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Aug 18

TAKE THE BRAIN: we explore and support the concept of STUPID CHESS (27 comments) anyone know a link for the advert? Ethan emsley

May 18

They Don’t Like Cricket… (33 comments) A brief change of sport, if you'll allow me. To Kiev, where Radio 5 Live's crew – Kelly Cates,… Mark M

Feb 15

Vinylanders (4 comments) I like skylanders. Nowadays every game that comes up must have action figures for children to play or decorate… Andria

Sep 14

mah jongg attacks! (7 comments) The Reverse Google Image Search on the images may help, but may not. One of my not-yet-abandoned… Andrew Farrell

Jul 14

Guess My Theory: Part BELGIUM (1 comment) I saw this on Twitter and assumed it would be about Kevin De Thingummy and Tintin! Tom

Mar 14

Uncle Joe vs the stats freaks (22 comments) Re21: Er, yes (Oh, the shame I bring to the craft of sub-editing). Mark M

Jan 14

I Was A Goblin: Sever The Gonchong’s Proboscis (2 comments) I was a goblin in the office. This was done in the 80s too, unsurprisingly, since it… Tom

Jan 14

cthulhuedo (4 comments) *excited yog sothoth emoticon* sükråt tanned rested unlogged and awesome

Jul 13

I Hate Andy Murray (81 comments) Really this article was doomed with words such as "strategizing excuses" strung together. xyzzzz__

May 13

Swimming: Rebecca gets gold! (7 comments) I can but echo the feels of my esteemed fellow poster at #7 pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør

Jan 13

We are all goblins now! (2 comments) "pingback" Alan not logged in

Jun 12

Chelsea Headhunt Kenyon – so far so boring (1 comment) Rafhael, leia logo antes dessa montagem q vc criicta, estava escrito: PRODUZI sem muito esforc3a7o a MONTAGEM abaixo APENAS PARA… Koji

Jun 12

I WAS A GOBLIN: In Which I Was Actually A Goblin (10 comments) #9 Gah... " FRONT of them." as I'm sure you worked out. Damn you, Autocorrect, damn you to hell! Ed

Mar 12

Is greyhound racing a sport? (1 comment) dog racing is not a sport. they dont even no what there doing!!!!!! Sarah

Dec 11

Rodney Marsh’s tsunami / toon army pun was pretty poor, truth be told… (1 comment) rodney marsh is a nice kind loving man Peter Fisher

Jan 11

Exeter City 0 Brazil 1* (1 comment) [...] Exeter City 0 Brazil 1* | FreakyTrigger [...] Sunday Soccer Snips (weekly) « footysphere

Jan 11

we’ll score again, don’t know where, don’t know when… (1 comment) This is the top Google hit for "we’ll score again, don’t know where, don’t know when". I… logged-out Tracer Hand

Jan 11

Football simulations have been done to death. (1 comment) As far as I know this GREAT IDEA of mine still hasn't been done. Where is the You Are The… Pete
Sporting Trophies and what they say about the organisations that commissioned them – An occasional series Number 1 – The FIFA World Cup (1 comment) It needs a lid so (insert Nobby Stiles here) can wear it as a little hat. It is also quite… Pete

Sep 10

The Levellers (14 comments) MOAR GOBLINS PLZ! ;) CarsmileSteve