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Oct 20

Uncle Joe vs the stats freaks (23 comments) RIP Joe Morgan: maybe a man not at ease with numbers, but a magical ballplayer (and, as a broadcaster, he… Mark M

Sep 20

Self-Organizing Systems In The London Bridge Pret A Manger (13 comments) The manager was so hyperactive as Pret demands each customer to be served within 60 seconds from joining the queue.… LNG

Dec 17

Food Science Day 2: 5 – The Long Egg #2 (4 comments) (via Cook separated yolks Freeze Crumble Remake into a tube Put tube in slightly wider polythene tube pour… Alan

May 16

Ridiculous hyperbole? Check. (2 comments) It was too good to be wanted by just one person Ella

Oct 13

Porn Porn Yes Porn I Said Porn (9 comments) Then again, if you added "Hot Love" to the title... Mark G

Apr 13

Call For Submissions: THE LONG EGG (29 comments) oh yeah, long egg gold Alan not logged in

Sep 12

Fringe Science (24 comments) UPDATED WITH EXTRA SCIENCE admin

Jul 12

FT Periodic Table: Element 6: SUGABABES (1 comment) Are they in a photobooth? It looks terribly spacious. Anyway, don't they look terrific? wichitalineman

Apr 12

Formicophilia (5 comments) My God, how do you let large crickets tear at your pussy? John Izquierdoulakis

Dec 11

The Periodic Table Of What? (10 comments) iloveyou BABY

Aug 11

sweet sweetbread’s badassssss doll (2 comments) I just got one on ebay for £8, only bidder. Ahhhhhhh YEAAAAHHHH poorusher

Jul 11

The Scandal Of Skinny Water (27 comments) ok, thank you for that xx i really appreciate the well wishing xx i hope your daughter is ok now,… kelseymoomoo

Jul 11

Light Fantastic (1 comment) I arrived at this blog by way of the series. Alas, your prediction it wouldn't play in Peoria was bang… alank

Apr 11

my deep and abiding interest in pain (5 comments) "To me, the pain is like an electric wand that hits you, inducing an immediate, excruciating pain that simply shuts… logged-out Tracer Hand

Mar 11

Rob Schneider Movie Character Sort Of Emulated In Real Life (1 comment) and priest swore it was a blessing not a blow job! jow

Jan 11

The Big Bang and How We Came To Know It. (3 comments) Victor, I am just reading your comments now, two years later. Thank you for taking the time to post and… Barry

Sep 10

Food Science Day 2: 4 – The Long Egg #1 (6 comments) The question mark was incorrect as you weren't asking a question. Also it should be "rather than" rather than "and… punctum

Aug 10

Fun with acid! (4 comments) in pete's case, his heavy bones stopping him getting out pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør

Aug 10

The All New SI Units Of Measurement (36 comments) Horny Goat Weed combination of botanical ingredients, which enhance sexual performance through a variety of mechanisms such as increased testosterone… santrojohn

Aug 10

What Can You Learn From Last.FM? (Part II) (5 comments) @Andrew, Tom. Thanks for the explanations. Since fast drop-off of the percentages involved seems to be the real problems here,… swanstep