Jul 06

101 uses for a bus stop roof: POTATO COLLECTION

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i’ve been meanin to blog this for weeks — as you journey by buses down cambridge heath road and in along old street, there is POTATO ART available

it uses cocktail sticks and paint it is pretty


  1. 1
    CarsmileSteve on 11 Jul 2006 #

    they are also on kingsland road!

  2. 2
    Alix on 11 Jul 2006 #

    I have also seen them done with pencils rather than cocktail sticks, usually from the 55/ 48 route.

    Today’s bus stop top sightings along the 253 route included a loaf of bread, some electrical flex, a crumpled Italy flag, a ladies wallet, a bus inspector’s handheld inspection machine thing in pieces and a odd handheld fan that resembled a flower. At least I think that’s what it was.

  3. 3
    Daniel on 10 Aug 2006 #

    Fantastic spud art on the No. 19 bus route. Great one outside St. Martins on Charing Cross Road

  4. 4
    darrell on 29 Sep 2006 #

    great stuff from regents canal down to aldgate on the 67 this morning

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