Apr 04


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WIR SIND HELDEN – “Guten Tag” (aka PopNose7): Jerky new-wave pop pastiche by a group who recently swept the German-equivalent Grammies. Judging from scrappy translations and the few English-language mentions the band has got, WSH’s thing is snarky critiques of consumer society. All well and good I’m sure you’ll agree but what the non-speaker is going to get off on is the caffeineous keyboard bounce and jabbing delivery. The first thing I thought of when I heard it was Blur’s “Girls And Boys” and “Guten Tag” may well be covering similar ground – a discoid take on Neue Deutsche Welle, which is a term I’d never heard of until Friday but means (well I never) German New Wave. The page which told me about it had a MIDI of “99 Luftballon” playing. Colin Meeder mentioned this track on an ILX thread – he implied it’s the band’s only good track but you can test this by buying the album if you like.

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