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THE STATSCOCK AS OF 2pm 17/8/06I don’t usually do the techie “isn’t WordPress great” articles, but of course a well run site often comes with other whizz-bangs and flashes. And one of the things Alan has bolted on is a selection of statistics about the site. What refers, what is read and of course the competition to have highly read articles (as per chart on the left) is vicious. There is reason for many of the words used in my Pornography of Nostalgia article, and I will beat you Tom Ewing and your popular Popular.

One of the other stats is the physical location of where our readers come from. Or at least where their IP is registered. Now I know very little about this stuff so I would appreciate someone else trying to explain this away, but here is a snapshot of the chart today since we migrated to WordPress. No surprise that the US is number one closely followed by the UK….What?

Sorry. I misread that.

Number two is Indonesia. With almost 10,000 more click throughs.

Whilst I hope that the history of the UK Charts, random pub conversations about Slowpoke Rodriguez and the gin soaked dribblings of a rabid music hater is what is drawing our Indonesian fans here, I am not wholly convinced. So can anyone else suggest why Indonesia is our second biggest territory? In the post title I have a suggestion. Especially when you consider our biggest referrals are indie, and indie haircuts. Oh, and porn of course. But I like the idea that actually there is a much bigger indie demographic out there who are not at bothered by the eternal battle twixt them and Emo.

(Unless Emo in this case is short for East TiMOr.)


  1. 1
    Tom on 17 Aug 2006 #

    I assume that people trying to spam our comments box leave an indonesian IP address.

  2. 2
    Admin on 17 Aug 2006 #

    I think i’ve worked out that those are all google indexing hits! google loves us

  3. 3
    Admin on 17 Aug 2006 #

    yep. that’s it. browsers reported from indonesia are:

    42430 Crawler/Search Engine
    59 Firefox
    5 Indeterminable
    29 Internet Explorer
    9 Opera

    those 42430 are all from http://www.google.com/bot.htm. I will perhaps get the stats reporting to have a “filter out search engines” option. which would be quite helpful in the referrals lists too.


    halves the US hits! 32081 of the US hits are reporting as search engines – mostly yahoo, msn and a couple of others i’ve not heard of. definitely need to filter them out in those stats :-(

  4. 4
    Admin on 17 Aug 2006 #

    since start of august, top 10 countries hits that aren’t obviously search engines indexing us:

    UNITED STATES (US) 36183
    Indeterminable 10349
    GERMANY (DE) 2559
    AUSTRALIA (AU) 1710
    CANADA (CA) 1632
    ARGENTINA (AR) 1071
    IRELAND (IE) 721

  5. 5
    Pete Baran on 17 Aug 2006 #

    Ok. WHY are they registered in Indonesia???

  6. 6
    katstevens on 17 Aug 2006 #

    It’s all the volcanoes! Indonesia is a very exciting country.

  7. 7
    andraaaaa on 20 Apr 2007 #

    since the rise of aksara records, ffwd records and the such…the ‘indie scene’ in indonesian seems to be bigger (especially for kids 15 to 20 somethings)than the mainstream itself

    a last.fm group I made: http://www.last.fm/group/Indonesian+Indie

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