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Mar 21

The 21st Freaky Trigger Annual Between Christmas And New Year Pub Crawl: Back To TCR (8 comments) When I saw the word Christmas, I immediately remembered a not so pleasant situation for me.I always give gifts to… here
The 20th Freaky Trigger Annual Between Christmas And New Year Pub Crawl: The Holloway Road Poker (14 comments) After the word Christmas, I immediately think of a not very pleasant situation for me. I have a tradition of… here

Dec 20

The Old Suffolk Punch, Hammersmith (7 comments) Loved this pub used to go for a few drinks and listen to live music always felt safe there Eddy Langton

Sep 20

Self-Organizing Systems In The London Bridge Pret A Manger (13 comments) The manager was so hyperactive as Pret demands each customer to be served within 60 seconds from joining the queue.… LNG

Jan 20

Two important facts about peanut brittle: (1 comment) This looks awesome! Glad to hear it was good with beef too, as that is what I am more likely… Rose Martine

Nov 19

Kingsmill Bread Is Rubbish (32 comments) Where I live the Warbrton deleivery is after midday, it is 50% more than nay other bread, I found a… Adam Bolton

Sep 19

Transylvanian Blood Vodka (2 comments) I used to drink this vodka and I loved it, I've been looking everywhere to buy it again and can't… Miss Kaz Cannell

Jun 19

My chair shame. (1 comment) Such a creative idea! Love your color scheme! Chair Hire

Oct 18

Ben Crouch’s Tavern (7 comments) I think it was called 'Ben Crouch' after a Victorian 'resurrection man' who dug up corpses for sale to anatomy… John Pole

Dec 17

Food Science Day 2: 5 – The Long Egg #2 (4 comments) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3NgegX7gwQ (via https://twitter.com/the_roofdog) Cook separated yolks Freeze Crumble Remake into a tube Put tube in slightly wider polythene tube pour… Alan

Oct 17

Sam Smith’s and the Fitzroy Tavern (4 comments) Is that really you, alive and blogging? GC

Dec 16

The 17th Annual Freaky Trigger Between Christmas and New Year Pub Crawl: The Highgate Upside Down Wales (2 comments) Highgate eh... you thinks you is fancy, cuz? Girl with Curious Hair

Jul 16

I used to go to school with a girl called Saffron (1 comment) I know a girl called saffron she was evil tried to steal my husband he was sixty and she was… Layla

Jul 16

Confused by cerveza? (17 comments) Langue d'Oc is known as Occitan and is still spoken in parts of Southern France. It's closely related to Catalan… Marcus

Jun 16

HAUNTOGRAPHY: Count Magnus (13 comments) I was always struck by the thought that Count Magnus was 'cleaning up', ensuring that nobody knew that he was… Brian_Artillery

Apr 16

Loose tea woe (6 comments) I'm impessred. You've really raised the bar with that. Mellie

Dec 15

The 16th Annual Freaky Trigger Between Christmas and New Year Pub Crawl: The Kennington Catapult Arm (6 comments) And so I finally made along to one of these things. Deeply impressed by how prompt and orderly everyone was… Mark M

Apr 15

Red Kite Farms Ltd have come up with Organic Slumber Bedtime Milk (5 comments) Can you please tell me where I can. Get this milk Barbara Thorpe

Mar 15

Breakfast bang-bang: cereal/bagel (3 comments) I'm reading Anna Minton's terrific "Ground Control" now and it really brings home what profound, worrying shifts (in ownership and… weej

Feb 15

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