now on it will be referred to as “X”) it was being referred to as indie/punk for some reason.

    usually because noone wanted to hear that shit. considering what was being passed off as punk (how could someone listen to bad brains, the new york dolls, the stooges, the sexpistols and patty smith and assume that blink182 was of the same ilk? thats jsut stupid!) it was no surprise that it wasn’t accepted into the mainstream. positive things – especially in the public eye – was being embraced (except maybe for radiohead – an early reference to indie?)

    anwyway i digress. what we should be thinking about is how emo came about. it evolved slowly over some years in underground clubs and thing being mistaken for hardcore”punk” indie(absolute bullshit) while the “real indies” were out watching stars, belle & sebastian, elliott smith, wilco, or radiohead.

    anyway all those alt/punk bands were jsut the tip of “indie” some of them were grossing millions and still being referred to as indie.


    emo on the other hand applies to stupid fakepunk bands, “hardcore” posers. overexposed arseholes. doesn’t anyone realise that modern emo is jsut the love child of good charlotte. fuck. open your minds. we knew how shit they were. now a bunch of idiots who take themselves too seriously think that because theyre singing about death the supposed “ultimate”, that they have the right to influence entire generations of kids in despair and outrage at governments, communities and socail norms with nothing wrong with them. its only a matter of time til we get skinhead emos. think about that. and that isn’t a massive overstatement. its happening. kids in public school beating the shits out of immigrants and then saying that their life is shit. doesn’t anyone realise the teenhood is not hard. puberty is fucking hard. but something in your head should not translate into the physical realm. thats what happened at colombine. emotional abuse is NOT the same as physical abuse. we must realise that what we are hearing about “the importance of the mind” these days, about emotions and depression and bullshit like that is self induced. you feel tired and dissatisfied, balme it on depression. chronic fatigue. stress. get a couple weeks off.

    the punk movement in the 80’s was a different scenario. its nothing like emo so don’t try and sring that on it.

    margaret thatcher was ruining the the uk, holding hands with augusto pinoche while reagan was bieng bummed by the south americans and exploiting 3rd world countries. there were real social and political problems. we now have globalisation, unemployment and global warming. those are the problems we face. not quality of life. 68% of the world now has adequite quality of life.(unless you live in japan where the rich-poor gap is so huge people have stopped trying to fix it).

    the 80’s were a world apart. the world is in a relative time of peace. the middle east is not the west’s problem. they would wipe themselves out if we didnt intervene. if you want that, fine, but then you turn around when they have nukes and the UN expects the USA (a country so geologically distant from the middle-east its not even worth their while) to come and rescue them, whilethe UN spends their budgets on not doing anything to help out africa’s widespread anarchy and giving donations to people starving in deathcamps (why are they starving, because of the political system thats in place, so why not take out the middleman, fucking dicklips!)

    kofi annan is believed to be honest because he is black. fuck that. he’s as greasy as anyone else.he’s thorughly corrupted.

    ok now there is no reason for emo to exist. indie is based on real things. emo is based on a fantasy of anarchy-thorugh-angst that will never come true and only achiev a hieghtened and ever younger suicide rate in teens around the world. don’t bother dissagreeing.

    you like a style of music that shouldn’t exist. you are gullible. and then you think that the rest of the world is the gullible ones. you think noone has put any thought behind this. that is arrogance at the extreme. emo should die



    EAT IT

  114. 115
    tim seward on 25 Dec 2006 #

    wow that was actually funny to read. hahahaha. but at least i can get it. you dumb pop and emo fucks are just going to sit back and not even try and stif t through the garble. dumbshits. nothing is ever going to change out of these forums. just more hate so yeah. you cannot conince people to turnthe tables over a digital formate. it just can’t be done. the emos will remain a stupid trend for maybe 3 more years. i just don’t want to grow up to be fifty and have my kids assume that i was an emo. fuck that shit. they’ll probably buy me an antique my chemical romance cd. i’d smash it and then make them move out.

    rise up. elliott smith was never emo you cunts. shuttup.

  115. 116
    Tom on 26 Dec 2006 #

    Project for next week: edit selected highlights of these threads into a Da Capo submission.

  116. 117
    blaise on 27 Dec 2006 #

    this labeling has gone too far.yes some people cut themselves and yes they need help. it’s not emo to cut. i know i’m emo i’ve been told it too many time but i have never once cut no will i ever cut. those who cut obviously need help but i urge you do not stereotype as it’s overrated and ill informed x

  117. 118
    Kayla griesinger on 28 Dec 2006 #

    Listen here Fuck bags!! what the fuck do you care what emos were and what they do. it shouldnt fucking matter. Everyone is there own person. Im emo and i get made fun of every day just b/c im not like everyone else. Just b/c im my own person and do my own thing and fokkow my own crowd. well fuck all of you stereotypical basterds. Emo is just a style like prep and jock and all those other dumbass lables. I have my hair parted to the side and were alot of eyeliner b/c i like it. you dont see me coming up to you and giving you shit about your own styl.its because i dont care. iaccept the fact that everyone is different and so should all of you fuckbags. Everyone who makes fun of emos just because they dont like it can go fuck themselves. because were not gonna cahnge just b/c some asshole dosnt like who we are. we are just gonna keep doing it because we like it. So all of you basterds who make fun of that stly can rot in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. 119
    stef on 28 Dec 2006 #

    ‘iaccept the fact that everyone is different and so should all of you fuckbags’

    that is so beautiful. do you even see the irony? death to all fanatics!

    One love

  119. 120
    Kristy on 29 Dec 2006 #


  120. 121
    ava on 1 Jan 2007 #

    u guys are a bunch of assholes that dont have a clue wat they are fucking talcking about emo is short for emotional when emo kids get sad they cut there wrists gothic people were black and act deprest u are the biggest bunch of idoits i have ever seen ( get a fucking life besides talking about people u dont no) p.s i now what im talking about cuz i am emo jerks

  121. 122
    jake on 1 Jan 2007 #

    hey man emo’s just dont cut their wrists u know!!
    some times they cry….

  122. 123
    Wendy on 2 Jan 2007 #

    i an’t emo, i cut maself da ova day but i ant guna lower myselv 2 a sereotype, cuz im more dan dat. I listen 2 emo music, dress like 1 but im not 1, cuz i fink im kl, ma m8s fink im kl n i no im intelligent, or else i wouldnt get da grades im gettin at da mo. so ffs stop goin on bout puttin people into groups!!!

  123. 124
    Kori on 2 Jan 2007 #

    You dumbasses don’t even know what the hell emo is. Most people say emos are try-hard goths who cut themselves. Cutting is a misconception of emos. Not all emos cut themselves, just emo posers. People want to be emo to fit in with the rest of the little uneducated bitches around them who think there life is shit. Well, they don’t know what a shitty life is. Emos are NOT try-hard goths. Goth and emo are completely different. Gothic means you worship Satan.

    – kori

  124. 125
    Kori on 2 Jan 2007 #

    Question: Why do all you fucking assholes write all this crap about how all emos cut themselves, but then don’t try to help them. You guys are just a bunch of shitheads. If you know someone, emo or not, is cutting themself, or trying to commit suicide, why don’t you try to help tjem. You may just save a fucking life. And have you ever wondered why we cut ourselves? It is because of you preppy bitches. You are making fun of us, trying to beat the shit out of us. You are making us depressed. So stop being such fucking bastards, and help someone besides your own little slutty asses for once.

  125. 126
    Kori on 2 Jan 2007 #

    Oh, and I know I can’t spell.

  126. 127
    *C*B* on 4 Jan 2007 #

    Umm hi I just wanted to say that some of things said r kinda mean and if someone is emo it’s there choice and u shouldn’t judge on sterotypes. And emo music is really good i’m not emo but I like it.

  127. 128
    Claire on 5 Jan 2007 #

    YES alot of emos do cut themselves
    YES it is a plee for attention but not the sort we are giving them
    Slef harm s a last resort for people who are so down a depressed but doesnt know how to put their feelings into words. They cut themselves in hope that someone will see it and notice how depressed they are and help them to get help.

  128. 129
    ex-emo on 5 Jan 2007 #

    i used to be an emo but my mates advised me 2 stop so i did and now im jst a normal person not a chav or goth just normal cheers to my mates especially demi

    P.S if u wanna be my mate aswell as demis just leave a message

    from ex-emo

  129. 130
    ex-emo on 5 Jan 2007 #

    i used to be an emo but my mates advised me 2 stop so i did and now im jst a normal person not a chav or goth just normal cheers to my mates especially demi

    P.S if u wanna be my mate aswell as demis just leave a message

  130. 131
    jenny on 5 Jan 2007 #

    i used to be an emo but my mates advised me to be a chav so i became on and then i went punky now im normal

    P.S if u wanna be my mate aswell as demis just leave a message

  131. 132
    melissa on 5 Jan 2007 #


    i was preppy but i decided trying to be normal was..”fake” and unrealistic like just like a perfectionest ..i will admit i am emo
    i dont slit my wrists true emos dont do that…i do like emo music and listen to it daily like my chemical romance,the rock n roll solders,,and slipknot i dont know if you would consider those bands emo but like i baisicly listen to them i dont care what other ppl think about me and emo is not always leggings and skiny jeans you can wear punk too like i wear band t-shirts and hoodies with skulls and striped hats (usually winter hats) and arm warmers i’m thinking of getting my lip pierced bbut i dont know i’m starting to think that would be too mutch..and a bunch of skull accesories and striped shirts black glasses and those belts you;know emo ones

    the way your treating emo ppl is just plain wrong ..you myswell be racist too like i beleve that a racist is not only critisieing you for your race but critisiseing you for who you are you dirty ppl

    and the main reason i’m posting this is because i found the song ”

    ” i must be emo ” offencive ..look it up on youtube

    -sigend melissaa

  132. 133
    melissa on 6 Jan 2007 #

    the ex. prep thats me
    i totally agree with kori thats why i became emo years ago dose it matter anyway yes the majority of FAKE emo ppl cut themselves NO MOST
    REAL emo ppl dont

  133. 134
    Kristy on 6 Jan 2007 #


  134. 135
    Kristy on 6 Jan 2007 #


  135. 136
    Tommy Mack on 6 Jan 2007 #

    Ooh, are you the same Kristy who used to post epic, anti-Led Zep rants on Playlouder?

  136. 137
    Strike101 on 7 Jan 2007 #

    (grrr) your a twat we not stereotypin you lil emo fucks were just stating facts and the world evolves around facts

  137. 138
    britt on 7 Jan 2007 #

    your a fuck head

  138. 139
    Wendy on 7 Jan 2007 #

    Ma best m8 has had 2 move skls fuckin hundreds ov times cuz ov pps like u! Its not his fuckin fault, he always cuts himself 4 personal reasons n he has tried 2 commit suicide, just cuz hes different. HAVE U EVER TRIED 2 TALK 2 PPS LIKE HIM, HE HAS HAD SUM SEIOUS SHIT FROM PPS LIKE U!!!!

    here is his msn – BaD-aSs_BoI@hotmail.co.uk

  139. 140
    Kristy on 8 Jan 2007 #

    eeee. fuck you!! just grow up and get a fuckin life!!! leave all the emo kids alone!!! man they never did shit to you you all must got boring ass lives.. to judge someone.. and to worry about others then your self!!! FUCKERS!!!!just dummy the fuck up!!!

  140. 141
    Al Ewing on 8 Jan 2007 #

    Sorry, Wendy, I couldn’t understand a word of that. Repost?

  141. 142
    Wendy on 8 Jan 2007 #

    Here you go Al,

    My best mate has had to move schools fucking hundreds of times because of people like you! Its not his fucking fault, he always cuts himself for personal reasons and he has tried to commit suicide, just because hes different. HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO TALK TO PEOPLE LIKE HIM, HE HAS HAD SSOME SEIOUS SHIT FROM PEOPLE LIKE YOU!!!!

  142. 143
    Wendy on 8 Jan 2007 #

    And by the way whoever wrote this really should talk to my mate Ryan, by the end of one convosation you will feel sorry for him, i bet you…

    BaD-aSs_BoI@hotmail.co.uk – his msn

  143. 144
    Al Ewing on 9 Jan 2007 #

    Well, I feel a bit sorry for him now considering the poor guy’s email address is being bandied about to all and sundry.

  144. 145
    Slaggot on 9 Jan 2007 #

    Emo? Emo does my head in.
    Every emo ive ever met [My school seems to have more emos than chavs at the moment, so its a rather large number..] has been bitchy arrogant and quite franky, up themseleves. I plan to plaster the place with anti-emo propganda, just so i can watch them cry. Oh no, poor emo kids. Then when they are at there weakest [Not far to go] I will blast with them real music, to purge their souls of my chemical romance once and for all.
    They wonder why we tease them?
    Pfffffft, getting mad now.

  145. 146
    EMO LOVE on 9 Jan 2007 #

    This is probably one of the most dumbass things i’ve heard. First off I’m emo **oo scary** Second just because ur emo doesnt mean ur a wrist-cutting, suicidal, lucifer is my best friend, jesus hating, eyeliner wearing, skinny jeans, bullshit. Get ur facts straight. Emo is short for emotional. People make it out to a stereotype because u cant handle the fact that people are different. Emo cant be displayed in fashion because then it wouldnt be emo, it would probably be some trend that “this weeks” style. EHH WRONG. Emo is a form of expression displayed by people, who are just a different. Like it really matters that emo kids are around. It’s not like they’re out there running around trying to rape your pants off. Get a life whoever wrote the shit thats polluting everyones mind about the “Emo”. Emo kicks ass and u know it. If ur so hardcore i’d like to see u get ur ass from behind your keyboard and say that crap to an emo. Trying stepping in our shoes and be stereotyped for what we’re not. It’s the reason we’re emo in the first place because your lies are reason enough to go physcotic.


  146. 147
    EMO LOVE on 9 Jan 2007 #


    OO and another thing. For all u preps, wannabe gangsters, jocks, ect. to judge us! ha. thats a dirty shame and u have a hell of a lot of nerve to call us “all the same” ive seen so many dumbass girls running around make-up plastered on their faces screaming “Oh My God” that i feel like its Barbie-ville or some shit. And to all u wanna be rappers with your hands down your pants, flippin gang signs, smokin with your “homies” get a real life and stop copying your stuff from 50 cent. And people wanna judge us. Take a look around btiches.


  147. 148
    Wendy on 9 Jan 2007 #

    Don’t worry al, this guy said i could use his name and put his addy on this website, so hes cool about it.

  148. 149
    MemoreX on 9 Jan 2007 #

    If people want to be emo let them.. 1. not every emo body cut 2. emo is music.. 3. you are not helping emos with saying those things.. So just SCrew you self.. Thx.. Emo

  149. 150
    andre on 10 Jan 2007 #


  150. 151
    Lol on 12 Jan 2007 #


    Just, LOL…

  151. 152
    britt on 13 Jan 2007 #


  152. 153
    britt on 13 Jan 2007 #

    the person who put emo love as there name ur cool luv ya

  153. 154
    Connor on 14 Jan 2007 #

    I think you guys are stupid little fuckers im emo i dont wear skin tight jeans i dont cut myself i dont wear think rimmed glasses and indie is just emo fucking dressed up people speak aboutemo being scene but indie is teh most scene thin around FUCK YAS ALL

  154. 155
    emos r fags on 14 Jan 2007 #

    emo emo emo emo emo emo gay gay gay gay gay gay EMOS r GAY FAGS who r 2 fuking stupid to realize that cutting there wrists is fuking gay and it hurts trust me ive tried so dont do it n to all u EMOS out there u r all GAY n fuking KUNTS so suk mi big dick i no u would like that but to bad 4 u im not GAY like u r so burn in hell for slitting ur wrists for pleasure go out n get a boyfreind or girlfreind n make pleasure to them FUCK ALL YOU EMO FAGGETS!!!!!!!!!

  155. 156
    freakytriggerisabahsheep on 15 Jan 2007 #

    this is fucking bullSHIT!! i hate this not all emo kids cut them selves takeing back sunday does not sound like good charllotte AT ALL so go fuck ur seleves u em o hates ur ill formed and u kno what i think this is all because ur so bored and u have no life so u have go and lable oother peoples life styles why does it matter what i dress like if u dont like it u dont have to wear it or even look at it this is what i like and what alot of other people that i kno like so fuck off and wear ur own shit while i wear mine. leave us alone and we will leave u alone okay okay dont lable us and we wont lable u (not like we have been anyways) wh cant u just ignore it whats it to u anyways and the music i listen to so better then ur anyday at dont u dare say we are all the same u not we arnt they arnt nobodys the same.
    go fall in a well u bah sheep
    ur faces are gahey
    i dare to comment back on this
    i wanna hear what u ghey ass people have to say about me and my firneds

  156. 157
    freakytriggerisabahsheep on 15 Jan 2007 #

    oh yeah and these band are good
    the forcast
    okaygo(isnt emo or indie)
    hawthorne heights
    flouersnt remarks(my friends bank)
    cute is what we aim for
    lake shore drive
    from first to last
    three days grce
    30 seconds to mars
    devil wears prada
    oh theres tons and tons more
    oh and
    if any of u people are actually nice
    heres my myspace link thing


  157. 158
    Kat on 16 Jan 2007 #

    Ikarus? You mean the seventies German prog rock band?

  158. 159
    Tom on 16 Jan 2007 #

    This thread of comments is a bit stranger than the other one, because with the other one at least there’s an (old) article to react angrily against. The lead article here is just expressing polite bemusement!

  159. 160
    Al Ewing on 17 Jan 2007 #

    I think the main question here is how you can counter the accusation that u are a bah sheep and ur face is gahey.

  160. 161
    freakytriggerisabahsheep on 18 Jan 2007 #

    bah sheep is a commomnly used phrase its kinda like noobs yeah

  161. 162
    Tom on 18 Jan 2007 #

    It certainly is now.

  162. 163
    britt on 18 Jan 2007 #

    go eat a potato shithead

  163. 164
    Rob Brennan on 18 Jan 2007 #

    An emo potato?

  164. 165
    emo on 18 Jan 2007 #

    i am an emo but i dont ave an “emo fringe” or wear tite jeans or any stuff a lot of people think is emo. i never slit my rists for da sake of it and i dont slit anyway even if i do i scrape a blade down my arm, anybody hu slits are just wimps. i dont wear wot otha people wear if i dont like it.i hate ppl hu take da mik outa emos. not all of us are gay or bi! i actually herd a gang of chavs sayin “there nothin like us so lets just beat da crap out of em n give em summat to cry about”. maybe ppl shud start bein a lil bit nicer to ppl with brains n tell chavs where they can stick there takky berbery. wot da hell is rong wiv u indies aswell. i swear u ave nuffin else betta to do than just say dum stuff like emo is just a cheap immitation of goth cuz as far as i am concerned indies are the attention seekers, not emos. dis is da first time in my life i ave actually cared wot people like u think.

  165. 166
    Personwhowillnotgivename on 19 Jan 2007 #

    Respect emo kids. When they grow up, they will pay for your prison cells.

  166. 167
    C.J. on 21 Jan 2007 #

    coming from a “emo kid” goths are like into devil stuff or magic and crap like that or they just like black clothing, but then theres emo kids. Not all emo kids are depressed and cut them selves, i dont. I think most of the emo kids i see these days are going retro or what ever, they kept the tight pants but they were different color cloths not pink ones though thats a red flag for gayness. I also dont were makeup there could be others that do but idk, In my greatest belief i think being emo is just an opinion

  167. 168
    Al Ewing on 21 Jan 2007 #

    The phrase “that’s a red flag for gayness” should be written down in some kind of Hall Of Verbal Fame. Along with “bah sheep”.

  168. 169
    Emily on 23 Jan 2007 #

    wtf is ppls problems?? hu cares? its up 2 them wat they dress like. u all sound like chavs! y duz it bova u so much? leave them 2 it, i mean yeh slittin yer wrists ent xactly normal n dressin in black cnt b that fun but if ppl wana do that then they can, emos have such groovy style n emos n goths r like tha safest n coolist ppl

  169. 170
    Al Ewing on 23 Jan 2007 #

    Sorry, Emily, I couldn’t understand a word of that. Repost?

  170. 171
    freakytriggerisabahsheep on 23 Jan 2007 #

    al ewing on is my fricking hero
    also i like the word chavs
    dont kno if anyone uses it
    but yeah
    also i dont kno where these people

  171. 172
    freakytriggerisabahsheep on 23 Jan 2007 #

    were these poeple are comeing from duh
    im a “scene emo kid”
    and i get alog fine in school
    we are not a social down fall
    and we aresocialy accepted by are peers

  172. 173
    Al Ewing on 23 Jan 2007 #

    Does that mean my face is not gahey?

  173. 174
    Johhny Wad on 24 Jan 2007 #

    i r pps u tlk n pps lol brb chavs r pps r pps cuz m8 is ppl cuz m8 zulu tango 9er is FUCKING STUPID!!!

    Learn to fucking type you retarded fucking sperm bags! I want to accept you, you wrist slitting, whining little spoiled shits. I want you to accept my farts and turds. Treat them like your petty little problems. Mommy doesn’t love me. Daddy never gave me any attention. Uncle Gary touched me. Blah, blah, blah.


    Oh Yeah, Fight The Power – Bitches!

  174. 175
    Stilalove on 25 Jan 2007 #

    If you emos don’t want to be ‘judged’ the use some fucking sense and don’t click the link titled ‘Why we hate emo kids’, assholes! I hope these comments and that article depress you so much, all you can do it cut and eat pounds of vegan food, so you’ll stay home, sheltered from the world, only ocassionaly coming online for Myspace updates. Get over the ‘problems’ you have, because no one else cares about your ‘hard’ life, whores!

  175. 177
    Summer on 27 Jan 2007 #

    lookit fags. You know nothing about emos, and you shouldnt be using labels. first of all, not all emos are bi and gay. second, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU? hitler was a commie, and its not all about “eyeliner, getting drunk, and art crap” and just to let u no, it’s not size 1 jeans the guys are wearing. it’s 000. and so just piss off and leave us alone. I clicked the link to see what other people have to say about us. And I hate how you judge us before you get to know us, and the fact that some of you won’t even give us a chance. well we do what we want, and just to let you know, emo stands for emotional, so we’re all emo, alright?

  176. 178
    Al Ewing on 27 Jan 2007 #

    “hitler was a commie”

  177. 179
    *kaz* on 27 Jan 2007 #

    you dont even know emos proply nt all of us cut each others rists
    and how woz hitler a emo eyeliner wernt even around den get ur facts rite b4 u decide 2 pt dem on ur cruddy web page

  178. 180
    Al Ewing on 28 Jan 2007 #

    Sorry, “kaz”, I couldn’t understand a word of that. Repost?

  179. 181
    Rob Brennan on 28 Jan 2007 #

    Commie Nazis

  180. 182
    Abby on 31 Jan 2007 #


  181. 183
    freakytriggerisabahsheep on 1 Feb 2007 #

    haha abby uts funny im emo i have a boy friend imma a girl im not lesbien dont be stupid youve truly out gayed urself this time and not el ewing er whatever ur face is not ghey
    and hitler was a commie so people need to go away
    yeah i dont just sit around on my ass all day
    i dont cut my wrists
    and im not a vegan
    and also im straight edge(for anyone who doesnt kno what that means it mean i dont get drunk i dont have sex i dont use drugs and i dotn smoke) i go to concerts and hang out with friends like anyother person does we all do and we ARE all emo because it comes from the word emotional in order to not be emo you couldnt feel happy you couldnt be sad excited mad depressed or anything at all so get it sstaright FAGS

  182. 184
    freakytriggerisabahsheep on 1 Feb 2007 #

    oh and by the way stop saying my chemical romance is emo
    its not emo
    ur retareded
    if anyone would actually read rolling stones u would kno that right in there the go on a rant about how much they hate emos
    just like u people are doing now

  183. 185
    Al Ewing on 1 Feb 2007 #

    I’m more interested in learning more about Communist Hitler at this point.

  184. 186
    Kat on 1 Feb 2007 #

    Don’t drink?
    Don’t smoke?
    What do you do?

  185. 187
    Tom on 1 Feb 2007 #

    Rolling Stone is a bah sheep.

  186. 188
    Admin on 1 Feb 2007 #

    Would it spoil the fun to point out that at no point has FT ranted, or even simply expressed, hate for emos. we’re just a magnet for internet nutjobs. which is an important service.

  187. 189

    it’s the flypaper strategy!

  188. 190
    roni on 3 Feb 2007 #

    i dont get how most of u can say u hate emos or punks, indies goths etc just cus of the way they look or the stupid rumours u hear, there just people like u im an emo and i have emo friends normal friends punk and indies as friends an there the nicest people you’d ever meet so who eva says they hate emos etc shut up cus ur full of crap the only reason u hate them is cus sumwhere inside u u hate urself and have nothing betta 2 do then take it out on others !

  189. 191
    Elliott Smith on 3 Feb 2007 #

    October 21st 2003

    Hey!Emo-Kewl Fans!







  190. 192
    Elliott Smith on 3 Feb 2007 #



  191. 193
    steve on 5 Feb 2007 #

    you guys need to stop hating seeing that u have noting better to do
    ya im emo but i dont cut myself so lay off

  192. 194
    PunkRox/Becca Kitchen on 5 Feb 2007 #

    Hey! U shudnt discriminate ppl u dnt understand! I totally agree that half the time ppl say theyre emo n dey r just posers n dt ppl r mixin up wat emo actually is but I dont know if im emo. I do evrythin emo stands 4, i beleive in it, im bisexual, i cut, i listen to the music, i write dark poetry, life sucks and if it werent 4 Evie Goodliffe, id b dead but i cant BE emo cuz emo is hated at my school only the brave (but distressed) like Evie can stand up and BE wat they wanna b so i settled for labelling myself punk…sigh… i still stand for what i sed tho, DONT DISCRIMINATE PEOPLE YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or the Dead Flame might just wrap its fires around your living corpse and let it burn for eternity whil I sit back and laugh for the very first time for i have never laughed since the devil himself murderd my soul in mistake for yours.

    somethin i made up. I rite books n dats a quote from one of them.

  193. 195
    Al Ewing on 5 Feb 2007 #

    What have you had published?

  194. 196
    Helen on 5 Feb 2007 #

    Ok..so I’m not an emo…but why give them a hard time?? Loads of my mates arr emo’s and there is nothing rong with ’em…And they don’t slit there wrists either…Why look down on emo’s and look up to preps?…what sort of a world arr we living in?…Most preps i no are shallow bitches and all the emos arr realii nice,not shallow and DO NOT go and sit in a corner all day and crii…they laff more than i do and thts a lots…i’d much ratehr be an emo thanx so just leave them alone…get to know emo’s before you judge.

  195. 197
    Rose on 7 Feb 2007 #

    Well, too be honset. I can’t tell the difference between all these sterotypical groups anymore.

    There’s no originality. I’m a kid, I know, I’m not going to claim to “Be individual” Because then I wouldn’t be.

    Kids, are just kids, at the end of the day.

    Adults, are just adults, at the end of the day.

    We’re all just trying to find ourselves. This pathetic labeling has got to stop, how insecure is this world? So things don’t always have a name, and what you inbed yourselves with fear, and hatred for the ‘opposers’ ?

    I say to all those that are discriminist, or steretypical [and I’m sorry if this offends you] but when/what will it take for you to grow up?

    And growing up’s one of those things we never stop doing.

  196. 198
    LittleEmoKid on 9 Feb 2007 #

    Why?! I think it’s so stupid to hate people because they are theyselfs… I think you’re all Dom and stupid.. If you wanna hit me bacause i think youre stupid and dom.. Come to holland =D
    Yeah.. Please hit me baby one more time… ‘HIT’

  197. 199
    Andy! on 9 Feb 2007 #

    hahah! Who is it that thinks Hitler is a commie? Hitler was not a commie. Hitler was a wanker. Communism is awesome!


  198. 200
    Dom on 9 Feb 2007 #

    im a fukin emo kid and i dont cut myself. just because someone is an emo doesnt meen they cut theirselfs u fat muther fukers. i agree wiv rose labeling shud stop and evryone shud jus get along regardless of their background or how they dress

  199. 201
    Al Ewing on 10 Feb 2007 #

    labeling shud stop UNLESS U R FAT


  200. 202
    peter moldickingson on 12 Feb 2007 #

    emos are smelly ugly cunts and they are weird i hope they all die o sorry they kill them selves haha o and this websight is gay cos it smells like the baores that visit it

  201. 203
    brendan strong on 12 Feb 2007 #

    well wat can i say my name is brendan and i love cock cos im gay in my spare time i cut my wrists and cry while listening to my chemical romance if there is a sexy man out there for me this is my msn brendanmanowar@hotmail.com

  202. 204
    JuicyDzejn on 12 Feb 2007 #

    Hi people,
    could somebody explain me, what is ture emo?
    i dont get it, is ture a shorcut of something or what? i havent found it in dictionary either…
    is it a new branch of emo style ?
    thanks for replying me, my mail: horackovajana@hotmail.com

  203. 205
    urma on 13 Feb 2007 #

    ture emo is were you gay and love to suck men off like i do al the time if u want me to suck u off and cut my wrists like a girl add me on msn

  204. 206
    your ma on 13 Feb 2007 #

    shave ur minge

  205. 207
    amber on 15 Feb 2007 #

    fuck u im emo wankers

  206. 208
    Alan on 15 Feb 2007 #

    what, all of them? or is this like ’emo bonkers’ or ‘shouty crackers’

  207. 209
    DonnatheEmoFreak on 16 Feb 2007 #

    Emos and Goths,

    I have to say some of you are right and some are wrong, emos are not goths. Goths are those kind of people who believe in the devil and talks about death. Emos are those kind of people who are of suicide. In the old times, Emos were all about fashion and music. Now its about saddness. Yes, Goths and Emos wear the same clothes and hair styles, but some don’t. Like the flippy hairstyle, its hot to me lol. Also I like gothic or emo guys with long hair, heh I am a sucker for that lol. Ok, I am getting off topic. If any of you have questions about goths and emos, contact me, either on EmoDonnaFreak or ChewyDgirl@aol.com, they are both aol.

  208. 210
    DonnatheEmoFreak on 16 Feb 2007 #

    * Smiles*
    Oh and I forgot, Goths and Emos are hot! Yes even girls, fine I am a bi! Lol sue me. As a tomboy girl like myself, I have the right to like them both! They’re hot as hell!

  209. 211
    Edward Furlong on 17 Feb 2007 #


    Yeah Get a Life already ,dipsh*ts!Emo-Schmos!
    Hasta La Vista Emo!

    From:Edward Furlong(Actor,Singer and Model( the latter-being excruciatingly-embarrassing!easy-money!;-) )

    One of my Songs!Off my last Record: Go-Figure 7!


    Sounds like a dreadful Elliott Smith song doesn’t it!?LOL!

    Hasta Luego,Dipsh*ts!

    Kind regards!

    Edward Furlong

  210. 212
    no_emo_kids_allowed on 18 Feb 2007 #

    here i come..

    fucking emo kids dont exist..

    but emo music lovers do..

    “coz Emo Is A music and u cant be a music..”

    those they call emo kids== are fucking fags..

    they trying to make a scene ..

    cutting there wrists..

    and sharing there fucking fake emotional tragedies and fake sensitive emotions

    just to be noticed..

    thats the real fact about that..

  211. 213
    tiffany on 20 Feb 2007 #

    okay you are totally wrong emo gurl:

    “emos dont really cuts they wrists goths do i should no im an emo y r u sayin that were all gay and sh*t coz were not people like u really piss me off im 13 but dat wouldnt stop me from givin u a kick up the butt 2 show u that u shouldnt say all that just because uve seen 1 do that where all the sme and werent not posers so get a life jack ass”

    okay u are SO wrong wit the definition and stuff. emo pople Do cut themselves duhh GOTH people are just like wear black and some other stuff. and u are really reatrded. wow u dont c a dumb blond sayin that someone else is retarded often so take a pic ;]

  212. 214
    tiffany on 20 Feb 2007 #

    HERE ARE THE FACTS ABOUT EMO PEOPLE: they cry for NO reason…they cover once side [or all] or their face with hair…cut themselves…says “NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME!” over and over…wears like really tight pants…want to die [seirosuly]…totally hates life

    if you ‘think’ ur emo and dont do all of thses or more u are totally NOT emo. and yupp thats the facts bout emo kidss


  213. 215
    tiffany on 20 Feb 2007 #

    okayy i wrote all that stuff but its the truth! and im not totally against or anything i just mess with them a lil. [understatement?] anyways hmm now that i think bout it i seriously DONT know why emo people are like emo and stuffokay if u were like a real emo kid then why the f would u show it off. okay emo people say they cut themselves casue they feel bad frompeople teasing them or something. IF YOUR EMO ITS GONNA MAKE U WORSE! DERR get my point? if you were really emo you would try to hide it. okay i knew this one girl she was like really in love with her bf jason and then he cheated on her and she got emo. but she tried to hide it. derr

  214. 216
    tiffany on 20 Feb 2007 #

    JuicyDzejn duhh why would emo b in the dictionaryy

  215. 217
    tiffany on 20 Feb 2007 #

    SUMMER WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?! okay yeah your emo..okay NORMAL people with a health mind TOTALLY wouldn’t cut themselves.

  216. 218
    Nick Ulanowski on 20 Feb 2007 #

    Umm… cutting wrists has been around long before emo and goth… I’m pretty sure human pain and suffering predates these two counter-cultures.

    “I’m emo and I don’t cut myself. POSERS cut themselves.”

    This has to be one of the most idiotic statement I’ve ever heard, even more than the anti-emo people. It seems like you’ve accepted the same ideas that they have about “emo” and well, actually take it seriously. You know the idea that cutting yourself is a “fad” and not just a sign that someone is in poor mental health and is “numbing the pain” (must like the intional abuse of alcohol and/or drugs). The idea of hating someone for cutting themselves, well, it sounds to me like you’re a low-life human being and heartless basterd. Maybe a good of self-hatred WOULD do you some good. After all, I’m telling you: You’re worthless.

    Also, if I’m not mistaken, Marilyn Manson practices self-mutilation ON STAGE, and has several references to wrist cutting in his music. Although a lot of people don’t consider him to be “goth”, point should be taken anyway.

    I think anyone who hates emo kids is pretty pathetic. Esepecally immature high school kids who take it so far to seem to deny in themselves the part of the very nature of being young… because they associate it with “emo”.

    But then again, maybe some young people actually have never felt isolated, never been rejected, never been in pain, have lived a wondrous life of pure happiness, have wondrous parents, are confident in everything about themselves, love all their great teachers, etc. They’re prabobly have an extremly low IQ, maybe even MR.

    Oh, and “dark music and poetry” often is rooted in as one posted put it, “hate myself type thing”. Ironically, it sounds like you don’t fully understand what the hell you are listening to. This is coming from someone who happens to write it himself.

    As an aside, I think it should be noted that I’m 20.

    “You never grow to be a big rock star
    Celebrated victim of your fame
    They just cut our wrists like cheap coupons
    And say that death was on sale today”
    -Marilyn Manson

    “Sometimes I feel so worthless
    Sometimes I feel discarded
    I wish that I was good enough
    Then I’d know that I am not alone”
    -Marilyn Manson

    “We’re on a bullet and
    We’re headed straight into God
    Even he’s like to end it too”
    -Marilyn Mannson

  217. 219
    Al Ewing on 20 Feb 2007 #

    Cheer up Marilyn.

  218. 220
    Kendra on 23 Feb 2007 #

    Ok, so let me get this straight. You guys hate people just because they look different. You have got to be shittin’ me! You hate people because they are trying to be unique, and not be clones of the rest of the sluts, jocks, wanna-be-gangsters, or whatever the hell you call them. That is the most retarded thing I have ever heard of! You should seriously just accept people for who they are, even if they are different. Oh, wait. You can’t do that. Because apparently, all those who are different don’t deserve to exist. Everybody has to be exactly like you to even live. Maybe you guys should check into a mental ward or something, because if you keep dissing people like that, well, they aren’t gonna stay quiet very long.

  219. 221
    Alan on 23 Feb 2007 #

    are ppl not reading the post, but just commening on the comments thread? when someone says “You guys hate people…” it obviously can’t mean the original post

  220. 222
    jeff w on 23 Feb 2007 #

    It could be a ref to one or more of the quotes in the initial post, or the picture, or any of the comments. TBH at this point it’s probably futile trying to make sense of anything that gets posted here… um including this post probably.

  221. 223
    Al Ewing on 23 Feb 2007 #

    I think at this stage the comments are slowing down to the occasional straggler popping in to, like, totally ‘flip the bird’ to ‘the man’ and his oppression of teen freedom. Take THAT, conformity!

  222. 224
    Anonymous on 23 Feb 2007 #

    Not all emos cut their wrists! Although they do wear make up and wear girl pants but they can pull it off cuz they are so sexy! Now sum do cut their wrists and commit suicide but generalizing* that all emos do that is messed up. Just because they wear black clothes, eyeliner, mascara, and look like they are into that dark magic shit doesn’t mean they are. Emos are actually cool and emo music sounds alot better than that indie shit. Thats why emo music is always on the charts and on number 1 countdowns. So all u indies and emo haters need to get ur facts straight!


  223. 225
    WULTK on 25 Feb 2007 #

    I’ve Got To Admit Emos Have Cool Hair. But That’s About It. They Don’t Appreciate Life And They Keep Saying They’re Going To Give It Up. But Do They? No. They’re Weak Pathetic Kids Who Need To Buck Up.

  224. 226
    WULTK on 25 Feb 2007 #

    Jesse Mae That’s A Load Of Sh.t. Emos Are Too Obsessed With Love. More People Who Arent Emos Now A Days Listen To Rap RnB Dance And Hip Hop. Why? Because That’s The Only Decent Music Around.

  225. 227
    Jess and Alice on 26 Feb 2007 #

    Love this.

    It made us smile. :]]

    We are so sick of being labled ‘INDIE’ by a bunch of emo kids in our school.

    They seem to think that we, as ‘INDIE’ kids are…

    -polka dots lovers
    -stripes lovers
    -kooks lovers (althou they r actually mainstream!!!)
    – fratelli lovers
    – indie music = shit
    – stuck up
    – think they r betta than everyone else
    – and, oh this is good … EMO WANABEES


    We are not any of these.
    And we love your definition.
    We will be printing this out and showing our lovely friends the Emos and shut them up.
    thankyou and good day
    jess nd alice in ict (booorrreeeddd)

  226. 228
    Alan on 26 Feb 2007 #

    Year 9 reprezent!

  227. 229

    – from a distance look like flies
    – have just knocked over the water pitcher

  228. 230
    haia on 28 Feb 2007 #

    mmmm…maybe we just need to stop labeling people and just be normal, bc i really dont see the need to be this or to be that ~ everyone should b themselves, its only my point of view!

  229. 231
    Adultpointofview on 28 Feb 2007 #

    What an insight into the psyche of todays youth. When the ’emo haters’ in this thread actually mature and have to enter the real world, they will hopefully see that a persons looks, sexual orientation, and not last but not least, a persons taste in music really shouldn’t be affecting them in the way which it is obviously doing. There are far more pressing concerns going on in the world, and funnily enough they don’t concern hairstyles and music. And as for the just plain gutteral comments – why? Don’t todays youth know how to debate anything? Do you resort to verbal aggression because you think typing insults is somehow clever? Sorry for any typos, maybe some pedantic person could respond in a humourous manner.

  230. 232
    JP on 1 Mar 2007 #

    anyone who calls themselves emo should be shot!
    okay, i do wear tight jeans, small tees, creepers, white studded belts and have black “vulcan” hair.
    i do not listen to falloutboy because its utter cock!
    those types of bands are for 14 yr olds.
    i listen to stuff like the locust, blood brothers, some girls, holy molar.
    how the fuck does that make me emo? emo is a genre of music jackasses, not what you call yourselves.
    and from what i know emo music is way different from this whole falloutboy fad thats going on.
    do you think goth kids go around saying they are goths?
    no, they dont!
    stop labelling yourself and making people like me look like tosspots.
    for all those 14yr old girls out there that listen to falloutboy and cal themselves “emo”, its about time to grow up.
    its because of you that theres this whole image of little pathetic depressed “emo” kids, so dont get offended when people take the piss out of you.
    im just really pissed off that the past couple of years ive had little shitfaces calling me “emo” just because of the way i dress.
    ive been dressing this way long before you knew what emo was you cunts so fuck the lot of you.
    and people who are critising these little 14 year old kids, ur feeding them attention, its what they want, they want you to hate them so they have a reason to moan about so i suggest you stop and just let them move on to the next fad.

  231. 233
    Hannah on 2 Mar 2007 #

    Oh My Gosh, how the fick can you say all this shit about emos.Im emo and i dont slit my wrists or anything like that.Your sick motherfucker.I hate you

  232. 234
    sam on 4 Mar 2007 #

    wtff?? yeah just because you listen to that music, doesnt mean your emo ok. and it does if you slit your wrists or cry over alott of things, believe me i once did do alll of that shitt. but i got through that part of my life and moved on. so yeah just because you listen to fall out boy music doesnt mean your emo. adn why do you people label yourselves thats fucked

  233. 235
    slipknot on 5 Mar 2007 #

    im an emo im not vory fend ley and i am disdebd

  234. 236
    Jordan on 7 Mar 2007 #

    I am a 11 year old boy who lives in n/a. Me and ma friend Bethany slit our wrists in school with scissors for fun or if were upset. My parents do not know that i slit my wrists but i can’t stop. It’s like smoking once you do it a few times you cannot stop and sliting your wrists is worse than smoking so can you email me back to give me some advice. From Jordan…

    P.S. I’m sliting me wrists right at this moment!

  235. 237
    emo_luv roxxi on 7 Mar 2007 #

    dude. why the fuck do ppl hate emo kids so much. so what if we cut ourselves? why should you care? get over it, leave us the hell alone, and go on with all of your happy little lives. yes, we like tight pants, long hair, and eyeliner. and most of us are bi. but why should it matter to you why we are what we are? what i dont like is the posers..the people that say that they are emo. or say that they are goth or whatever. yes, emo is a style and a type of music, but it is also a state of being. and never, never put goths and emos in the same category/stereotype. cuz we are tatally different. and there are different classifications of emo. there are the preppy emos…premo. there are the really depressed emos. the ones that cut themselves. and not all emo kids cut themselves, so dont say that they all do! and dont call ppl emo by the way thaey dress. and if you have to tell ppl that you are emo, you most likely arent. so get over it. all of the emo haters need to get over it, and feel free to email me. i like a good conversation. …my email is emo015@gmail.com okay.so yeah. get over yourselves. and you just make fun of emo kids because you are obviously too insecure about yourself so therefore you have to make fun of other ppl. ppl that in your eyes you see as weak. and dont even start to say that you dont. cuz i know you do. Not all emos cut their wrists! Although they do wear make up and wear girl pants but they can pull it off cuz they are so sexy! Now sum do cut their wrists and commit suicide but generalizing* that all emos do that is messed up. Just because they wear black clothes, eyeliner, mascara, and look like they are into that dark magic shit doesn’t mean they are. Emos are actually cool and emo music sounds alot better than that indie shit. Thats why emo music is always on the charts and on number 1 countdowns. So all u indies and emo haters need to get ur facts straight!

  236. 238
    EMMIE. on 7 Mar 2007 #

    I totally agree with you.
    EMO & INDIE are TOTALY diffrent.
    emo has gone to far there are to many posers!!
    I mean wtf?! they say WERE UNIQUE..That is total bull you turn the corner and theres 50 depressed kids who cant see because of thier hair i mean CHEER UP!!
    W.E happend to being YOURSELF. BE YOURSELF.
    Im not emo punk goth chav ect.
    IM ME.

  237. 239
    sanity on 8 Mar 2007 #

    well am emo and u others emos may agrey with me but u fags dissing emos should stop tezing us and we live as well a u do soo shut the fuck up

  238. 240
    sanity 666 on 8 Mar 2007 #

    ok i like my way of living its fun

  239. 241
    Helen on 8 Mar 2007 #

    ok got nufink agenst emos but i get called an emo at skl because im different, wear armwarmers and converses, and sumdays im depressed but they dnt no wts goin on at home, or wt they dnt c at skl and wts in my mind. but im nt emo. converses wer orginally worn by rockstars and i like armwarmers. adn even preps get depressed sumtyms.

    adn if ppl wnt to be an emo, leave them be. they may nt like chavs or preps but do u c emos starting up a revolt agenst chavs or preps.

    thats bcos they arnt as childish as you.

  240. 242
    koolturd on 9 Mar 2007 #

    well ok i see emo– as neat just cus some cut.. o well that is there dam bizz..no urss… there actually not all dark sided kids some actually do have freinds and talk… but i think u dum asses need to leave emo people alone i mean they are actually pretty neat u ask me but others think different witch is fine … i just dont understand y everyone is got to give emo people shit look at those preppy nasty bithes and no i aint emo but i have cut and not all peopple cut cuz they want attention that might be cus a lot of shit runs through peoples head and if u dont tlak aobut that shit with poeple u and up bundling it all up then people feel like i felt like no one cared and dam i ya ill admit i get it pretty good but what i am sayin is i thought no one cared no more and ya there are lots of emo people tat do cut but not all and a lot cut cus u fuckers say shit and then its gets to them and maby they do have a lot of problems and emo people dress the way they want to dress and just cus soem emo people are gay uir have trans suxual or what ever dousnt mean all them are gay ur what ever i just think u really need to under stand what there goin through before make up shit it really lites the fire and i no there are emo;s some not all that do cut for attention but i have outer family problems not mom ur dad ur anything just other things and then i just blew up but really u need to undersand there poit of view before u gone about them no tehre truth and goths are a form of art so are emos pretty much i think there both very neet so ya that is my opinion~! well i gtg later~!

  241. 243
    Ben on 9 Mar 2007 #

    well guess what… your all faggots. ‘Emo’ kids as u put it like me dont fukin slit our wrists u fukin steriotypical fuk ups

  242. 244
    Sarah on 9 Mar 2007 #

    why does anyone even care whos emo or not?
    are they p[hysically hurting you?
    i think you all should be considered emo for moping around…complaining about emo kids…..you guys are just stereotyping them….labling if you will….they dont judge you…so why should you judge them….some people arent self-centered jerk offs like you guys…id rather be emo then a fucking asshole…
    get a life

  243. 245
    Sarah on 9 Mar 2007 #

    im emo!

  244. 246
    Sarah on 9 Mar 2007 #

    oh yeah…and the reason we are the way we are is because of you…yes…you
    you always fucking judge us….always hate us….you want us to kill ourselves…yet you complain when we try to kill ourselves…wtf?
    you critisise us and make fun of our beleifs…you mock us and stereotype us…..and you think we are the problem? pft…you all need to get a life..and leave us so called “emo” kids alone…seriosly!!!!!!

  245. 247
    britt on 10 Mar 2007 #

    i get called emo at school but i dont slit my wrist i dont even have an emo fringe or where all that emo stuff i dont listen to fall out boy or panic at the disco and other emo bands i dont even know why i get called it i dont hate emos i dont even know really what it is i all ways thought it was just short for emotional or a type of music i hate the ppl who hate emo

  246. 248
    Al Ewing on 10 Mar 2007 #

    Captain America hated emo! AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM.

  247. 249
    sarahroxs on 11 Mar 2007 #


    loads of my mates and me are emo its a styreoptyped style

    none of us cut ourselves

    yeah we find something rong with our lifes but it doesnt me we selfharm or commit suicide

    its the internet that tells everyone that EMO people cut and that fuckin emo song on youtube aint true

    the real emos like the style and the music its the posers that look at the internet and say I HAVE TO CUT MYSELF TO BE EMO

    hardly any real emos do cut themselves


  248. 250
    cc on 13 Mar 2007 #

    wat the f iz ur damn problem 1st of all im emo yea deal with it u ases jus b-cuz we cut ourselves doesnt meen we have 2 b emo jus bcuz we do tht stuff doesnt meen we r emo and u no wat hitler wasnt emo so go f ur self cuz u got it all wrong ttly wrong and all emos rent sad or depressed and tht shit dont even start with me cuz udont want 2 and u no wat u ppl r stereo typing us and its getting on mi frikin nerves cuz u ppl got it all frikin wrong so go somewhere uhhg i hate u ppl hope u die and the reason we r like this is u yea u herd me u cuz u ppl judge us and stuff and u make us sad u make us feel bad about ourselves and we r jus like this cuz we have pain pain u dont probably even feel in ur life we r different so shut the hell up and u no wat jus bcuz ur life iz so much better doesnt meen u have 2 pick on us we never did anything 2 u so fuck off

  249. 251
    Brandy on 13 Mar 2007 #

    You know I was reading this site and i found it funny. It’s really sad that people waste there time worrying about what other people dress like and how they live there life. Wow you people must be in love with the “emo” scene. I dont know why everyone is always dissing emo’s and indie and every other style there is. Omg really it’s also a style. I mean really does everyone really have to hate on other people. Does that make ya’ll think your the shit. Ummm let me think. Wow you make yourself look like an asshole. Well anyways what im trying to say is. I love the emo and indie style and music and everything else. It dont make me a bad person. I dont care what people think of me cause shit it’s not like im going to become there friend and like i would want to anyways. So really everyone keep being who you are and who cares what other people think. I mean seriously they had to write a site about it. Do you really think they have a life hahahaha uhh no.


  250. 252
    gutted@com on 14 Mar 2007 #

    Emo’s dont slit there wrists, thats just a steriotype.
    I actually know quite a few CHAVS who slit there wrists because they are depressed and/or have had a bad life, or something.
    And emo uis just another style, it has nothing to do with personality, its just music and clothing style.
    Seriously, you people should just keep quite.
    And any people that think they are emo’s becuase they slit there wrists, or try to, are just ’emo posers’ and need to look up the REAL definition of emo, and I dont see why people say that emo guys are transvestite because CHAV girls try to make them self as manly as possible.
    Anyway, slitting your wrists is POSER and people just think emo’s do slit there wrists because there are so many emo posers.

  251. 253
    Rosalie on 18 Mar 2007 #

    Okay people.
    1. Use some grammar, please, we use proper spelling if we want to make a point and look somewhat respectable.
    2. Okay, Emo is just short for emotional because America is just too damn lazy to say emotional. Emo started out as just whiney little kids, from girlys to goths and any whiney person in between, and now it’s a stereotype. That’s just pitiful. Will everybody quit freaking out and let people do the stupid things they please, making a big deal will just make them more depressed and “emo”. What the fuck ever happened to people just being themselves and not worrying about being a certain stereotype.

  252. 254
    brit on 18 Mar 2007 #


  253. 255
    sara on 19 Mar 2007 #

    i love emo boiis .

    emoxroQsx (:

    fuQ emo-haters [!!]

  254. 256
    fucked off with you all on 20 Mar 2007 #

    maybe if we all stopped commenting on it, being emo wouldn’t be an issue.

    the emos could stop complaining about being stereotyped and/or misrepresented, and the rest of you could stop complaining about emos being attention-seekers, as they would have no more attention than the rest of us.

    so calm down children, and play nicely.

    i’m not an emo, goth, indie, chav, prep etc. etc. i’m a person

  255. 257
    hell kitten on 21 Mar 2007 #

    you guys suck emoz r the gr8test

  256. 258
    Al Ewing on 21 Mar 2007 #

    I hate persons.

  257. 259
    fucked off with you all on 21 Mar 2007 #

    ‘i hate persons’ says the guy who gets pissed off with everyone elses’ bad grammar

  258. 260
    Kat on 21 Mar 2007 #

    They’ve got you there, Al.

  259. 261
    fucked off with you all on 21 Mar 2007 #

    still, i’d rather not argue with Al. he’s one of the few people with a sense of humour

  260. 262
    fucked off with you all on 22 Mar 2007 #

    have never seen the point in being emo. seems like most of them are people who decided not to conform to a stereotype, then went and shoved themselves straight into another stereotype. oh well

    saw a group of about 15 teenagers harassing these 3 emos earlier. they were spitting chewing gum at them. can’t see the point in that either.

    also, i thought the whole emo thing was about saying that you didn’t care what people thought of you. so where do all the “Oh My Gosh, how the fick can you say all this shit about emos.Im emo and i dont slit my wrists or anything like that.Your sick motherfucker.I hate you” comments come from? YOU’RE EMO, FOR FUCK’S SAKE. YOU’RE NOT MEANT TO CARE!!!

    god, this is random

  261. 263
    at least i'm not a stereotype on 22 Mar 2007 #

    i hate emos. i hate emo-haters. therefore i hate myself. therefore i must be emo! but i hate emos! no, that’s ok, cos emos hate themselves. but an enemy’s enemy is a friend. therefore if an emo hates him/herself, and an emo-hater hates the emo, then everyone hates emos. we should join together in our emo-hatred. but the emo-hater hates the emo, and doesn’t want to be the emo’s friend, but that’s ok cos the emo hates him/herself too…..

    and round it goes again.

    lol. i must be very bored

    EMOS: stop standing up for yourselves. you obviously don’t hate yourselves enough. nah, lol. i’d support you against most of these shits anyday.

  262. 264
    nathan on 24 Mar 2007 #

    Reporter:So EMO kid why is your life so horrible?

    Emo Kid:My life is a pit of sorrow, I crave death but life courses through my veins like shit through a sewer.

    Reporter:Oh come on it cant be that bad can it?

    Emo Kid:My parents would only give me two-hundred dollars to spend at hot topic, they wouldnt let me dye my hair, and when I asked for an Escalade they made me settle for a Beamer….my life is a sea of misery and Im drowning.

    Reporter:I hear you write poetry can I hear some?

    Emo Kid:I wish I could bleed out. Sorrow hunts me and longs to pierce my heart with arrows of pain, only to close in for the kill and slit my throat with a blade of conformacy. I am utterly alone.

    Reporter:I come to understand you hate the government, why is this?

    Emo Kid:THe government breed companies that rape the consumer for their hard earned money to line their pockets with ilgotten corporate gains.

    Reporter:SO who told you that?

    Emo Kid:My friends

    Reporter:Are they Emo?

    Emo Kid:Of course…because I dont associate with conformists.

    Reporter:So what makes you EMO?

    Emo Kid:Im emotional, thats why I color my hair, and wear tight pants, to get others attention so they can see my pain. I want to look like my friends so I wont be a conformist like the preps, jocks and hicks. I hate labels thats something conformists use. Emos arent conformists.

    Reporter:Right… so I get it….. Suburban oppression has got you down. Its hard to go on living knowing people like you are suffering with their meager BMW and trendy clothes bought from a trendy store and trips to the salon. It must be tough.

    Emo Kid:Dont make fun of me conformist….bzzzzzt….bzzt….bzzzzzzzzzzzzt…..BOOM!!!!!!!!!

    Reporter:What the hell! Our guest just exploded I must have hit its weak point. It must have been….reality. And what is this brown stuff that covers the walls. Whoa!!!…. it smells like shit. Well its conclusive folks. Emos are just mechanical puppets that are full of shit. Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

  263. 265
    tegan on 25 Mar 2007 #

    i think u twats should stop takin the piss out wat u dnt understand nd get a fucking life
    u obviously just hate them because ur jealous of them so go nd sort ur fucking life out nd stop talkin shit!!!!!!!!

  264. 266
    ahhh...how sweet on 25 Mar 2007 #

    darlin’, you do realise that the best way to get people to agree with you isn’t to call them twats and tell them to get a life, now, don’t you?

    you see, people tend to think badly of you when you do stuff like that.

    so i wait with baited breath for your intellectual, eloquent arguement as to why people shouldn’t ‘take the piss out wat [they] dnt understand’. perhaps you would even be so kind to provide a selection of helpful tips and handy hints for those of us attempting to follow your advice by ‘get[ting] a fucking life’.


    oh, and by the way, i have nothing against emos. i just happen to have a problem with people so incompetent that they actually manage to damage their cause in their pathetic attempts to defend it.

    thanks again for your unwitting provision of entertainment for many,


  265. 267
    ahhh...how sweet on 25 Mar 2007 #

    good luck wth your education. you need it. perhaps it will teach you how to hold an intelligent argument….or is that asking too much of your poor teachers?

  266. 268
    ahhh...how sweet on 25 Mar 2007 #

    yes, i can tell you’re still at school (or if not, you should be) and no, i’m not picking on you, i’m 15 for fuck’s sake

  267. 269
    Xxnever-wasxX on 26 Mar 2007 #

    hi there people… uhh i would just like to say.. why the fuck label??.. i dont understand.. you all complain about being called an emo or being called a punk or being called a jock or a priss.. yes here you are pointing fingers and every other kid out there and calling them names… i know for a fact that every person on this website has pointed and labelled a kid as something.. so why not jsut get over it and stop pointing fingers.. one day the fingers going to point right back at you… and ur going to be pissed… stop name calling and then u wont get it back.. just deal with it and let people be who they want to be…
    but yah.. thanks for the time.. and you all may be like.. oo shut the fuck up… but yah thats my opinion and outlook on it.. u may not agree but i really dont care…

  268. 270
    fucked off with you all on 26 Mar 2007 #

    nice comment. thanks mate :-)

  269. 271
    jasmine on 30 Mar 2007 #

    omfg! what’s up with all these conflicts. Its just a bunch of bull. Who really has to care if aperson this or this. Some people just hate other people becase they are not like them. Well sorry to say no one is the same.

  270. 272
    annabel on 30 Mar 2007 #

    i would just like to point out to all concerned that trenchcoats are spelt with an ‘r’ get it right if your gonna want one.also, emos are mostly middle class kids who whine about their middle class upbringing,and how bad thier life is. have any of you idiots stopped and thought about the kids in africa, while youre buying youre ridiculously overpriced skinny jeans from camden market? no, didn’t think so. because lets face it, emos are selfish. if u wanna fell better about yourself, stop moaning, put some more flattering trousers on, and get out there and help your community! i think its stupid anyway how people are almost proud to have labels e.g emos, chavs, etc… right now i prefer the chavs! they may have a slightly odd dress sense, but at least they are mostly from a lower class background (so have something to whine about) and are not as selfish as some people i could mention. emo is just a trend that the rich kids are following, because they have nothing better to do.id hate to have labels, and besides, on most emos that are not stick thin, skinny jeans are just not flattering. so what if i listen to fall out boy or my chemical romance? it doesnt make me an emo, it just makes me someone who listens to good music. so like i said, get up, stop slitting your wrists/masturbating over gerard way/crying about how rich you are, put some proper clothes on, and get out there and HELP THE LESS FORTUNATE! get over yourselves. annabel

  271. 273
    cc on 2 Apr 2007 #

    FUCK ALL U DAMN PPL go 2 hell and never return we worry about these websites cuz we jus want all of u 2 stop and shut up and never speak of it who cares wat we wear who cares about anything the only ppl u r 2 care about iz u ur family and frineds not other ppl u dont like so fuck ur moms n dads and go away

  272. 274
    JacobGORE on 3 Apr 2007 #

    emo is a form of punk that started in the late 80’s. it is not a lifestyle, stereotype, fucking stupid kids.

  273. 275
    Josh on 3 Apr 2007 #

    who gave you the right to make fun of emo kids all you had to do is say indie kids werent like you that you dont cut your self and plus y the hell would you want to label your self anyways!!???!?!?!

  274. 276
    Rob Brennan on 3 Apr 2007 #


  275. 277
    rena on 3 Apr 2007 #

    emo is not goth or metal or rock,its the look of kids that it is exprest with there fucking broken filings!!! some kids sey im emo ……and they dont know wot it means!

  276. 278
    rena on 3 Apr 2007 #

    and you should hate your fucking self!FUCK YOU!!!

  277. 279
    Al Ewing on 3 Apr 2007 #

    ‘Broken filings’

    Evidently emo is all about POOR ADMINISTRATION SKILLS. Filing should be neat and tidy and sorted into categories that ensure that each file can be easily found and accessed at a later date. But emo filing is ‘broken’ and thus they can never find their tax returns or receipts, leading to depression.

  278. 280
    sorry, i can't take this labelling bollox seriously on 4 Apr 2007 #

    indeed. what a truly terrible fate.

    you know, there was a rumour going around that some people actually have the audacity to TAKE THE PISS OUT OF EMOS!!!!!!!!!! how could they? have they no hearts? perhaps they have not been informed about the broken filings.

    i feel we should implement a scheme to raise awareness of the detrimental effects of poor administration skills on one’s psychological state. if necessary, a college-level course should be provided, with lectures from internationally renowned experts in the
    fields of both administration and psychology. at the end of the course, participating students will be presented with a certificate measuring 2m x 1m, to increase their self esteem. they will then place the certificate into their very own gold-plated filing cabinet. next, they will proceed to the hairdressers, where their eyes will be exposed for all to see. finally, they will be given a license returning to them the right to buy razor blades and scissors, and released into the real world.

    voila. the most prevalent problem in the western world has been solved. thanks Al.

  279. 281
    emogirl on 7 Apr 2007 #

    shut the fuck up!emo kids are the best they dont all cut there selves and if they do wats your fucking broblem we have are own style…….so fuck of!!!emo is not all about crying…

  280. 282
    Sam K on 7 Apr 2007 #

    All u grunger emo, goff ,punk. skater kids shuld be lined up and shoot, you are only doin it for attention becose you was probly bullied at school or sumin. you never see a populer emo do you its always the werd people who no one wants to talk 2 at school that turn out that way.

    get a fucking life !!!!!!!!

  281. 283
    Al Ewing on 7 Apr 2007 #

    I could actually smell Special Brew wafting off my screen when I read that.

  282. 284
    sorry, i can't take this labelling bollox seriously on 7 Apr 2007 #

    Sam K. one question for you.

    who exactly do you suggest the “grunger emo, goff ,punk. skater kids” shoot? do you have a particular target in mind, or should they just shoot randomly, in all directions?

  283. 285
    RIP eloquence on 7 Apr 2007 #

    would someone please tell me when ‘fuck’ was declared interchangeable with every other word in the dictionary?

    “and you should hate your fucking self!FUCK YOU!!!”

    “shut the fuck up!emo kids are the best they dont all cut there selves and if they do wats your fucking broblem we have are own style…….so fuck of!!!”

    “I think you guys are stupid little fuckers…indie is just emo fucking dressed up people speak aboutemo being scene but indie is teh most scene thin around FUCK YAS ALL”

    “emo emo emo emo emo emo gay gay gay gay gay gay EMOS r GAY FAGS who r 2 fuking stupid to realize that cutting there wrists is fuking gay and it hurts trust me ive tried so dont do it n to all u EMOS out there u r all GAY n fuking KUNTS so suk mi big dick i no u would like that but to bad 4 u im not GAY like u r so burn in hell for slitting ur wrists for pleasure go out n get a boyfreind or girlfreind n make pleasure to them FUCK ALL YOU EMO FAGGETS!!!!!!!!!”


  284. 286
    Alan on 8 Apr 2007 #


  285. 287
    RIP eloquence on 8 Apr 2007 #

    hmmmm…25 years before i was born. explain?

  286. 288
    emos rule u faget!!!1 on 9 Apr 2007 #

    omg well i am just soo tired of ppl judgeing me and my tasts in music i mean this is jus soo terible just becos i have a hair cut u don’t like and prefer music i can relate 2… god wot is with u? i am 14 and i conisder em o 2 b my fav genre… its also a culture rite? like goth! y wud goths consider themselves a culture iv they wern’t??? if u seach 4 “gothic culture” u will find many refernces. ppl @ skool consider me 2 b a bright kid who gets straight a’s. i am intelligent and dfend my culture whenever posible. like here! i am now defending it!!! sry but i think u guys need 2 just chill out…k? i mean i no i might sound offensive but ur prejudgemental complains about ppl u dont even no seem ridiculous and imature! i am not in a trend..it is a culture..with values! just like all thoz things u consider trends they r cultures yet ppl should dispise u 4 not taking them seriously although they don’t. rather they jump on the bandwagon with all the other emo h8rs…u c me doing taht? no! so anser me 1 question: y do goths say its a culture if it weren’t? omg im sry 4 the offence but emo is a culture 2 and other cultures (such as the ones in africa, for example..) arn’t always critercized like mine is, yet they circumsize kids without anasthetic! amoungst other things of course! my culture expresses things. it does not cause harm 2 occur at all. well 4 non haters i suppose i can say: keep on supporting ur culture and don’t get discoraged wen others who arnt like us call it a fad. bye ^.^

  287. 289
    emos rule u faget!!!1 on 9 Apr 2007 #

    umm, y dun goths like us emos? we r a trend in there opinion but thats not true @ all… y arnt we considered a culture? ppl such as my parents say its a ‘generational’ thing just like sum goths do… no one duz take us seroisly..just like were sterotyped as saying! goths r not very differnt from us and revolve around fashon… yet were a ‘youth trend’ like punk i kno were derived from punk but come on u kno!!! goths! i kno what real goth is and that it wos more considered ‘occult’ in the 80s…and that it is not youth-orentiated and that mansonites placed that assumptoin in the heads of nongoths…BUT! y r we a youthful phase? i kno adults r rare in emo but im sure some exist!!! i want emo 2 be a culture as well!

  288. 290
    emo~mike on 10 Apr 2007 #

    wats so bad about emos?there ppl to,do we make websites saying wat bitches preps r?NO!as much as i hate preps im not complaing about it.im emo and if u dont like it then u can play in traffic

  289. 291
    e.m.o. on 10 Apr 2007 #

    god ppl n my skool r always telling me 2 kill myself just becos i have my own style so were not like every1 else i mean is that a rational excuse 2 beat us up and maybe even contribute 2 our actual suicide its the ignorance of others that shud be annihilated but not tha emo kids themselves emos can be nice fun loving ppl and not all depressed and wrist cutters so SHUT UP rite now umm and 2 tha comment b4 “emo~mike” (who i agree with by the way) i think dat u r correct since goths have been known 2 consider themselves a culture but whar did u get sum of ur information it is false altho u r kool so dont b insulted ya 2 emo~mike they r ppl 2 u r rite and ppl like preps who r angry becos were different shud go 2 hell becos god hates sinners and i think that god wud prefer there eternal death rather than let them go 2 heaven o and by the way i think that goths r more inclined 2 satanism than emos yet thats ok cos as long as ur not a bad person u shud be able 2 get into heaven woteva religion u got but emos r often confused with goths so just ask b4 u judge ok

  290. 292
    e.m.o. on 10 Apr 2007 #

    wot i meant 2 say woz “so every1 shud just ask b4 they judge ok'”

  291. 293
    Al Ewing on 10 Apr 2007 #

    A searing theological treatise e.m.o, that could only have been improved had you chosen to write it in English instead of your bizarre secret language.

  292. 294
    god, this is funny on 10 Apr 2007 #

    at the end of the day, people like to have something to hate. emos are easy targets, as people can mock them without being accused of the various ‘isms’. chavs used to top the Most Hated list, until the socio-economic status of most chavs became an issue. to be a chav then became pitiable rather than contemptible.

    for the most part, emos are white, middle class, and of both genders, so their critics are fairly safe from any widespread backlash. it could be argued, due to the fact that many emos identify themselves as bisexual, that a motivating factor in the derision of emos is homophobia.

    however, if the comments posted by emos on this site are any indication, the current insult favoured by emos is ‘faget’, so presumably homophobia is equally prevalent on both sides.

  293. 295
    .EmoxGirlie. [ on 12 Apr 2007 #

    Woo Emos rule!! ^_^

    People who disagree? FUCK YOU ASSHOLES!!!

    P.s people who say “emos cut emselves and moan n kill emselves”etc, are aload of bullshitters who have obviously never even talked to an emo!!. FUCK THE HATERS!!! Emo is LOVE [

  294. 296
    god, this is funny on 12 Apr 2007 #


    well, i guess that’s another way of putting it

  295. 297
    .EmoxGirlie. on 13 Apr 2007 #

    Wow. I just read through all the comments on here, and some people really need to open their eyes. Emo isn’t about the self harming, and the crying, and the moaning etc. The posers do that, because THEY want to be labelled for the wrong reasons. Yea, I admit I am an emo, but there’s more to me and other people than what you see. I may like emo musik, and the style, the hair, and the guys OHMY! emo guys are hawt! =D. However, I also like every other type of musik, other styles, basically there’s way more to people and don’t judge before you actually talk to the person. Cuz you’ll see a whole different side to that person [emos are very kewl people btw, so give em a chance]. If you’re not up for doing this, you’ll end up a very lonely person, the ones that are strong enough to do this don’t have time for those that aren’t. So think before you judge. Thats all I have to say.

  296. 298
    .EmoxGirlie. on 13 Apr 2007 #

    P.s Adding onto my last comment ^^: Emo is LOVE. Sooo FUCK THE HATERS cause we [and everyone else =)] have just as much right to walk this earth as they do!!! BLEH! haters do not rock so get a life!!! thankyou =)

  297. 299
    Molag Bal on 15 Apr 2007 #

    First of all these people need to realize it’s not a lifestyle choice. It’s all a self mind fuck. People don’t give a shit what the fuck you wear in daily life. If they do they aren’t worth a damn. Throw on a fucking pair of pants and a damn shirt. These faggots like to wear bunches of shit. So far as Emo Boy’s go I think their ridiculous. Look like a fuckin man. Grow your fuckin facial hair take out your fuckin ugly lip piercings quit shaving your ass. go get a woman fuck some pussy smoke a cigarette drink a beer and have a nice fucking day you faggot emo bitches. Also just so you know we Emo haters keep you in business cause if it weren’t for us you little bitches wouldn’t have anything to rebel or complain about. Now go fuck yourself up the ass with a cattle prod you little sado-masochistic fucks

    Long live the Anti-Emo Reich

  298. 300
    Al Ewing on 15 Apr 2007 #

    I’m starting to love emo with a fierce passion after reading that.

  299. 301
    sorry, i am TRYING not to laugh on 16 Apr 2007 #

    Molag Bal:

    your issues with sexuality and your subsequent need to demonstrate your masculinity are both highly amusing

  300. 302
    oh, the joy of cattle prods on 17 Apr 2007 #

    molag bal, i take take it you’re talking from personal experience about cattle prods.

    let me guess. it got stuck, right?

  301. 303
    who gives a fuck? on 19 Apr 2007 #

    ok, so i am really enjoying all these ppl saying what is and isn’t emo, and i’d just like to say WHO GIVES A SHIT WHAT EMO IS AND ISN’T?!?!?!?! ok whatever you wanna believe emo is then go for it, but i personally don’t care in the least what ppl stereotype emo as, i know i’m emo, and i don’t care what you guys think, i’m a chronic stoner, i cut myself, hell yeah i’ve attempted suicide, i wear mascara (i’m a girl though, so i’m not sure if it counts), sure i’m bi, but like i said, who gives a fuck? as far as i’m concerned your steroetyping is actually pretty accurate.
    well, i’m gonna go make out with girls and cut some more
    see ya

  302. 304
    tubs on 19 Apr 2007 #

    Would somebody explain to me what the bloody hell emo is. Actually please dont, Ill never get that time back again. These micky mousers dont half take it all a bit seriously, and a bet my bollocks it all sounds a bit wanky!
    God I feel really old now, thanks for that.
    And by the way what does “own your ass” mean? sounds a bit racy to me.
    Going to watch Jim’ll fix it now, is he an emu?

  303. 305
    Al Ewing on 19 Apr 2007 #

    You can’t keeping claiming that you’re bisexual for the coolness factor and then go round calling everybody a fag, emo kids. You have to pick one.

  304. 306
    who gives a fuck? on 20 Apr 2007 #

    being bi is not cool, it’s just how i am

  305. 307
    sanity is for the boring on 20 Apr 2007 #

    “at the end of the day, people like to have something to hate. emos are easy targets, as people can mock them without being accused of the various ‘isms’. chavs used to top the Most Hated list, until the socio-economic status of most chavs became an issue. to be a chav then became pitiable rather than contemptible.

    for the most part, emos are white, middle class, and of both genders, so their critics are fairly safe from any widespread backlash. it could be argued, due to the fact that many emos identify themselves as bisexual, that a motivating factor in the derision of emos is homophobia.

    however, if the comments posted by emos on this site are any indication, the current insult favoured by emos is ‘faget’, so presumably homophobia is equally prevalent on both sides.”

    nice comment. shame everyone ignored it

  306. 308
    Al Ewing on 20 Apr 2007 #

    Yeah, sanity IS for the boring, maaaaaaan.

    I mean, unless you’ve got a severe mental illness or something. I imagine sanity would be quite nice then. BUT NOT COOL!

  307. 309
    sanity is for the boring on 20 Apr 2007 #

    yep. you’re definitely sane.

  308. 310
    anne-marie on 21 Apr 2007 #

    if ur happy and u no it slit ur wrists
    if ya happy and u no it slit ur wristes
    if ur happy and u du it and u relly want 2 show it
    if ya happy and u no it slit ya wrists!!!!!!!

    is dis da way 2 emo land
    every nyte i will b slittin my hand
    dreaming dreams of blood in my mouth
    ne pain will do!!!

    how much is dat knife in da window
    da 1 wiv da big silver blade
    it looks ded shinny and sharpe
    i du hope dat knife is 4 sale !!!!!!!

  309. 311
    anne-marie on 22 Apr 2007 #



    ye if u have anytink 2 say bout dat den bring it u bunch ov puffs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  310. 312
    V on 22 Apr 2007 #

    If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about emos, it is of course their unrelenting optimism and cheery outlook on life.

  311. 313
    Al Ewing on 22 Apr 2007 #

    Well, compared to anne-marie, who’s probably shat out six kids in white baseball caps since she wrote that, emos seem kind of sweet and innocent to me now. Oh, I’ve taken the piss, but at least the children of emo never managed to actively make me sick the way some of the posters on the ‘anti-emo’ side have.

    Come to my arms, emo kids! I embrace thee!

  312. 314
    myspace.com/kirstennichols on 25 Apr 2007 #

    this is pretty damn pathetic.
    say what you want about us emo kids,
    but that’s the only reason we hate people like you.
    you dont give us a chance.
    and if you did.
    by golly,
    we’re more like you than you think.
    yes, emo is a type of music.
    and why classify us by that?
    why do you preppy chodes listen to it?
    just go to school.
    listen to them.
    you’ll recognize the songs.
    + i’d rather cry then look like a desperate skank.
    im just waiting for the day that you all get overthrown.
    there’ll be a new democracy.
    this is epidemic.
    and you’ll are warned.
    keep this us and there’ll be nothing left of you.

    ♥ kirsten

    -p.s.-here’s another thing i dont quite understand.
    if SOO many preps hate emo’s,
    why are they turning into them?
    jeeze, talk about keeping your own damn identity…
    think about what you faggots are saying.
    k thanks.

  313. 315
    Al Ewing on 25 Apr 2007 #

    You were doing so well right up until you said ‘faggot’. It’s not worth keeping your own identity if your own identity can’t get through a simple modernist poem about cultural revolution without trying to bash the gays.

  314. 316
    myspace.com/kirstennichols on 26 Apr 2007 #

    i tried to avoid the word.
    but it slipped out i guess.
    but at least it’s mediocre.

    ♥ kirsten

  315. 317
    suicide girl on 26 Apr 2007 #



  316. 318
    myspace.com/kirstennichols on 27 Apr 2007 #

    i used to cut…
    not my wrists tho.
    mostly on my thigh.
    but that didnt solve anything.
    i just regret it now.
    some advice to all you people.
    just dont do it.
    try writing poems :)
    it works.

    ♥ kirsten

  317. 319
    EMO GURLL on 28 Apr 2007 #

    IM EMO

  318. 320
    myspace.com/kirstennichols on 28 Apr 2007 #

    saying that emo is cool
    is like saying prep is cool
    you’re gonna have haters on both sides.
    and if you’re friends hate what you are.
    then obviously they’ll either get used to it,
    or disown you.

    and as for emo being a style;;
    it is,
    but it’s also a way of life.

    ♥ kirsten

  319. 321
    who gives a fuck? on 29 Apr 2007 #

    unfortunately most seem to disown me, but it’s all good cuz then no one really cares if i cut myself, and they’ve all actually told me that they wouldn’t be able to contain their joy if i die, but ya know what i really don’t care, and maybe their wish will come true

    i luv all the ppl that are on here leaving comments about how muh they hate emos, i love emo people, and i am an emo people

    rock on all you bi-sexual cutting stoning emos! and if anyone actually does want to have a wrist cutting party (which i have never heard of actually happening) call me

  320. 322
    myspace.com/kirstennichols on 29 Apr 2007 #

    some “friends” you have
    this just happens to be my homepage.
    just so i can see what people have to say.
    then i just usually end up talking to myself anyways.
    so what’s new?

    ♥ kirsten

  321. 323
    Helen on 1 May 2007 #

    emooooooooooooooooooos suck fucking cock! wtf is tha point of hating life?? be a chav! at least you have fun and wear decent clothes that are not just black….emoooooooooo


  322. 324
    HELP on 1 May 2007 #

    dear god

  323. 325
    www.myspace.com/kirstennichols on 1 May 2007 #

    *note to yourself.
    emo’s dont always wear black.
    that would be the term;
    and believe it or not,
    a lot of emos like life.
    just not all of them do.

    ♥ kirsten

  324. 326
    who gives a fuck? on 4 May 2007 #

    i always wear black……

    and i hate life….

    am i emo?
    jk, i know i am :(

  325. 327
    www.myspace.com/kirstennichols on 4 May 2007 #


    ♥ kirsten

  326. 328
    who gives a fuck? on 7 May 2007 #

    i need to get a fucking life, for real…i visit this site like every few hours, omfg

    p.s. Kirsten you’re like the only one who ever leaves comments, way to stay committed

  327. 329
    crash on 7 May 2007 #

    uhm., well
    in my opinion
    (to be honest)
    i think that indies
    & so called “emo”s
    have alot in common,
    but one thing is for sure
    that they do not have in common…
    the term “emo”
    pisses me off to extremes.
    i wear black.
    i like marilyn manson.
    i used to cut myself.
    i also used to be depressed.

    & i have a whole lot more hate
    towards the motherfucking adjective “EMO”
    than i used to have for myself.
    so there.


  328. 330
    who gives a fuck? on 8 May 2007 #

    indie is a pathetic spin off of emo’s who don’t want to be called emo, that’s all it is ALL IT IS, a group of pathetic wimpy ppl who are afraid to be seen for waht they really are

    oh my god all you “indie” people, you need a freeking life, you dress and act emo, yet you get pissed if someone calls you emo, MY GOD

    all you indies can go fuck a tree

    i hate YOU!!!

    yeah I SAID I HATE YOU!!!

    so go play in traffic

    i’ll cry at ur funeral(i was going to say i wont cry at ur funeral, but i never stop crying, so more accurately i will cry, and i’m at a loss as how to make it insulting)

  329. 331
    who gives a fuck? on 8 May 2007 #

    sorry about that rant last night….

  330. 332
    who gives a fuck? on 8 May 2007 #


    AIM: Random23xq

    I’m bored, talk to me, or cuss at me, i don’t really care

  331. 333
    who gives a fuck? on 10 May 2007 #

    someone bich about emo’s or indies so i can bitch back or agree please…

  332. 334
    ryan on 11 May 2007 #

    LOL. just heard 3 emos complaining about getting crushed in the mosh pit.

    ffs, YOU WERE IN THE MOSH PIT!!!! pathetic twats

  333. 335
    who gives a fuck? on 13 May 2007 #

    I got the shit beat out of me in a mosh pit…..


    :'( boo hoo hoo

  334. 336
    ryan on 13 May 2007 #


    now, now. sarcasm is the lowest form of wit etc etc

  335. 337
    Tahlia on 14 May 2007 #

    why the fuck can’t you losers get over the fact that people are different??
    what makes you so good that you can rag on how other people dress and feel?!
    You should all get a life instead of sitting on the fucking internet being mean about “emos” and “indies”
    people are the same. no matter how you dress or how well you deal with emotional pain. fair enough if you dont like emo’s but get over your fucking self!!! stop trying to make people feel shit about themselves because there not like you.

  336. 338
    who gives a fuck? on 14 May 2007 #

    i feel like shit about myself, why shouldn’t everyone feel the same way? wouldn’t this world be nice if everyone was emo like some of us?
    then we could all be dead!!!

  337. 339
    kat on 14 May 2007 #

    hmmm….either that or we could all go eat ice cream

    =D have recently discovered smiling. try it some time


  338. 340
    www.myspace.com/kirstennichols on 14 May 2007 #

    i missed alot.
    i was in st. cloud for my aunts grad.
    so i didnt have time to write anything.
    but how about this;
    we stop criticizing.
    sound good?
    if you wanna say something,
    then do it nicely.
    you’re not very threating over the computer.
    the worst thing you could do is spam people.

    ♥ kirsten

    p.s.- am i committed or do i have a slight obsession?

  339. 341
    who gives a fuck? on 14 May 2007 #

    ok, i nicely dislike those who call themselves indie,

    and i nicely dislike those who hate emos

    p.s. Both maybe?

  340. 342
    Olivia on 15 May 2007 #

    I think this is a funny article but you need to get some of your facts strait and quit stereotyping. Sure many emos where black rimmed glasses and are bi and cut themselves like it’s a daily thing, but not all emo’s do. Emo’s are just like everyone else. Some are kewl and some are freaks. But most are kewl so get over it

  341. 343
    Olivia on 15 May 2007 #

    adding onto my last comment… why do you hate emo’s so much? It’s like theres emo and the rest of the world. Some people classify me as emo *I dont think I am but if I am hey that’s kewl with me* and I dont slit my wrists or wear black rimmed glasses and I’m not bi. That’s just a gay stereotype so you really should get to know emos without judging them.

  342. 344
    who gives a fuck? on 16 May 2007 #

    i totally agree ^^

  343. 345
    Morgan on 17 May 2007 #

    whoever the fuck said that emo’s/goth’s/skater/punks cant be christians in in-fucking-sane. Skaters, punks etc. are normal people, they just like to actually be REAL people rather than pink-preppy-nightmares! Emos must have a reason to cut! and NO, not all emo’s are middle class! one of my freinds like in the fucking ghetto for fucks sake! you should’nt judge all people unless you know wall the people in that position. assuming things get’s you nowhere. Goths are unique. hey like to keep to themselves, and show they’re not afraid of who they are! i look up to goths! Punks-rebellious, wild, rowdy, yes most pnks are, but thats why you love them! pnks like to have a good time, and get in trouble! tehy like the phrase, What are rules for except breaking every once in a while? and frankly, i agre! Skaters-DONT GIVE!! they like to do what they want to, when they want to! like gths, they’re not afraid of showing true colors! sure, most of them are’nt the most brilliant people, but at least they’re not posing, pink preps! all of the people listed have their own unique style, and they make their own lives. If you dont agree, Then that’s your problem.

  344. 346
    who gives a fuck? on 18 May 2007 #

    ^^”preppy-pink-nightmares” lol, that’s great!

  345. 347
    who gives a fuck? on 18 May 2007 #

    in addition to my last comment though, now that i think about it Gothic is rooted in satanism

  346. 348
    who gives a fuck? on 18 May 2007 #

    but yeah they still rock, and it’s not really satanic anymore i have a lot of friends who are goths and i love ’em

  347. 349
    Al Ewing on 19 May 2007 #

    okay, kids – what about SPIDERMAN 3 and the EMO=EVIL EQUATION contained therein?


  348. 350
    who gives a fuck? on 19 May 2007 #

    why not?

  349. 351
    Al Ewing on 19 May 2007 #

    Without EMO all you have is VN.

  350. 352
    who gives a fuck? on 21 May 2007 #

    ooo gocha (sorry, i am realllllllllly slow)

  351. 353
    who gives a fuck? on 23 May 2007 #

    ok, so there’s this self labeled “indie” girl in my class (her name is Shleby, but that’s besides the point) and she likes to sit there slicing up her arms with rusty nails

  352. 354
    Al Ewing on 23 May 2007 #

    Fuck her and her tetanus – what about my Spider-Man question?

  353. 355
    who gives a fuck? on 23 May 2007 #

    i say this to make on point: stereotype emo = stereotype indie there is no, or hardly any difference, if you can prove me wrong then by all means do so

  354. 356
    who gives a fuck? on 23 May 2007 #

    Spider-Man rox (ok, maybe i’m a nerd, but it’s true) and fuck emo=evil, 99% of emos make the rest of us look bad

  355. 357
    Lanie on 24 May 2007 #

    i’m writting a peice on what “emo” really is. I would appreciate if those of you who consider yourselfs “emo” would contact me at:


  356. 358
    who gives a fuck? on 26 May 2007 #

    wow, expect hate mail, that’s all i can really say to Lanie ^^

  357. 359
    Emilie Emo\PunK ! on 27 May 2007 #

    EmO Punk rules !

    i Cutt myself.. It’s Emo..
    And i really hate myself..
    That’s Punk

  358. 360
    who gives a fuck? on 30 May 2007 #

    ^^ thank God for a person who shares my sentiments

  359. 361
    Lucy Hudson on 30 May 2007 #

    Im an emo and im proud 2 b emo so if has got anythin 2 say, say it 2 my face. Just becuz im emo duznt mean im depressed, it duznt mean i cut myself becuz i dont. I dont judge people 4 th way they r or 4 th way they luk.

  360. 362
    Tom on 30 May 2007 #

    Can we say it to your typeface?

  361. 363
    who gives a fuck? on 31 May 2007 #

    lol, i lov you Lucy Hudson

  362. 364
    strange people on 6 Jun 2007 #

    why do u give a shit? u say emos have no lives when u come on here trashing them dumb arses

  363. 365
    strange people on 7 Jun 2007 #

    nvm, i get ya now

  364. 366
    who gives a fuck? on 7 Jun 2007 #

    hmm? o…k… in answer to your question:

    i ‘give a shit’ because she does not (or claims that she does not) “judge people 4 th way they r or 4 th way they luk”

    if there were more people in this world like her i might not want to leave it quite so badly

  365. 367
    who gives a fuck? on 18 Jun 2007 #

    it’s weird, my bf has been labeled “emo” but he doesn’t fit any part of stereotype “emo” behavior, so it goes to show you how easily people mislabel us

  366. 368
    emo kid on 27 Jun 2007 #

    emo kids are just the same as any other kids part from they just dress diffrent am n emo n i dont see the point of this page its up to people if they want to h8t emo kids but then agian its up to them if they dont for instants my big brother h8tz emo kids but he does not mind them some times it just depends on what way you like to call your self an emo xxxxxxxxxxx

  367. 369
    ashleigh on 8 Jul 2007 #

    awsome emo

    i am an emo and think lhat others should have a cow and piss of because i we are what we are i know we are different but i dont care !!!! (i am only 13 and enjoy my chemical romance)

  368. 370
    I'm emo, and i smile on 19 Jul 2007 #

    hey, i’m 13 too, and My Chemical Romance rocks (and so do a crap load of other emo bands)

  369. 371
    random on 11 Aug 2007 #


    i have black and blue hair, several piercings, a couple of tattoos.
    i like dark clothes and make up.
    i listen mainly to metal and grunge.
    i’ve been depressed for 4 years and self-harmed for 2.

    but i had never been suicidal until i read these posts.

    thanks for help me become a complete and utter stereotype, it’s much appreciated

    i’m now off to pinch my skin, then grind my nails together til the skin breaks and the blood flows nicely

    oh what fun

  370. 372
    katie on 2 Oct 2007 #

    with age comes realisation that the over-looked intensity of this matter is futile, with first hand experience you may realise, later on in life that all sub-cultures such as emos, chavs, indies etc are primarily the same. Dont think of me as an adult with a wisdom to judge this matter, i’m 15 and it was only probably this time last year that i was dating my first emo, i loved it, i thought he was gorgous and cool and all that but i grew out of it and in hinesight its stupid. i skipped from clique to clique and now im in the situation where i get all of them, my friends consist of mature… well i say that, mostly boys, some are chavs, some are skater, indie, emo and goth. and we all get on perfectly fine, its how we were meant to exist among each other.
    i can understand that each want to justify there own clique because i’ve been there, but what you have to realise is that what these people are saying is purely a small minded stereotype, and by retaliating your the same. i love breaking the mold; im a drum n bassing ‘grunger’. apparently.

  371. 373
    ovalliack on 5 Oct 2007 #

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  372. 374
    ovalliack on 8 Oct 2007 #

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  373. 376
    tasha on 5 Nov 2007 #

    COOL! like the pic!

  374. 377
    xxscene_girlxx on 11 Nov 2007 #

    OMG i was just looking for a website to get my haircut and i found this YOU ARE ALL freakin stupid to be labbaling ppl like this.OH and the ppl that said scene kids were the ones to cut themselfs and are the posers are TOTTALY wrong scene means to follow music go to shows have the “emo” hairstyle and to be your own persom i am a scene girl i go to shows i have scene.emo friends WE ARE NOT POSERS AND DO NOT CUT ARE WRIST!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU SHOUILD ALL FUCKIN FUCK OFF. PLEASE!!!

  375. 378
    Al Ewing on 11 Nov 2007 #


  376. 379
    CarsmileSteve on 12 Nov 2007 #

    hehehe, although surely only 2.5 of those are even vaguely emo…

  377. 380
    Balder (A Concerned DAD) on 23 Nov 2007 #

    What give you EMO’s the right to destroy?
    I am a dad to 5 kids and we are now close to lose them all, becourse 1 did turn self-harm emo!!
    My youngest is 1 and the oldest is 15 years.
    How do i and my wife stop this?
    We did never do things wrong, also we are not even the mittle class, we can’t afford a card becourse all of his stealing and destroying things!!
    Tell me the good part of being a selfharm EMO? please i would like to know how they/you think! as i want to keep the fam!!

  378. 381
    Lee on 25 Nov 2007 #

    I get the sense that people in Scotland really despise emos, just by reading some of these comments, and by things Scottish friends have told me.

    Pardon me if this will offend, but I think “indies” and “emos” are equally despised, for some of the same reasons. Both seem to want to prove how far removed they are from mainstream culture, and yet both conform to the standards of their respective inner circles, from what they wear to what they listen to, to their views and opinions (or so it seems, anyway). And the unique culture they put so much pride in has now become a mainstream culture (at least in urban communities). Once you know how you can package and sell an image and lifestyle, you know it has hit the mainstream at least in a small way.

    Feel free to disagree, feel free to slag me off – I don’t have a personal vendetta against indies or emos, I am just commenting on what I see (which is what I presume the author of Why We Hate Indie (now Emo) Kids was doing too). Appearances can decieve, and I may be misinformed.

  379. 382
    Sarahjane on 1 Jan 2008 #

    Your a fucking guy thats been sad enough to slag off emos ? I think you are probably some guy wearing a reebok trackie drinking cheap booze with your burbary scarf and hat on [ned] only thing is, i dont know where you woudl get a computer from if your a ned, so here comes the conclustion that your a cheap free loader just out there to slag other people off, get this fucking removed off this site, or it will be reported!!!!!!!!!!!

  380. 383
    Al Ewing on 1 Jan 2008 #

    Reported… to the EMO POLICE!

  381. 384
    grncomfyconverse on 29 Jan 2008 #

    Haha very funny…NOT

    You must be a prep.. right.?

    Just because your emo doesn’t mean its all about cutting yourself. It gives you a sence of direction to be who you want to be. I hate to tell you but half the music you listen to would be considered “emo or scream-o.” I guess your one of those guys that go around acting like your better then everyone else.After reading this I may just have to sit in a corner and cut myself.

  382. 385
    Al Ewing on 29 Jan 2008 #

    Examples of ‘scream-o’ to thread plz. I nominate ‘How Much Is This Fish’ by Scooter.

  383. 386
    Josh on 30 Jan 2008 #

    Can’t people accept that there’s always going to be emo’s/indie’s out there no matter how hard you try. Are they really effecting your life that badly that you feel the need to sit here and basically discriminate against them? If you left it and let them get on with life then there’d be no problem but there’s always the person who’ll sit and slag them yet aren’t able to take any stick about themselves.

    Get over the fact that emo’s/indie’s are around and accept them as a different type of human than you are, after all that’s all they are.

  384. 387
    grncomfyconverse on 31 Jan 2008 #

    If your emo it doesn’t mean your not human or different at all.
    You both breath, eat, and shower.
    Yeah you may have different point of views on life but who doesn’t.
    No one really gives a care about what you label them as its just a name.
    Im EMO are you going to do anything about that..?
    Its not like when I get home from school I go cry because some kid took my lunch or knocked my books out of my hand. Or even told me that my style is shit.

    and one more thing just because Im emo, I don’t have a live journal.
    Its all about the MYSPACE. :p

  385. 388
    emohater on 17 Feb 2008 #


    Alla som är emot emo’s gör en sol (#) framför sitt namn för det är typ bara ljuset som kan ta dom. De färgar tillomed håret blondt o tar över!Skicka detta till alla i din kontaktlista, till och med emo’s(om du nu har någon i din kontaktlista)!!

    dom som vägrar ha en sol är EMO’s!!!

    Ett exempel räcker:
    1. mitt på dagen kan det bli svart som natten när det kommer ett gäng emos!

    english version:

    put a sun (#) in front of your msn-name if you hate emo’s, send this message to everyone! every site, every community! everywhere! make this message spread over the whole world!

  386. 389
    triggerxr on 29 Feb 2008 #

    I am not emo. I have friends who are though. They dont cut or hate themselves and they are straight. So what they wear black. Doesnt everyone? So if i wear a black shirt once in my life im emo? Wow. what a great society. Ive been called emo because i wear black. but i also wear orange and white. What to classify me as now….so hard. We dont get on Gangstas” while they sit around and deal drugs and look like theyre going to mug someone and we dont get on preps for making everythign about them and being some type of barbie doll and seeing the world as puppys and rainbows. Get it straight. We are not all the same so stop trying to say we are.

  387. 390
    Laura on 8 Mar 2008 #

    Haha very funny…NOT

    You must be a prep…right.?

    Just because your emo doesn’t mean its all about cutting yourself. It gives you a sence of direction to be who you want to be. I hate to tell you but half the music you listen to would be considered “emo or scream-o.” I guess your one of those guys that go around acting like your better then everyone else.
    so get a life cuz u dont have one if ur complaining about amos.

  388. 391
    *sighs* on 8 Mar 2008 #

    does anyone really care? why doesn’t everyone who reads this thread just decide to get on with their lives, and to hell with the sad people who feel the need to post insulting comments on the internet???

    realistically, no one is going to change their opinion of emos having read this thread or any other. therefore, writing a comment on your viewpoint is completely pointless, so let’s see if we can just lay this topic to rest now

  389. 392
    Punk ROcker on 2 Jul 2008 #

    you guys are fucking posers


    you don’t know the fuck how to be non conformist if you’re emo fuck off !

    By the way PUNK RULES

    And there’s a post which is

    EmO Punk rules !

    i Cutt myself.. It’s Emo..
    And i really hate myself..
    That’s Punk

    YOU CAN’T BE EMO PUNK YOU SCUM and by the way i’m punk and i love myself, and if you hate yourself stop cutting, shoot the brain out of your fucking head dammit. and cutting is NOT emo, you can cut yourself without being emo. WTF!!!

    Emo is only about to care for yourself, you emos are SCUM, you don’t know fuck about being different, you think, ” OH I’M DIFFERENT, I WEAR MAKE UP” fuck off and go cry in yer corner.

    if you want to know about non conformist stop being emo or anything, just let the rebelion go over you, do as me, do what the fuck you want, if you wanna smoke in school DO IT stop to care about your fucking parents that don’t give a fuck about you.

    bye! and hope you learn something, cunts!

    Check for GG Allin to learn on what is being a non conformist.

  390. 393
    Miles McClagan on 2 Jul 2008 #

    if you want to know about non conformist
    do as me

    Somehow you’ve created one of the worlds most beautiful ever poems

  391. 394
    rat on 6 Aug 2008 #

    um greaterthings you oviously dont know much do u im a christian and a skater and im definately not a no lifer like you say just because you dont like who the other people are doesnt mean you can label them no lifers so right now im gonna call you a no lifer just because your so retarded that you dont know anything there is nothing wrong with being emo/goth/skater or punk there is something wrong with you so get your facts straight before you speak faggot

  392. 395
    *sighs* on 14 Sep 2008 #

    and back to the homophobia. yipee!

  393. 396
    The Intl on 15 Sep 2008 #

    average age for responses to this post: 14. I’ll bet my life on it.

  394. 397
    Centaine on 18 Oct 2008 #

    and here was me thinking none of you people cared what others thought about you….yet here you are making a big scene….every other person has a diffrent view, you cant make them see the way you do, or understand what you do…
    like a girl wearing a short skirt ridding up her arse with a low cut top, and ofcourse for good mesurment ,enjoys boys company better that girls <-imediatly classified as a slut.
    its a label people give others to make themselves feel beter about their lives…
    and the more attention you give them, the more they feel like pushing the subject.
    just ignore it…dont let poelpe get to you and do what ever the fuck you want…hell jump of a building if it makes you feel better.

  395. 398
    monique on 7 Nov 2008 #

    have youh ever wondered why they cut there wristes?
    or why they cry?
    instead of sittin gthere and laughing why dont youh ask them?
    okay im not emo or anything but what abput this
    why do preps talk about people
    why are they snobs
    why do they were sweaters and colared shirts?
    try asking that one

  396. 399
    becky on 18 Nov 2008 #

    why do you disrespect these people just because they wear diffrent cloths to what you wear i think its disgusting the way that people like those that have written this disrecpect them because they wear diffrent cloths to the emos
    im not an emo but i have loads of friend that are and thier not like wat you think there like!!!!!

    to lose who rote this article GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  397. 400
    starr on 22 Nov 2008 #

    u fucking bastards im a emo we dont want attention thats just who we r!!!!!!!!!!!!

  398. 401
    Just-Lame on 22 Nov 2008 #

    Well i am not an Emo. But i do all the things emos do. i understand that all stereotypes are at war, but just lay off. Just because theyre emos – doesnt mean they slit there wrists. im considered as a Chave and i cut my wrists. & i bet they wouldnt do it as much if it wasnt for you lot dissing them.

  399. 402
    Amanda on 28 Jan 2009 #

    Okay, well.
    I must say, I’ve gone through my emo days I must admit.. from age 12-14 (approx)
    I agree with the emo sterotype these days although not all ’emos’ are like that.

    I think emo is something a lot of teens go through during their “no one understands me” (no emoness intended) stage and it’s often grown out of.
    I think emo has been created by that stage where a teen views things differently from most peers due to an emotional problem/experience.
    They may find emo music something they can relate to a lot since it’s emotionally expressive and expression is something that is kind of lacking in general society.
    Or they might just like the sound. Whatever

    Emo is more than emo when you’re an emo. It’s something you can kind of belong to, it’s kind of a feeling of belongment and connection to other ’emos’

    I think most teenagers reach a stage where they want someone to understand them and make them see the real them = expression.

    I don’t know. In some ways you could say it is a form of cult.

    overall emo is rather pathetic and immature. It’s a cry out to the public about who you could be or how your mind works.
    It’s revealling and gives a sense that you want someone to notice you and pay attention to you, and how you could be.
    When everyone else also has problems similar to emos but don’t express it in this way. They don’t bring attention to it.

    Which is, yes. The stereotypical part where the wrist-cutting and wearing black bit comes in.

    I think it’s mostly for kids who are going through changes and who are lost and confused and think rather morbidly.

    I think a lot of emo wannabe’s or people who try too hard to be emo (and not achieve it) also give emos an even worse name!! (the majority of emos are the ones who try too hard)
    And yes. I BLOODY HATE ‘EM EMOS.

    However, goth is a whole new story ;)

  400. 403
    Amanda on 28 Jan 2009 #

    Okay, well.
    I must say, I’ve gone through my emo days I must admit.. from age 12-14 (approx)
    I agree with the emo sterotype these days although not all ’emos’ are like that.

    I think emo is something a lot of teens go through during their “no one understands me” (no emoness intended) stage and it’s often grown out of.
    I think emo has been created by that stage where a teen views things differently from most peers due to an emotional problem/experience.
    They may find emo music something they can relate to a lot since it’s emotionally expressive and expression is something that is kind of lacking in general society.
    Or they might just like the sound. Whatever

    Emo is more than emo when you’re an emo. It’s something you can kind of belong to, it’s kind of a feeling of belongment and connection to other ’emos’

    I think most teenagers reach a stage where they want someone to understand them and make them see the real them = expression.

    I don’t know. In some ways you could say it is a form of cult.

    overall emo is rather pathetic and immature. It’s a cry out to the public about who you could be or how your mind works.
    It’s revealling and gives a sense that you want someone to notice you and pay attention to you, and how you could be.
    When everyone else also has problems similar to emos but don’t express it in this way. They don’t bring attention to it.

    Which is, yes. The stereotypical part where the wrist-cutting and wearing black bit comes in.

    I think it’s mostly for kids who are going through changes and who are lost and confused and think rather morbidly.

    I think a lot of emo wannabe’s or people who try too hard to be emo (and not achieve it) also give emos an even worse name!! (the majority of emos are the ones who try too hard)
    And yes. I BLOODY HATE ‘EM EMOS.

    However, goth is a whole new story ;) ..

  401. 404
    indie on 9 Jul 2009 #

    Balder (A Concerned DAD) † on November 23 rd 2007
    What give you EMO’s the right to destroy?
    I am a dad to 5 kids and we are now close to lose them all, becourse 1 did turn self-harm emo!!
    My youngest is 1 and the oldest is 15 years.
    How do i and my wife stop this?
    We did never do things wrong, also we are not even the mittle class, we can’t afford a card becourse all of his stealing and destroying things!!
    Tell me the good part of being a selfharm EMO? please i would like to know how they/you think! as i want to keep the fam!!

    omg, did know one notice that comment??
    poor guy. Goodluck, hope your kid has grown out of it..

  402. 405
    MattPotato on 1 Sep 2009 #

    Are these comments satire or “real people?” Consider my mind blown.

  403. 406
    Brooksie on 7 Feb 2010 #

    @ MattPotato # 405:

    “Are these comments satire or “real people?” Consider my mind blown.”

    They aren’t satire. They’re real people completely failing to grasp the criticisms of the piece, and just reinforcing what the article says about them. They’re primarily ‘young’ people, and primarily teenage girls, which is why so many of them have this level of reasoning; “get a life!” They don’t say what that means, since the writer is married with kids and so clearly has a life. I’m sure they’d say in order to “get a life” he’d have to “stop being sad” which would underscore their reasoning abilities.

    I have no issue with ‘Indie’ or ‘Emo’ or whatever else in general. But those things just remind me of when I was a teenager and felt like I was surrounded by people who would copy each other in order to be different, and who would wear the shirts of anti-establishment bands without getting the irony of doing so. When I was asked why I was dressed the way I was as a teen, I’d always say, “I’m a teenager – it’s a phase. I’ll grown out of it.” Nobody else seemed self-aware enough to get this, and would announce things like “I’ll never cut my hair” etc. At one point I had a bet going with about a dozen friends about how they’d all end up conforming in the end. Technically, they *all* owe me money.

    The problem is, teenagers exist in that awkward time between childhood and adulthood in which they’re trying to reconcile the fact that they can now see the world *does not* revolve around them with the remaining controls of parenthood that restrict their lives. They want to be free, but they need their parents money; they want to be individuals, but they have to copy someone else to do it; they want space, but they also want attention; they criticise everyone who isn’t like them, but they demand to not be criticised themselves. They’re teenagers. They need to grow up. If they all came back here in 10 years, they would feel shame at how dumb it was that the labels they chose to associate themselves with meant anything to them at all. Like Amanda # 403 showed, all that will happen to these people is they’ll grow up and feel a mild sense of embarrassment at who they *thought* they were.

  404. 407
    treuemax on 23 Feb 2010 #

    hey is this right

  405. 408
    Fermat on 30 Nov 2010 #
  406. 409
    MarleyBVB on 10 Oct 2012 #

    Wtf. Selfharm like cutting and shit. Is kinda more like the scene types. I mean if cutting was ’emo” yea. I cut. So what? U got a problem with that? I mean who do i. Hurt with cutting? Besides my self? So u Need tO stop talking shit about emo’s/scene and self harm. I choose to do self harm so just let me be who i am.

  407. 410
    Adam on 30 Mar 2015 #

    This is a Master’s Thesis waiting to happen.

  408. 411
    karma on 21 Oct 2020 #

    so what if we are emo that’s our business so shut the fuck up.

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