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The Emo adventures of Charlie from Busted

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(As drawn when drunk at the Pop Justice 20 Quid Music Prize, and later lettered and cleaned by me – cleaned both physically and one offensive joke about the fella from McFly removed. Though Busted were robbed.)

(With thanks to Steve Mannion for Charlie Busted’s Emo eyebrows.)


  1. 1
    Moustapha on 18 Jan 2007 #

    dats just ain’t funny, i hope u be funnier the next time…

  2. 2
    Pete on 27 Feb 2007 #

    My McFly likenesses are better than the ones in McFly’s Magic Bus.

    Hmm, I fear a Lil Chris strip of my own coming on…

  3. 3
    sarah on 21 Mar 2007 #

    this is a totally unfair and unjust comment about a topic you obviously have no understanding of.I personally dont like BUSTED however i dont think that this is an appropriate thing to say. I know several people who would be deeply offended if they read this comment and it would break their little hearts to know that although all Charlie wanted was to produce his own type of music and eventually that dream came true for him and all you insensitive idiots can say is that he is a laughing matter.In BUSTED he was suppressing his own individuality to be the star his fans thought he should be , but no matter what he is that star.i will be back in contact.

  4. 4
    Hannah on 1 Jan 2009 #

    since when has there been a fat faced one in mcfly? :S

  5. 5
    Alan on 6 Oct 2015 #


  6. 6
    Auntie Beryl on 7 Oct 2015 #

    Did Sarah ever get back in contact?

  7. 7
    Tommy Mack on 7 Oct 2015 #

    Why did Busted always kick their legs up behind them when they did their guitar jumps? It really is the most difficult way of doing a guitar jump.

  8. 8

    Because they were amazing

  9. 9
    Tommy Mack on 7 Oct 2015 #

    I never liked them until I saw the cheeky look on Matt’s face while he was getting his arse walloped with a riding crop in the What I Go To School For video and then I thought they were class but I believe we’ll have more chance to discuss (though not that song poss) on Popular

  10. 10
    flahr on 7 Oct 2015 #

    #7 i would contend that in actuality, NOT kicking your legs up behind you is an easier way of doing a BUSTED JUMP

  11. 11
    Tommy Mack on 7 Oct 2015 #

    That’s what I’m saying! Kicking your legs up behind you is way harder than doing a scissor kick.

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