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What Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” Cover Would Actually Look Like…

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If it really was on a wall in 1979.

A manky wall, somewhere in Islington
Note the following:

a) RW 4 RW. Initially cryptic, is easily understood when one considers the narcissism of Roger Waters.

b) Whilst sadly the crude NF written upon the wall is probably for the National Front, nasty racist group that they were, it is also possible that it is short for NO FLOYD!

c) Some wag has made a Chad like Syd Barrett joke, not comprehending how much worse the album could have been if Syd had been there. Well, at least bad in a different way.

d) Oh that I was a boy and could piss so magnificently.


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  1. 1
    julio on 11 Aug 2006 #

    omg lolz otm we need more Tanya thuggery!!

  2. 2
    john sampson on 6 Sep 2006 #

    you are the biggest fuckwit ever!!!!!!!!! how can you call pink floyds the wall shit hope you burn in hell you fuckin athiest.

  3. 3
    Tanya Headon on 6 Sep 2006 #

    Pink Floyd in Christian Rock shockah!

  4. 4
    Brian on 18 Sep 2006 #

    It’s very tragic that Syd Barrett had to die after he contributed such beautiful music to society, but people like you have to live for what seems like an eternity to the rest of us. We are just waiting with our fingers crossed. “Time to go! Are you feeling okay?” Let’s hope not.

  5. 5
    alext on 19 Sep 2006 #

    I bet Syd wished he had a time machine and could go back and erase his contribution to the creation of Pink Floyd when he heard the bloated monstrosity of The Wall.

  6. 6
    Sarah on 7 Oct 2006 #

    Just because you don’t like a certain band doesn’t mean they’re shit. And even if Waters is full of himself, I still think the music is worth listening to.

  7. 7
    Cam on 24 Oct 2006 #

    fuck you man! pink floyd is better than anyband you’ll like, most likely. unless you like someone like the beatles or whatever.. but the point is, you can’t make fun of a band that sold 35 million copies of one album, made a movie, performed a musical concert really, made concerpt albums, and never pissed off a true fan. that my “friend” is a band who not only creates fantastic music, but also devotes their music to the fans. for example, syd barret is kicked out, he was their only song writer. most bands would have quit, but nope they continued on, and ironically created better, more influencial music. so there, thats my floyd bit.. see ya

  8. 8
    Rog Vector on 24 Oct 2006 #

    punk floid is greatest band ever fuck your shit nirvana all shit you doods love rodger walters is second come of jesus sid barret they kept him alive great songwriter and make everybody laugh in carryon films as well you on other side of wall brick you in fuck you you probly lik my castration romance or other modern shitey.

  9. 9
    fengi on 24 Oct 2006 #

    cani di merda non capite niente siete una massa di bocchinari rottinculo
    non capite un cazzo dovete andare a battere sulla statale stronzi in calore infami puttanieri
    immagino che a voi piaccia quella musica di merda tutta elettronica e puttanate varie
    non capite veramente un cazzo idioti
    insultate vostra madre

  10. 10
    fengi on 24 Oct 2006 #

    siete dei coglioni come quello stronzo di johnny rotten e se non lo conoscete perche siete degli idioti cercatevelo su wikipedia
    non capite un cazzo di niente o vi rode d brutto pezzi di merda

  11. 11
    fengi on 24 Oct 2006 #

    e poi come vi salta in mente di insultare barrett?!?!?!?!?
    se almeno non vi piacciono i pink abbiate rispetto per una persona morta idioti

  12. 12
    Dall'Ufficio AutoReply on 25 Oct 2006 #

    Grazie per il vostro interesse nell’innesco freaky. Purtroppo la ms Headon non può rispondere alle domande dei diversi lettori, anche se le legge tutte. Speriamo che l’innesco freaky vi fornisca piacere continuato negli avvenire!

  13. 13
    Brettmund on 9 Nov 2006 #

    Rog Vector.
    punk floid’s biggest (and only) fan.

  14. 14
    jim on 15 Nov 2006 #


  15. 15
    Thomas on 15 Nov 2006 #

    Hi your a fucken ignereate Bitch eat shit and die good bye!

  16. 16
    Admin on 15 Nov 2006 #


  17. 17
    RATM on 1 Dec 2006 #

    You are the shit
    Pink Floyd rules!!

    FUCK YOU!!!!


  18. 18
    Thies on 2 Dec 2006 #

    How can say a band like Pink floyd that has so much influence on rock and progresive rock is shit?
    They where on the UK Chart for over 15 weeks!
    I don’t think a shity band could do that in the 80’s, maybe now but not back then!
    So think before you speak!

  19. 19
    anrew on 17 Dec 2006 #

    dark side of the moon was in the us billboard charts for 14 years!!
    so your opinion is just bollocks!
    tell me another band who have done it??

    I think u just love them, and u cant deal with it.

    Sad arsehole

  20. 20
    Crow on 18 Dec 2006 #

    You are a freakin moron.
    The Wall is the greatest album ever made, both conceptually and musically. The gargantuan, sprawling double album is the product of Roger Waters at his creative best, and the story line is flawless. Musically the song writing is sublime, especially the compositions co-written by David Gilmour, such as Comfortably Numb.
    If you were lampooning a worthless atonal unmusical untalented band like Nirvana or Nine Inch Nails, I would happily agree. But making ignorant, uninformed, boorish, and unwanted comments about possibly the greates group in the musical community is both uncalled for and in the worst of possible taste.

  21. 21
    Comstock Carabinieri on 18 Dec 2006 #

    You are incorrect. The Wall is amelodic, guitar-dominate turge which is only like by stupey stupes. No wonder they had to sack Roger Walters and allow Dave Gilmore to compose supremely melodics global sellers like Talk To Hawking and Where The Streets Have No Name.

    When they knock down the Berlin Wall is a pity they didn’t knock Roger Walter down at the same time, or at least get David Hassellhoff to bash his long head against the brick until he learn to write proper tunes :)

  22. 22
    Glenn Dawick on 19 Dec 2006 #


  23. 23
    Comstock Carabinieri on 19 Dec 2006 #

    It is not my fault you are a homophobic impotents.

  24. 24
    Micky on 21 Dec 2006 #

    you are right, you really hate music… because if you dont like floyd… you actually dont know what music is…
    so shut the fuck up!

  25. 25
    Egg-Man on 27 Dec 2006 #

    ‘Comstock Carabinieri’ YOU are incorrect!
    Roger Waters was never ‘sacked’, slthough he left the band in a huff after ‘The Final Cut’ of his own free will. However, during ‘The Wall’ recording, Richard Wright (Pink Floyd Keyboard-player) was fired by Waters and Gilmour and remained as a session musician.
    Additionally, the Berlin Wall was not torn down until much later, and Pink Floyd didn’t do it.

  26. 26
    beauford on 4 Jan 2007 #

    your fucked in the head

  27. 27
    Admin on 4 Jan 2007 #

    our fucked in the head? what about it (sorry couldn’t resist)

  28. 28
    Comstock Carabinieri on 4 Jan 2007 #

    Rodger Walters was certainly the fucked in the head of Pink Floyd.

    The Berlin Wall was torns down by David Hasselhoff who at least had recognise able melodics content to cheer the peoples up to revolt. If it had been left to The Pink Floyd they would have stayed depressed and cold like Richard Burton in film Spies With The Cold In His Chips. Fact.

  29. 29
    toad on 10 Jan 2007 #


  30. 30
    Comstock Carabinieri on 11 Jan 2007 #

    No, you are the haha buddy you are a fucking joke, for you fail to understands that Gilmore’s soaring melodicsism on the greatest Floyd songs such as “The Living Years” far sourpasses the preverted psychodramabble which Walters perveyed. At least the post-Walters Pink Floyds never made a pro-rape record as the one Walters did solo about hitch hiking, presuming with his boxes of kleenex handy :)

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