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THE FT TOP 100 SONGS 90. The Only Ones – “Another Girl Another Planet”

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90. The Only Ones – “Another Girl Another Planet”

I cannot remember how, or why I had tickets to see The One, Peter Perrett’s mid-nineties bands playing on the fact that The Only Ones were no longer the only ones. Maybe they were supporting some no-mark Brit-pop new wave band who were trying to claim some post-punk lineage. Whatever. They were terrible and I vacillated between ignoring them and taking the piss. What a lovely audience I must have been. It was almost certainly the beginning of my disillusionment with live music, and if I don’t blame The One completely for falling out of love with live music, they had a hand in it.

They did however show the power of “the one good song”. After six or seven of these slidgy guitar based crawls, Perrett shouted something along the lines of “we know what you’re really here for” (the answer surely being the headline act). And The One ripped into “Another Girl Another Planet”. I stopped moaning, I stopped ignoring. I might even have jumped about a bit.

Sci-fi love songs are nearly always greee-eeat. Perhaps it is because they often have funny electronic noises in them, making them novelty hits sonically (I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper?). Lyrically the astronaut love story will be stuffed with references to ray-guns and zipping through space (cf the theme to Fireball XL-5). So even if The Only Ones missed out on the bleeps, and were about as direct as you can get lyrically, they were still writing a sci-fi song.

Another girl – one of pops perennial obsessions. Another planet – this is stupid sci-fi new wave fun. Set your pop phasers to stunning.


  1. 1
    fivelongdays on 10 Sep 2006 #

    Peter Perrett was always Wreckless Eric, had Wreckless Eric had some music lessons and a guitar problem.

    What I’m trying to say here is: “Whole Wide World” had better be in here, somewhere.

  2. 2
    Mike Swift on 27 Feb 2007 #

    Another Girl, Another Planet is one of those rare, perfectly executed pieces of ‘pop’ music. Peter’s adanoidal vocals, the other Peter’s soaring guitar solo make it a classic. Although the group disbanded in 1982 it’s noteworthy that CBS have not deleted any of their music & continue to sell substantial numbers of their recordings.

  3. 3
    Ninnis on 19 Apr 2007 #

    Mate Another girl another planet is not a song about sci fi space travel its about tripping on drugs and gurnin into different worlds. Its a song written under the influence. Not about actual spaceship travel you tuppy.

  4. 4
    CarsmileSteve on 19 Apr 2007 #

    haha, laff at the funny man. “about druqs” indeed…

  5. 5
    Ashley Knowles on 2 May 2007 #

    No, really, it is about drugs.

  6. 6
    Pete on 3 May 2007 #

    So why is it called “Another Girl Another Planet” then. Why isn’t it just called “Another Drug Another Drug”? Eh?

    Some people want to see drug refernces in everything.

  7. 7
    jonnygg on 28 Jul 2007 #

    First off Pete Baran is talking crap when he says The Only Ones had ‘one good song’. They had loads. The bands’ first three albums are genuine classics packed with Peter Perrett’s twisted and nililistic love songs. In fact, considering they never bothered the charts, The Only Ones are probably one of the most underrated bands of all time. Better than much lionised acts like Big Star or The Saints and a huge influence on the likes of Primal Scream, Echo & the Bunnymen, BRMC etc etc. And yes ‘AGAP’ is about drugs. When you take as much H as Peter Perrett did all songs are about drugs. But its also about love and all that stuff.

  8. 8
    blobulus on 9 Oct 2008 #

    We can all agree. Another Girl Another Planet was indeed about the pleasures of heroin, and the band was amazingly great. I never saw them, wish I had. Listen to ‘Even Serpents Shine’ which I bought way back when it was released, and tell me they did not have a lot of good songs. Talent. This band should not be defined by one song, though that song pretty much defines what rock/pop is.

    Effn’ GREAT band.

  9. 9
    blobulus on 9 Oct 2008 #

    Forgot to say, Pete Baran, you are a lousy music critic, and probably an idiot. Anyone who listens to The Only Ones and only picks out one good song probably just has advertisements jingly-jangling in their ear. “Oh, I know that song, I hear it the other day, something about buying a motorcar…”
    If you want to write a review, you have to do better than that. HarHarHar (my contrarian version of LOL). and one extra har. Dumbo!!

  10. 10
    byebyepride on 9 Oct 2008 #

    ‘We can all agree’ that ‘that song pretty much defines what rock/pop is’ is a completely vacuous statement. But since blobulus informs us of the ‘pleasures of heroin’ he or she was perhaps off his or her face on smack when writing those helpful comments.

  11. 11
    Pete on 9 Oct 2008 #

    A closer reading of the above review would note that I went to see The One live, rather than The Only Ones, and as such only heard only one only ones song: namely Another Girl Another Planet. As such i did not have the opportunity to discover the other great only one songs.

  12. 12
    Pandora on 17 Dec 2008 #

    As you stir in the agony of Kanye West as they are currently playing on radio 1, Please allow me to say to you that blogging is not something I suggest you take on as a career. A bit of research on your part may help you out and indeed The Only Ones were far too ahead of their time (and most certainly yours by obvious writing critique) for most people to have realised the true depth of half their songs…sci-Fi new wave fun? Oh Dear.
    Why Don’t YOU Kill Yourself?

  13. 13
    admin on 17 Dec 2008 #

    pete please to be researching the ‘they’ that is this so-called “Kanye West” band (if that really IS their name).

  14. 14
    melancholy rose on 27 Dec 2008 #

    Pete: Did it not dawn on you that Peter Perrett was promoting “Woke Up Sticky”, his own solo album recorded on hiatus for a never to be (at the time) reformed Only Ones?
    Surely AGAP was done for the sake of those as yourself expecting to hear just that.

  15. 15
    jimbobula on 18 Jan 2010 #

    I grabbed ‘Only Serpents Shine’ when it came out. My friend’s mom was coming back to Ontario from Scotland and my friend said she is buying some albums for me, so let me know what you want’.

    Listen to ‘From Here to Eternity’ ‘Flaming Torch’ etc.

    Then form an opinion.

  16. 16
    philip on 17 Dec 2010 #

    err, not ALL songs are about drugs but this one blatantly is. drugs & love and all that stuff

  17. 17
    Tommy Mack on 7 Feb 2013 #

    I thought AGAP was about heroin but then I thought the opening verse was

    I always flirt with death
    I look ill but I don’t care about it
    I can’t face your threats
    Stand up tall and scream and shout about it

    but apparently it’s…

    I always flirt with death
    I could kill but I don’t care about it
    I can face your threats
    Stand up tall and scream and shout about it

    which makes me less certain. I have to say PP sings it a lot more like a man who looks ill and can’t face threats than one who could kill and can.

    I guess the latter is more dashing sci-fi hero than doomed junkie, but if it is a love song and not a drug song then I liked the metaphor of a man adrift on a galaxy-sized tide of intoxicating, debilitating love suggested by the former.

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