Jul 06

I WAS A GOBLIN: Schisms And Isms

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A minor point of terminology:

In yesterdays’ comments I noticed a couple of references to rollplaying – whether this is a rediscovered bit of jargon or a spelling mistake I’m not sure, but it was a term actually in use in the 1980s, mostly as a derogatory sneer at D&D.

D&D, and every other game, called itself a role-playing game, because the player is adopting a character role. Those gamers who became disillusioned with D&D adopted rollplaying, or rule-playing, to jibe at the process- and dice-oriented style of gameplay D&D was supposed to encourage. There was no equivalent sneer in the other direction – presumably the ‘rule-players’ didn’t care.


  1. 1
    Magnus on 5 Jul 2006 #

    Spelling mistake. Oops.

  2. 2
    stevietee on 6 Jul 2006 #

    I realised this morning that I always read the title of this series in a Billy Bragg voice:

    I was a goblin
    I was a halfling
    I was a twelfth-level magic user
    before the War of Wrath…

  3. 3
    mark sinker on 6 Jul 2006 #

    the phrase “100-sided dice” fits the metre of the last line if you begin with an anapaest and accent the first “i”

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