Aug 06

FT Ask the Family – Part 3

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Dick: OK! So yesterday we showed you one of those close-up picture questions from the old, boring Ask the Family. Do we reckon anyone got it right, Dom?

Dom: Well let’s take a look!

Dick: Urrgh! Is that pickled garlic?

Dom: It is!

Dick: Urrgh! Wouldn’t want to snog any of that lot! Did anyone get it right?

Dom: Yes! Kat did!

Dick: Wasn’t she there when Eric took the picture though?

Dom: I can’t remember. Anyway, I think that makes it a point each to the Longmires and the Stevenses!

Dick: Time for a tie-break then!

Dom: Can’t. We’ve just been axed.

Dave Chapman: HAHA! RUBBISH!


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    Pete on 9 Aug 2006 #

    NUM NUM: Pickled Garlic, the savory winner at the Beer Festival.

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