Top 100 Songs of All Time

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A Note on Methodology

100. Sultans Of Ping FC – “Where’s Me Jumper” (1992)
99. Madonna – “Papa Don’t Preach”
98. Deee-Lite – “Groove Is In The Heart”
97. The Beat – “Save It For Later”
96. Belle And Sebastian – “Sleep The Clock Around”
95. Gladys Knight – “License To Kill”
94. Al Green – “How Can You Mend A Broken Heart?”
93. Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers – “Why Do Fools Fall In Love?”
92. Girls Aloud – “Love Machine”
91. Ike And Tina Turner – “River Deep, Mountain High”

90. The Only Ones – “Another Girl Another Planet”
89.5 Skeletal Family – “Promised Land”
89. REEL 2 REEL feat THE MAD STUNTMAN – “I Like To Move It”
88. Subway Sect – “Ambition”
87. Roxy Music – “Virginia Plain”
86. Janet Kay – “Silly Games”
85. Teddybears STHLM ft Mad Cobra – “Cobrastyle”
84. Pulp – “Babies”
83. Orange Juice – “Rip It Up”
82. Jimmy Cliff – “Many Rivers To Cross”
81. The JAMMS – It’s Grim Up North

80. Public Enemy – “Fight The Power”
79. Kim Wilde – “Cambodia”
78. Culture Beat – “Mr. Vain”
77. Depeche Mode – “Just Can’t Get Enough”
76. Shystie – “Woman’s World”
75. Art Garfunkel – “Bright Eyes”
74. Urban Cookie Collective – “The Key, The Secret”<
73. Smiley Culture – “Police Officer”
72. Wee Papa Girl Rappers – “Wee Rule”
71. Jay-Z – “The Takeover”

70. Aqua – “Lollipop (Candyman)”
69. Anthrax and Public Enemy – Bring The Noise
68. The Shirelles – Will You Love Me Tomorrow
67. The Velvelettes – “Needle In A Haystack”
66. Dexy’s Midnight Runners – “Come On Eileen”
65. TEARS FOR FEARS – Pale Shelter
63. TAKE THAT – Back For Good
62. GLEN CAMPBELL – Wichita Lineman
61. CARL DOUGLAS – Kung Fu Fighting

60. DIANA ROSS – “Upside Down”
59. C+C MUSIC FACTORY – “Things That Make You Go Hmmm”
58. SHANGRI LAS – “Leader Of The Pack”
56. MARVIN GAYE – “I Heard It Through The Grapevine”
55. DAVID BOWIE – “Suffragette City”
54. WILL YOUNG – “Leave Right Now”
53. Wham! – Wham Rap
52. Joe Jackson – It’s Different For Girls
51. WHIGFIELD- “Think Of You”

50. Gwen Stefani – What You Waiting For
48. Glenn Campbell – Rhinestone Cowboy
46. Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
45. The Undertones – Teenage Kicks
44. The Selecter – On My Radio
43. Stina Nordenstam – Little Star
42. Abba – The Winner Takes It All
41. t.a.T.u. – Not Gonna Get Us

40. Led Zeppelin – “Immigrant Song”
39. Awesome Toys – Do The Fury Boogie
38. Kenickie – Punka
38. BALTIMORA – Tarzan Boy
37. T-REX – Metal Guru
36. KLF – Justified And Ancient
35. Martha & The Muffins – Echo Beach
34. Shanice – I Love Your Smile
33. Echo and the Bunnymen – The Cutter
32. Amii Stewart – Knock On Wood
31. Prince – “I Would Die 4 U”

30. White Town- “Your Woman”
29. PJ & Duncan AKA – Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble
28. The Jam – Going Underground
27. Chaka Khan – I Feel For You
26. The Human League – Open Your Heart
25. MADONNA – “Into The Groove”
24. RACHEL STEVENS – Some Girls
23. Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights
22. Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
21. Scooter – Ramp! (The Logical Song)

20. Chic – Good Times
19. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean
18. The AlkoholiKs Only When I’m Drunk
17. The Ronettes – Be My Baby
16. EAST 17 – “House Of Love”
15. THE FUTUREHEADS – “The Hounds Of Love”
14. SHIRLEY BASSEY “Goldfinger”
13. Busted- Air Hostess
12. MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This
11. MR OIZO – “Flat Beat”

10. West Side Story OBC – “America”
9. Uptown Top Ranking – Althea & Donna
8. Dexy’s Midnight Runners – There, There, My Dear
7. Little Fluffy Clouds – The Orb
6. Eartha Kitt’s “Just an Old Fashioned Girl”
5. Belle And Sebastian – The Boy With The Arab Strap
4. Madonna -”Like A Prayer”
3. Shaggy – Boombastic
2. THE TRAMMPS – “Disco Inferno”
1. PET SHOP BOYS – “Always On My Mind/In My House”


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    lollypop on 14 Sep 2006 #


  2. 2
    Alan on 3 Nov 2006 #

    we got stuck :-(

  3. 3
    fivelongdays on 11 Nov 2006 #

    Ach, I’m really enjoying reading this.

    Awaiting the next entry with bated breath –


  4. 4
    rob on 10 Jan 2007 #

    so 100 thru 62… where’s the rest???

  5. 5
    Amy on 18 Jan 2007 #

    hey love the songs the next list better have guns n’ roses in it and spice girls lol

  6. 6
    Naomi on 30 Jan 2007 #

    wow these are awsome songs, im lovin it!!

  7. 7
    tyler on 4 Apr 2007 #

    theres only 65 song it should be top 65 songs of all time then.

  8. 8
    Admin on 4 Apr 2007 #

    We’re a little behind schedule. 66 was posted September 2006. 65 November 2006. So yes we are due a couple more soon. hem hem. come back real soon now

  9. 9
    John on 14 Apr 2007 #

    WTF, Jay-Z is not a real artist
    What about all the good bands like Pink Floyd, or The Beatles.
    Led Zepplin
    This is the worst list ever!

  10. 10
    Admin on 14 Apr 2007 #

    “I tried finding a top 100 songs list on the internet that contains the Beatles but all I found was FreakyTrigger.”

  11. 11

    salad of all the tylers!

  12. 12
    lee on 11 May 2007 #

    girls aloud in top 100 songs??? are you having a giraffe??? the only thing they have ever written is lines in detention.

  13. 13
    sam on 22 May 2007 #


  14. 14
    caolan doran on 24 May 2007 #

    – SEX!!!!! NOW I have your attention… Why is it so hard to find “stairway to heaven” or “led zeppelin” on a top 100 songs/bands list? they are the best band ever and the song is the greatest thing ever written!including shakespeare!it is not simply a song but a poem blessed with a guitar melody written by probably the best guitarist ever “jimmy page”. I beleive god is proud of man for producing it!

  15. 15
    caolan doran on 24 May 2007 #


  16. 16
    CarsmileSteve on 24 May 2007 #

    why did we switch comments on on this again?

    also who’s doing C&C?

  17. 17
    Tom on 24 May 2007 #

    This comments thread is shaping up nicely I ph33l.


  18. 18
    Alan on 24 May 2007 #


    what, you mean professionals? that would be people who are good at it then?

  19. 19
    katstevens on 25 May 2007 #

    Plus, bands that write their own songs get paid as well! Just less.

  20. 20

    […] procasti-thing was browsing FreakyTrigger’s Unfinished Top 100 Songs Ever. Had done so before, but reminded of certain wonders in the list. I direct you to Come On Eileen , […]

  21. 21
    Mr Bush on 18 Jun 2007 #


  22. 22
    Dean on 25 Jun 2007 #

    I cant believe this list, no Oasis, Weller, Smiths, Stones, Stone Roses, Specials. but we do have REEL 2 REEL AND THE MAD STUNTMAN!!!!!! Leave it out please.

  23. 23
    Marcello Carlin on 25 Jun 2007 #

    Results 1 – 10 of about 9,320 for “write your own list”. (0.36 seconds)

  24. 24
    Tom on 25 Jun 2007 #

    Stick around Dean it’s wall to wall Weller once we hit the top 50!

  25. 25
    Patience Tomblin on 25 Jun 2007 #

    Dear Sir Trigger,

    With your forthcoming “wall to wall Weller” Top 50, I wish to register a formal protest over the criminally overlooked omission of Bruce Foxton’s criminally overlooked seminal 1983 number 23 smash “Freak.” With his plaintive yet passionate “Elephants Man” persona, he opened our eyes to the suffering of millions. Could unruly Robert Geldof say a fraction as much?

    Patience Tomblin

  26. 26
    oms on 6 Jul 2007 #

    oh my god! u guys actually like shit by christina and madonna and u somehow have the balls to make fun of good bands like the beatles and pink floyd? how fucked up can u get seriously? what next? the top 100 songs by american idol contestants??

  27. 27

    we have more balls than you

  28. 29
    oms on 7 Jul 2007 #

    im sorry lord sukrat…if u ACTUALLY enjoy listening to girls aloud and take that…u have no right to abuse ACTUAL musicians..not wannabe teens whose puberty runs on for too long..

  29. 30

    poor little oms — the safe trudge of his world is all coming to pieces

  30. 31
    Alan on 7 Jul 2007 #

    what a wonderful list! i can see christina aguilera and jay z in there. but 127 and 128! madonna at 164. but WAIT Jewel even higher at 64 – THE WHOLE THING IS A SHAM AND MUST BE DESTROYED. start again from scratch plz. with sultans of ping.

    “National Association of Recording Merchandisers” – NARM, surely that should read “THE MAN”. let’s go stick it to THE MAN/NARM.

    i say we head over to NARM/THE MAN’s site and repeatedly post about the sand in recording merchandisers’s vaginas (i am crying with laughter as i write this) until they change the list to something WE like.

  31. 32
    Al Ewing on 7 Jul 2007 #

    Sidestepping the inevitable sandy-vagina explosion: if that’s your 100 Albums, what are your 100 Singles? I’m genuinely curious as to whether your Number 1 is Bohemian Rhapsody or Imagine by John Lennon.

  32. 33
    uknown on 16 Jul 2007 #

    sorry but this list is so so so bad think about it

  33. 34
    Gary on 19 Jul 2007 #

    You all suck so much dong that you all think good dong tastes like bad dong

  34. 35
    Gary on 19 Jul 2007 #


  35. 36
    Gary on 19 Jul 2007 #


  36. 37
    Drucius on 22 Jul 2007 #

    Peculiar taste you lot have. Bit limited, innit?

  37. 38
    Alan on 22 Jul 2007 #

    It’s limited to 100 tracks, popular music, the ones we really like… how else? Obviously not limited to a particular canon of artists or songs

  38. 39
    Tom on 22 Jul 2007 #


  39. 40
    Drucius on 23 Jul 2007 #

    Limited by the number of songs you’ve heard, I presume.

  40. 41
    mmmbop on 23 Jul 2007 #

    oh my god i love this wheres the rest

  41. 42
    Drucius on 24 Jul 2007 #

    Would certainly make for an excellent student disco, absolutely.

  42. 43
    Tom on 24 Jul 2007 #

    Actually Dru’s RIGHT in that the methodology (see “A note on methodology”) means that the list privileges shared experience among the listmakers rather than obscure tidbits – assuming people might veto tracks they don’t know, which isn’t always the case. I have heard lots of songs I like, not as many as Drucius I’m sure but enough to get by – but I’m only going to nominate a certain proportion of those.

    But this is a good thing! Shared experience is an important part of pop.

  43. 44
    Marcello Carlin on 24 Jul 2007 #

    Beware the avalanche of random angry trolls you’re going to get when they discover that Angles by Robbie William has not come top.

  44. 45
    Tom on 24 Jul 2007 #

    Or the avalanche of non-random angry regulars when they discover that it HAS!

  45. 46
    aimz on 24 Jul 2007 #

    AQUA???LOLLIPOP??? Need i say more.

    Who compiled this list? 8 years olds?

  46. 47
    Marcello Carlin on 24 Jul 2007 #


  47. 48
    Lena on 24 Jul 2007 #

    I may cry.

  48. 49
    Drucius on 24 Jul 2007 #

    Actually, as a “Bunch of Mates Down the Pub Top 100” it’s excellent, so long as it’s not meant to be anything close to definitive.

    Some of the “look at meeeee!!” post-ironic iconoclasm is pretty ghastly, mind.

  49. 50
    Al Ewing on 24 Jul 2007 #

    And this is still only the bottom 50!

  50. 51
    Al Ewing on 24 Jul 2007 #

    The trouble with ‘look at meeeeee’ as criticism is that everyone on the interweb is usually guilty of it – there’s no real difference between “Look at meeee, I’m so ironic” and “No look at meeeee I’m so NOT ironic UNLIKE YOU”, apart from a gradual climbing of the ladder of superiority. (I’m as guilty of this as anyone else obv.)

    The other thing I’d disagree with is that a ‘Top 100’ list can be definitive at all – I’d say this is as ‘definitive’ as any other list you’d find anywhere.

  51. 52
    Marcello Carlin on 24 Jul 2007 #

    I would say that it is as definitive a list as you would find in the field of lists compiled by the compilers who compiled this list.

  52. 53
    Drucius on 24 Jul 2007 #

    Well, quite.

  53. 54

    oh no! iconoclasm! no wonder you felt so uncomfy

  54. 55
    Drucius on 24 Jul 2007 #

    Oh lordy, here comes Captain Iconoclast with his cloak of irony and his trusty staff of self-regard.

  55. 56
    Marcello Carlin on 24 Jul 2007 #

    In this morning’s edition of hip n’ happening free newspaper METRO top music commentator Dermot O’Leary says that he’d rather listen to good pop than bad indie any day.

    Had I contributed to this list there would certainly have been some welcome improv input – AMM’s Live At The Roundhouse Parts 1 & 2 would have been there for a start (and possibly a finish).

  56. 57
    Tim on 24 Jul 2007 #

    I believe that this is, or at least was, the single definitive list of the best 100 songs of all time.

  57. 58
    Tom on 24 Jul 2007 #

    Sadly I think the veto system might have accounted for these noble warriors of improv Marcello.

  58. 59
    Tom on 24 Jul 2007 #

    Iconoclasm is a great word (though I just typed ICONOCLAMS!! – surely a better one!) but I don’t think it’s apt here – this isn’t a list of the Top 100 Worst Songs after all. Which icons are p^nk s and crew trying to clasm?

  59. 60
    Drucius on 24 Jul 2007 #

    Which ones have you got?

  60. 61
    Marcello Carlin on 24 Jul 2007 #

    Iconoclams? Sounds like an Elvis movie title!

  61. 62
    daavid on 24 Jul 2007 #

    People, this is a great list precisely BECAUSE it includes Aqua and Whigfield unlike 99.99% of all the other boring lists out there with only Led Zep, Bob Dylan. For once a list that fortunately doesn’t give a shit about the artist’s “integrity”, whether the people who sing/perform write their own songs and all the other decrepit rockist prejudices. Haters go and read Rolling Stone’s list, or any other that features the songs/artists that “deserve” to be there.

  62. 63
    Marcello Carlin on 25 Jul 2007 #

    Sadly you have not yet seen the upper half of this list which consists only of tracks by Led Zep and Bob Dylan.

  63. 64
    Drucius on 25 Jul 2007 #

    Daavid listing the icons, there.

  64. 65
    Tom on 25 Jul 2007 #

    I think if someone had nominated “Immigrant Song” it would have made the list easily (maybe it did! I have forgotten what’s in the top 50).

  65. 66
    Pete on 25 Jul 2007 #

    This was before my triumphant Immigrant Song Karaoke Debacle in New York, so I may not have brought it up. But then this was only the definitive list as per 2004 or so…

  66. 67
    Tom on 25 Jul 2007 #

    Anyway the point is that we all love us our icons. Do we (collectively) love them more than the stuff on the list? Not always.

  67. 68
    Marcello Carlin on 25 Jul 2007 #

    Truthfully it’s a choice between the schoolteacher and the cheese sandwich.

  68. 69

    [edit to remove double post]

  69. 70

    yes it only takes one to veto — ONE GUTLESS CHUMP

    (to be fair my most aggravating veto wz bcz i was six months ahead of the world for once, and no one else yet had a view pro or con)

  70. 71
    Tom on 25 Jul 2007 #

    A pedant writes: it actually takes 2/3 to veto.

    What was your aggravating veto? I ph0rget.

  71. 72


  72. 73
    mike3 on 27 Jul 2007 #

    you suck
    u do

  73. 74
    New world order on 11 Sep 2007 #

    What absolute bullshit that it the worst list I’ve seen yet.

    Gee I’ve wonder if you know who the beatles are?

    Dont forget the rolling stones, U2, the doors, the police, nirvana, Hendrix, Springsteen I could go on forever i hadnt heard of half those people

    you do really suck

    oh and what’ll number one be … probably operator please – just a song about ping pong

  74. 75
    Tom on 11 Sep 2007 #

    We’ll take it under consideration!!

  75. 76
    Marcello Carlin on 11 Sep 2007 #

    “Ping Pong” by Stereolab? Hmm, I wouldn’t mind seeing that at the number one spot! “It was a bit unusual…but we all loved it!”

  76. 77
    Lena on 11 Sep 2007 #

    It’s the best upbeat song about the military-capitalistic cycle of wars and depressions ever!

    “Operator (That’s Not The Way It Feels)” on the other hand, is a touching song and directly inspired Pavement’s “Trigger Cut,” which may be the only song with “fruit-covered nails” in it which has to count for something!

  77. 78
    Alan on 11 Sep 2007 #

    “the beatles”?? what a corny name. is there a “dis-chord-ants” band too???!?!11eleven

  78. 79
    Marcello Carlin on 11 Sep 2007 #

    There was discordant Adam and the Ants.

  79. 80
    CarsmileSteve on 20 Sep 2007 #

    for those of you on the comments feed, HI DERE, 50-41 now added to the Top 100 songs (not the articles, obv, that’ll take til xmas at this rate (NB no guarantee of which xmas))

  80. 81
    jeff w on 21 Sep 2007 #

    Out of curiousity, why are some songs listed in shouty text and some not?

  81. 82

    cz THE MAD STUNTMAN d00d! he’s like TOTALLY MAD

    and will young is TOTALLY YOUNG and marvin gaye is TOTALLY etc

  82. 83
    CarsmileSteve on 21 Sep 2007 #

    there is a certain characteristic that the songs ALL IN CAPS share (although, at the moment, some of the ones not all in caps share it too!).

  83. 84
    AJ on 9 Nov 2007 #

    spice girls 49 says it all utter crap

  84. 85
    Pete on 9 Nov 2007 #

    I bet Ally wouldn’t agree AJ.

  85. 86
    Tom on 9 Nov 2007 #

    ISTR I am meant to write #50 so will get to work on that.

  86. 87
    Ronny on 11 Nov 2007 #

    You need more hip hop in there, too many cheesy pop songs, you need stuff like 2pac, Wu Tang Clan, Dr Dre, Biggy Smalls, NWA ect.

  87. 88
    CarsmileSteve on 12 Nov 2007 #

    without wishing to SPOILER the whole thing, there is rapping rly quite high up the chart…

  88. 89
    Steve on 13 Nov 2007 #

    yeah, Rat-Rapping

  89. 90
    Marcello Carlin on 13 Nov 2007 #

    Good job I remembered to ring a rang a dong for my holiday, really.

  90. 91
    dd on 12 Dec 2007 #

    soljha boy tellem is conseable

  91. 92
    BLEEP on 4 Jan 2008 #

    omg . CRAP list muchh!

  92. 93
    Geir H on 6 Jan 2008 #

    Obviously way too much kid pop from the past 20 years. The kids have been wrong since the late 80s.

  93. 94
    Al Ewing on 6 Jan 2008 #

    Did you yourself stop being a kid in the late 80s and if so, was that the exact moment when the kids started to be wrong?

  94. 95
    Geir H on 7 Jan 2008 #

    I would say several things at the same time: hip-hop, house, hair metal getting really huge. But most of all Stock/Aitken/Waterman and New Kids On The Block creating the boy/girl band thing led to a lot of really bad things.

  95. 96
    Al Ewing on 7 Jan 2008 #

    I’d pretty much disagree on everything except (much of) the hair metal, assuming those three ‘h’s are signs of decay rather than signs of being really great.

  96. 97
    coolaery on 8 Jan 2008 #

    i made a link to ur page…. plz inform me if u guys have any problem.

    BTW … howz my list:

    the bestest of all….

    – catch ya….

  97. 98
    dad on 9 Jan 2008 #

    shit shit and shit, hang yourself gor this list

  98. 99
    Alan on 9 Jan 2008 #

    grandad more like, amirite?

  99. 100
    Marcello Carlin on 9 Jan 2008 #

    If Grandad is at number one questions will be asked in someone’s house.

  100. 101
    thom on 15 Jan 2008 #

    you actually have tatu in your top 100 songs ever? this might just be the worst list of its type ever compiled, now i dont think that selling lots of CDs= good but where is the beatles, rolling stones, stone roses, Marvin Gaye, Primal Scream, and thats just to name a few of the top of my head. But its ok the spice girls and take that make it…….appalling

  101. 102
    a logged out p^nk s lord sukråt wötsit on 15 Jan 2008 #

    i’d visit perhaps for old time’s sake, but the top of yr head is probbly not somewhere i’d like to live

  102. 103
    Liz on 19 Jan 2008 #

    Where’s Michael Jackson on this list? He revolutunized the music industry.

  103. 104
    Jaymiee-lee on 27 Jan 2008 #

    this site is boring :|

    add me on xx

  104. 105
    Marcello Carlin on 28 Jan 2008 #

    We’d rather add Robert Mugabe.

  105. 106
    admin on 5 Feb 2008 #

    doop bump

  106. 107
    CarsmileSteve on 7 Feb 2008 #

    when (??!?!??!), when we finally finish this we should totally play all 100 tracks, in order, at poptimism.

  107. 108
    a logged out p^nk s lord sukråt wötsit on 7 Feb 2008 #

    100 times each

  108. 109
    Marcello Carlin on 8 Feb 2008 #

    Or all 100 tracks at once

  109. 110
    the hunkster on 17 Apr 2008 #

    lmao dude those songs r just the worst ever.g n r and some nirvana mixed with some clapton n queen n where getting sum where

  110. 111
    patric van blerk on 1 May 2008 #

    Gary Glitter – it’s like he never happened? Notwithstanding his personal behaviour, Gary Glitter & producer Mike Leander made a string of the finest British pop singles ever made.

    It was a ‘sound’ as much as Spector’s ‘Wall of Sound’.

    If I had to pick just one : the title, the groove, the glorious arrogance …’I Didn’t Know I Loved you (till I Saw You Rock ‘n Roll). Masterpiece pop!

  111. 112
    Simon on 10 May 2008 #

    whoever put this list together has no idea about music

  112. 113
    Miniman on 14 May 2008 #

    Dumb shit

  113. 114
    Fejker on 27 May 2008 #

    Budale neznaju sta je muzika!!!


  114. 115
    johnnyboy on 30 May 2008 #

    will young and tatu in a top 100 songs list?????whats the world coming to…??

  115. 116
    DJ Punctum on 30 May 2008 #

    A better place, is where.

  116. 117
    Lilu on 5 Jun 2008 #

    Lol.. yeah i agree with everyone that it isn’t a good list, but I’m guessing you lot have randomly ended up here like I have.. and have decided to take the piss and criticise this list.. without noticing that this is a pop website, so what are you expecting to be on the list?

    All pop is shit, soo.. of course the list is going to be lol

  117. 118
    DJ Punctum on 5 Jun 2008 #

    Thank heavens that FT isn’t about “agreeing with everyone.”

  118. 119
    Alan on 26 Jun 2008 #

    Next up #42 – will the spoiler bunny be intervening?

  119. 120
    jeff w on 14 Jul 2008 #

    never ‘eard of #39 but sounds interesting!

  120. 121
    Alan on 14 Jul 2008 #

    #s posted when:
    100 January 4th, 2005
    90 February 2nd, 2005
    80 September 5th, 2005
    70 August 10th, 2006
    60 May 11th, 2007
    50 November 9th, 2007
    40 July 14th 2008

    30 December 18th 2008
    20 August 2nd 2009
    10 January 34th 2012

    1 Lolchember the 10001010001001th 2525

  121. 122
    Alan on 1 Sep 2008 #

    30 December 18th 2008 may have been too optimistic for #30

  122. 123
    sickofshitsites on 12 Sep 2008 #

    What a load of fucking shit!!! the worse top 100 list in the history of list’s

    Go kill yourself you cunt you made me waste 4 mins of my life

  123. 124
    Tom on 12 Sep 2008 #

    Dude in 2 years time when the Awesome Toys hit the scene you’ll be thanking us.

  124. 125
    tom on 19 Sep 2008 #


  125. 126
    RS on 28 Sep 2008 #

    I’m embaressed for you. Have you never heard of Oasis? The Beetles? Michael Jackson? Come on. You have Girls Aloud up in the same list as Led Zeppelin. What is wrong with you? I can’t believe I’ve wasted my time so appalingly.
    But one last thing..

  126. 127
    Tom on 28 Sep 2008 #

    Sorry, I have actually never heard of the Beetles.

  127. 128
    Alice on 28 Sep 2008 #

    its err its funny coausr the guy who was like
    I’m embaressed for you. Have you never heard of Oasis? The Beetles? Michael Jackson?
    was trying to be all high and mighy and spelt the beatles wrong

  128. 129
    this-sucks-ass on 15 Oct 2008 #

    THIS IS SHIT….. not the list. all u guys who waste more of ur time slagging it than finding another f**kin list. why. yes list is not vry good. but look at the background of the website. does tht not tell u somethin??/????? assholes

  129. 130
    lol on 3 Nov 2008 #

    bull shit

  130. 131
    urmom on 20 Nov 2008 #

    i think the person who wrote this list had some major issues, hey while your at it why not put the theme tune to balomory on there, or maybe the cheeky girls?

    thought not…..rewrite the list for all that is good god damn it!


  131. 132
    yuppiescum on 20 Nov 2008 #

    Top 100 people with apparently no taste


  132. 133
    Jen. on 6 Dec 2008 #

    This is a crappy website!

  133. 134
    Jen. on 6 Dec 2008 #

    But.. sorry for that comment, guys i’d like to see YOU try make one of these. C’mon though.. Aqua.. Not even Barbie Girl either!

  134. 135
    Bethh on 11 Dec 2008 #

    wheres micheal jackson, eric clapton, tori amos, oasis etc :|

    oh well each to their own people may disagree with mine :L


  135. 136
    scarlett on 12 Dec 2008 #

    You are so stupid we cant just waste our time loging on your website every time we want to see the top 30 Man I know now that my friend is such a lunatic for recomending this stupid website. And where are all the great singers like justin timberlake and chris brown and the others instead of these stupid poeple!

  136. 137
    pete on 17 Dec 2008 #

    scarlett, please be kidding …

    oh, and most of these top 100 lists are crap .. because they are based on opinion, not fact. but this list is one of the worst!

  137. 138
    a tanned rested and unlogged lørd sükråt wötsît on 17 Dec 2008 #

    this list is based on science

  138. 139
    Matthew on 20 Dec 2008 #

    This is the most awesome Top 100 list I think I’ve ever seen, and this when it only has 64 songs on it (to date).

    I love and am freakishly intimidated by the FT aesthetic of taking some of the most sneered-at, (superficially) no-brow music in history and subjecting it to stringent levels of indie-snob-type fanalysis. Just who is it all meant to be for? I don’t know, but apparently I’m one of them.

  139. 140
    kevin k on 4 Jan 2009 #

    I love how half these dudes denouncing this list recommend Oasis.

  140. 141
    Benjamin Love on 14 Jan 2009 #

    I looked at the list and chose a few songs I had forgotten about like “Teenage Kicks” by The Undertones and “On My Radio” by The Selecter to download from Limewire. Top work my friend because without you publishing this list I would not have remembered I loved these 2 songs – nice one brother/sister??

    By the way I can’t believe all of you whiny assed knob jockeys who chose to abuse whoever published this list! Can you all not just respect someone’s OWN choice and their decision to publish it!!

    All you orrible cunts who chose to abuse whoever wrote this are all proof that shit can grow fingers and type!! I also bet you all were the first in your families not to grow tails weren’t ya? Yea I don’t know what all your problems are but I bet they’re really hard to pronounce! You’re all depriving villages somewhere of idiots so shuffle off home! When you were all born the doctor slapped your mama’s not your ass!

  141. 142
    Danny on 15 Jan 2009 #

    Queen – We Will rock you
    queen bohemian rhapsody
    queen another one bites the dust

    mariah carey- all i want for christmas is you

    the beatles- hey jude

    elvis- jailhouse rock
    elvis- hound dog
    elvis- love me tender

    Where Are The Classics??!?!?!

  142. 143
    Kurt on 3 Feb 2009 #

    We are the World – Pavarotti and Friends… The Best Song Ever

  143. 144
    anthony on 9 Feb 2009 #

    ok this list sucks. and immigrant song is NOT one of the better zeppelin songs. There should be more zeppelin on there, just because a band is great doesn’t mean they can’t have more songs on a list than anyone else. And I hope you were planning on making Stairway your number 1.

  144. 145
    mickey on 20 Feb 2009 #

    this list was poor… poor.
    lots of one hit wonders with no talent…..

  145. 146
    admin on 11 Mar 2009 #

    REVEALED AT LAST: 30 to 21

  146. 147
    Tom on 11 Mar 2009 #

    There! All you whiners! Joy Division are in there. And only one place below Scooter.

  147. 148
    admin on 11 Mar 2009 #

    commenters should be forced to read “A Note on Methodology”, which says

    “The theory is that people’s truest aesthetic preferences come out under the influence of some substance or other”


    “we’ll be counting these down over the next few months”

    (where few= at least 50)

  148. 149
    Unknown on 30 Mar 2009 #

    On word i think this site should be deleted i am 35 and have never heard of half these where is queen where is micheal jackson rod stewart god get rid of this its so fake!

  149. 150
    ANA on 14 May 2009 #


  150. 151
    Steve Mannion on 14 May 2009 #

    This top is absolutely not a bullshit. 4 and a half years down the line and it still ain’t dung.

  151. 152
    steve on 28 May 2009 #

    And all this BEFORE Tom shows us his top 20!!!
    You’re not supposed to take it that seriously people. Still, some of the comments gave me a good laugh. Personally I think your list shows an amazingly open-minded attitude to music. You obviously list many songs that you just plain ENJOY because they please your ear – fair enough! (How many of you out there won’t admit to actually liking “the birdie dance” or “the smurf song” or even “chirpy chirpy cheepcheep” etc.)
    You know who you are!! Chill out, Guys!

  152. 153
    steve on 28 May 2009 #

    Am I the first to notice that your top 100 list will contain 101 songs? Sneakily putting in skeletal family at 89.5.

    BTW before you show your top 10 list please listen to “surfin’ bird” by the Trashmen on Spotify or similar. An episode of Family Guy unearthed this gem for me. Gotta be in your top 5 eh?

  153. 154
    Kat but logged out innit on 28 May 2009 #

    Hur hur hur the yellow text on ‘wee rule’ is still funny. PROVEN BY SCIENCE

  154. 155
    owen on 8 Jul 2009 #

    cmon!!!!!!!! we want the top 20 !!!!!11

  155. 156
    Deliliah on 4 Sep 2009 #

    I’m really not impressed. I’m looking for music to fill my iPod from all era’s, and I didn’t take anything from this! Put your top 20 up!!! Doubt they’ll be any better though, so much for a ‘top 100 songs of all time’ more like ‘top 100 songs that will make you want to kill yourself’. BORIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGGGGGGGG

  156. 157
    ottersteve on 8 Oct 2009 #

    If you want at least some idea of Toms top 20, look no further than the tracks that he has given a score of 10 to. Logic dictates that those singles not already accounted for in the previous 80 must be included in his top 20 somewhere.

  157. 158
    Tom on 8 Oct 2009 #

    Logic would indeed dictate that, if I’d been responsible for more than about 1/12th of the nominations, and if I only ever listened to tracks that got to #1 :)

  158. 159
    thefatgit on 26 Nov 2009 #

    Well… “some people”. So far so good with this countdown. If people had taken the time to read the explanations Pete has provided, they might gain some insight into why some songs are here and some are missed. I’m really looking forward to seeing what’s in the top 20. What I hope to find at the end of this project is a collage of what makes songs good, memorable, enduring, hateful, downright atrocious but above all, songs that illicit some kind of reaction rather than simply inspire nothing more than indifference. We don’t have to agree with the choices, but at least take some time to find out why those choices were made.

  159. 160
    stephen graham on 19 Jul 2010 #

    The list is wonderful, and the comment thread simply joyous.

  160. 161
    admin on 22 Jan 2011 #

    TOP 10 NAO PLZ

  161. 162
    ottersteve on 31 Jan 2011 #

    Judging by the time gap in the comments (only one other posting between 26/11/09 qnd 22/1/11) you must have updated this thread very recently Tom.

    You are my hero!!

    Your additions of most favorite songs between No. 6 and 20 have given me a big Laugh!! I ADORE some of the choices

    Eartha Kitt at No. 6!!! I spent YEARS trying to track down a ’45 of this record and finally stumbled on one at a car boot sale a couple of years ago.

    And “America” is a fantastic song – always loved that. Even the Keith Emerson Intrumental on “The Nice” Album is a great rocking number, thought the composer (I think it was Bernstein – correct me if I’m wrong) was less than impressed.

  162. 163
    Joeb on 2 Aug 2011 #

    Now thats what i calll music, AHH YEah

  163. 164
    admin on 21 Jan 2012 #

    I believe the time is right to reveal #5, #4 and #3

  164. 165
    admin on 3 Feb 2012 #

    LOOK, it’s the theme tune to Teachers, a much commented Popular track, and one guarded by a giant ragga bunny

  165. 166
    jeff w registered on 3 Feb 2012 #

    You were all too drunk to veto B&S ?????

  166. 167
    Triffid Farm on 3 Feb 2012 #

    Leaving the last two unnamed is a shrewd move. The top place in these countdowns is always obvious once the rest have been eliminated.

  167. 168
    Kevin on 15 Mar 2012 #

    Where’s Mariah Carey!?? “We Belong Together” ! Song of decade!? And “Fantasy” the first song that started rap and pop collabration!

  168. 169
    Billy Hicks on 15 Jan 2014 #

    Predicting a 4th January 2015 reveal for the #1, on its tenth anniversary.

  169. 170
    JR1 on 19 Mar 2014 #

    Kevin- that was not the first rap-song collaboration- not even close (there was “I Feel For You” and Jody Watley’s ‘Friends” in the 80s, not to mention rappers appearing on Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Madonna tracks prior to 1995, etc.). It may have helped popularize it, but not the first.

  170. 171
    Chelovek na lune on 19 Mar 2014 #

    #170 Rapture by Blondie predates those/…

  171. 172
    thefatgit on 19 Mar 2014 #

    #170,1968: Pigmeat Markham “Here Comes The Judge” unless somebody knows of an earlier example?

  172. 173
    Mark G on 19 Mar 2014 #

    Well, there’s The Goons’ “Ying tong song”, specifically Harry Seacombe’s bit in the middle.

  173. 174
    JR1 on 25 Mar 2014 #

    Is No. 1 going to be revealed soon? i inquired about it via email and Twitter, but have had no response. Thanks.

    No, 171- oh I know “Rapture” had Debbie Harry rapping, and she namechecks Fab Five Freddy and Grandmaster Flash, but there are no other acts with vocals on the track.

  174. 175
    Ottersteve on 24 May 2014 #

    Wot!….no comments yet on 2,3 & 4 in this list? No quibbles from me about Nos, 3 & 4 but I can’t believe I’m the first to be a little mystified at the No.2 choice…Disco Inferno? A great Disco record of the era but few people would consider it the best……burn baby, burn. Curious to know the collective thinking of the freaky tigger committee behind this one.

    If you must include a full blown “disco” track in this list, I would like to offer “Boogy Wonderland” as a superior alternative.

  175. 176
    Tom on 27 May 2014 #

    This list-making method tends to run into difficulties as the top of the list approaches (which is why the best way to do it is simply not to reveal that the top of the list IS approaching) – almost everything gets vetoed until someone suggests a pick that is undeniably A Good Thing and that everyone knows. If the proper venue for listmaking, i.e. a pub, is in use than the song will also be something that sounds even better when drunk. Which explains “Disco Inferno” nicely, though to be honest doesn’t do a lot to explain the eventual number one.

  176. 177
    JR1 on 31 May 2014 #

    We’re awaiting the reveal. :) Will it be a left0field track, or one that’s generally acclaimed in the critical world…

  177. 178
    JR1 on 16 Jun 2014 #

    Still waiting for the reveal. I know the somewhat unorthodox manner of compiling the list has been a good reason for the delays, but… :-)

  178. 179
    ottersteve on 9 Sep 2014 #

    Hmm. Madonna “bias” alert.
    3 of her songs in this list?…….suggest more than just the quality of the song is creeping into the selection process.

  179. 180
    Tom on 9 Sep 2014 #

    I have started writing the No.1 entry!

    “More than just the quality of the song is creeping into the selection process” – this is a feature not a bug :)

  180. 181
    ottersteve on 16 Oct 2014 #

    My life savings are on it NOT being Bo Rhap.

  181. 182
    Tom on 18 Oct 2014 #

    The No.1 entry will go up on the 28th December – just in time for us to do a new list on the pub crawl the day after.

  182. 183
    evehunt1122 on 1 Jun 2019 #

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    stuff from. Thanks for posting when you hav the opportunity,
    Guess I will just bookmark this page.

  183. 184
    Harold Burton on 13 Sep 2021 #

    Really nice layout and excellent content , absolutely nothing else we need : D.

  184. 185
    Gareth Parker on 13 Sep 2021 #

    Totally agree with posts 183 and 184. Fun list as always.

  185. 186
    Corina on 26 Dec 2021 #

    Fastidious replies in return of this question with real arguments and
    explaining all on the topic of that.

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