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an old Watchmen interview of mine…

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Long ago I edited a comics fanzine called FA. In 1988 a few of us got round a table with Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons for a long discussion about Watchmen. Last month someone put it on the web, and it still looks a pretty good piece to me. Don’t ask me to stand by my comments of 18 years ago, but if you’re a fan of the title you might like to read the round table discussion. Two of the participants are still among my best friends, I am pleased to say.


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    Alan on 22 Jul 2006 #

    still reading through the interview, but when AM says ” I’d be a pretty poor writer if all the characters that I did reflected my own politics.” it reminds me of the Pat Mills bashing we were on the other day.

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    Martin Skidmore on 23 Jul 2006 #

    I don’t think I was Pat Mills bashing! I like lots of Pat’s writing, and liked him personally back when I moved in those circles. I even went to his home! (I still don’t like Slaine, of course.)

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    Alan on 23 Jul 2006 #

    sorry, “we” = the FT komments krew in general, not specifically you and me.

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