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What Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” Cover Would Actually Look Like…

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If it really was on a wall in 1979.

A manky wall, somewhere in Islington
Note the following:

a) RW 4 RW. Initially cryptic, is easily understood when one considers the narcissism of Roger Waters.

b) Whilst sadly the crude NF written upon the wall is probably for the National Front, nasty racist group that they were, it is also possible that it is short for NO FLOYD!

c) Some wag has made a Chad like Syd Barrett joke, not comprehending how much worse the album could have been if Syd had been there. Well, at least bad in a different way.

d) Oh that I was a boy and could piss so magnificently.


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  1. 181
    abdab on 28 Jul 2007 #

    I’d like to see tanya make an album and keep it in the uk charts for 15 weeks… then she can open her fat mouth and judge a band that has done so.

  2. 182
    AnferTuto on 29 Jul 2007 #

    Hola faretaste

  3. 183
    ggg on 29 Jul 2007 #


  4. 184
    David on 31 Jul 2007 #

    You really need to get a life because Pink Floyd are the coolest rock dudes that ever poppulated this planet.

  5. 185
    klemme on 3 Aug 2007 #

    FUCK YOU!!!

  6. 186
    Fidel J. on 12 Aug 2007 #

    Hahahahaha!!! (It’s just humor; don’t be too serious.)

  7. 187
    Jesus on 12 Aug 2007 #

    The Wall is one of the greatest album of the history of music!!! If this doesn’t sounds great to you, you must be much more crazy than Syd have ever been. And at least, Syd was a genius. I don’t think we could say the same thing about you…
    **Sorry for the bad english, I use to speak french**

  8. 188
    mike on 13 Aug 2007 #

    you r probably too stupid to understand the underlying concepts in Pink Floyd’s lyrics and artistic creations, not to mention The Walls’ political statements and the terrible human truth that is explained through the musical work and carefully planned lyricism, nazism is a terrible thing, and if u think The Walls theme is of promoting such an idea, then u are wrong, it is simply theorising a situation where nazism can arise, but does so in the mind of ‘Pink’ based on the former band member Syd Barrett, who some think a genius and others beleive a mad man, or both. If anything The Wall is a rebellion against how our environment affects our behaviour and takes an observers veiw on certain factors that affect the outcome of a person’s personality such as the knock on affect of teachers taking anger out on their pupils, and aspects of conformity and rebellion. Pink Floyd are genius!!!!!!!1

  9. 189
    Matias on 17 Aug 2007 #

    I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon =)

  10. 190
    emmersonladypalma on 25 Aug 2007 #

    dissing Musical Masturbation/self indulgence of another seems to get all the boys so upset. Prog-rock fortunately did lead to punk rock, so I guess we can thank the floyd, foid or otherwise

  11. 191
    Phil S on 29 Aug 2007 #

    Im angry, not at you but becouse I want to make a stupid comment. please run around like a little fairy and squell like a little girl who has just eating a large banana shortbread. Fly fly fly away to the distant place full of tracle and toffee all to eat you way out of the thick place of hell. I’m being as strange a wall piece of cabbage in screwdriver land that eats only rubber bands. Good day kind sir.

  12. 192
    Phil S type 2 on 29 Aug 2007 #

    I am really really angry, shut up Phil S one.

  13. 193
    Phil S type 3 on 29 Aug 2007 #

    Stop being strange you all, Pink floyd are the greastest band in the wall even is Roger Waters was a bit far up his own arse, they all are, great musication.

    I’ll stop making comment now.

  14. 194
    fuck you on 9 Sep 2007 #

    you fucking retard, how dare you disrespect the greatest band.. ever? the wall is a masterpiece, YOU’RE the piece of shit around here. fair enough if you don’t like them, but don’t post your dumb shit around where no one cares.

    get a brain, so you can try and understand all the amazing and deep concepts that waters portrays in the wall.

  15. 195
    Lena on 10 Sep 2007 #

    It’s the gift that just keeps on giving.

  16. 196
    David on 17 Sep 2007 #

    Fuck you you stupid slag u could never produce anything better than what do u do on the toilet you ugly cow i hope you burn in hell u probably have no friends. pink Floyd are the greatest band ever and u probably like my chemical romance because u sound like a fucking depressive emo. why dont u do something useful u loser instead of fucking up other people’s opinions. FAT UGLY SODFUCKING BITCH BURN IN HELL U CUNT

  17. 197
    lala on 20 Sep 2007 #

    Wow. I like pink floyd a lot too, but there’s no reason to cuss or misspell everything.

  18. 198
    theresa on 23 Sep 2007 #

    go fuck urself !!!!how could u say that u freakin shit!!! i swear if i ever saw u i would kill u n it will be painfull ! stupid idiot !! i love pink floyd actually i adore them …… n ur dumb for sayin that pink floyd THE WALL IS SHIT !!!!how could u!!!grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  19. 199
    carla on 23 Sep 2007 #

    you fucking asshole how could you say that…. anw we can’t judge you cz u obviously don’t know anything about music. so go fuck yourself and get a fucking life bitch!!!!!!! dickhead

  20. 200
    theresa on 23 Sep 2007 #

    u have no reason 2 live go kill urself ..

  21. 201
    rocker on 27 Sep 2007 #

    Pink Floyd ARE NOT SHIT. Although You Seem to be full of IT!!!!!

  22. 202
    Ben Pearson on 27 Sep 2007 #

    Anyone who mocks pink floyd or Rger Waters can go suck a fat one you useless sacks of shit. Pink Floyd is the most influential band of our time, there’s a fucking reason for that morons! They are the best and their music is astounding, just because you have no taste doesn’t mean you should be giving good bands shit on the internet, it simply means, like one person said on here, that we are counting down the minutes untill you die. By the way Syd Barret’s death was tragic and all you who say he didn’t bring anything to the band are simply mocking his death, I hope his family hunts you down and murders you.

  23. 203
    Jake West on 7 Oct 2007 #

    FUCK YOU! Pink Floyd is the BEST band that has EVER set foot on stage! Just because you are too STUPID to understand thier complex lyrics, doesn’t give you right to bash them. They put more thought into pissing than you have put in your lousy, wasted life! The Wall wasn’t only a great album and movie, but a work of art! Go piss in the wind!

  24. 204
    mal on 8 Oct 2007 #

    Let me guess, you wear a baseball cap, fake trainers and are a fuckin’ chav cunt.
    If you knew anything about music you would know floyd were and still are the most influential band of all time.
    Wake up and smell the shit you are saying. If you don’t like the music, go and fuck yourself

  25. 205
    Steve on 8 Oct 2007 #

    wake up and smell the shit we are listening more like!

  26. 206
    Alex on 11 Oct 2007 #

    you are a complete moron. pink floyd is not a racist band. waters reflected the impression of what music does to people and how it can cause people to become outraged; similar to what your doing to the wall.

  27. 207
    alexander doucet on 16 Oct 2007 #

    dudes,all the people that love pink floyd and understood the concept of the wall, I love you all.and that fucking moron is just another brickin the wall.I’m happy to see that were all together against the moron

  28. 208
    Jamie Lynn on 6 Nov 2007 #

    r u saying pink floyd is SHITT!!!?? weell, pink floyd is the SHIT!
    they are great. you just dont like music.

  29. 209
    Al Ewing on 6 Nov 2007 #

    ‘I HATE MUSIC’ in ‘you just dont like music’ SHOCK HORROR SCANDAL

  30. 210
    claudia on 10 Nov 2007 #

    ba eu sunt romanca:D

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