Dec 04

Quick ILXor.com update

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Quick ILXor.com update — just in case anyone’s been wondering (I’ve received a slew of e-mails asking!), Andrew G., who oversees the machine in Melbourne, Australia, is aware of the machine shutdown but won’t be able to investigate until Monday morning his time. Please hold tight until then and read all the FT blogs and comment instead. :-)


  1. 1
    Admin on 15 Aug 2006 #

    Hello ilxor googlers!

  2. 2
    JohnneyB on 15 Aug 2006 #

    Oooooh, I wondered what was going on! Google knew nuffin. FT and Wikipedia have been major benefactors down to the lack of ILX. And of course my workplace, where productivity has tripled this week.

  3. 3
    JohnneyB on 15 Aug 2006 #

    Oh hang on, this is from 2 years ago?!? RUBBISH!

    Well, what HAS happened to ILX- anyone know?

  4. 4
    Mark G on 3 Dec 2007 #

    You think THAT was a long time ago!

  5. 5
    Mark G on 9 Apr 2009 #

    ILX is down today, it seems.

  6. 6
    Mark G on 17 Oct 2011 #

    and today.

  7. 7
    punctum on 17 Oct 2011 #


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