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Mar 17

VERA LYNN – “My Son My Son” (23 comments) #22 'Showrunner' may be a neologism but when you consider the number of producer credits on most US TV shows… Professor Hackenbush

Mar 17

OASIS – “The Hindu Times” (59 comments) #58 - I think you've summed up there why it doesn't happen anymore. (Without wishing to… Turn

Mar 17

Popular ’83 (88 comments) Modern Romance's “Don’t Stop That Crazy Rhythm”froma few weeks ago puts me in mind of Sailor's "Girls Girls Girls" from… theminstrel

Mar 17

CHRISTIE – “Yellow River” (39 comments) I love this song takes me right back to the 70ies Easy to play on accostic but not… Alan

Mar 17

FLEETWOOD MAC – “Albatross” (73 comments) Danny Baker tweeted a link to 'Deep Feeling' a Chuck Berry track that seems like a plausible precedent for 'Albatross'.… lonepilgrim

Mar 17

CHUCK BERRY – “My Ding-A-Ling” (64 comments) RIP Chuck. A true rock and roll legend and indeed pioneer. 90, a great knock. Jimmy the Swede

Mar 17

ANTHONY NEWLEY – “Do You Mind?” (10 comments) And here's the film clip, featuring the amorous milkmen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3gAXGiEBmI&index=30&list=PLhx2akBFqci2H4HcpV7EFiObt1iyZWGVt The whole film was on youtube but… wichitalineman

Mar 17

EMILE FORD AND THE CHECKMATES – “What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For?” (13 comments) @12: Hits, plural. Emile had five top 40 entries after this one, including "Slow Boat to China" which was… Paulito
ADAM FAITH – “What Do You Want” (14 comments) Yes, Martha was his go between, its all becoming clear.. (p.s. I know its bad… Mark G

Mar 17

GLORIA GAYNOR – “I Will Survive” (31 comments) The reason that both the theme from Rocky and I will survive both have the same musical break is that… Brian Martsolf

Mar 17

THUNDERCLAP NEWMAN – “Something In The Air” (61 comments) I read somewhere that the Angry Brigade, or at least some of their leading members, were stoned basically all the… Phil
S CLUB 7 – “Don’t Stop Movin'” (77 comments) Listening again, it just occurred to me how much 2000-02 production adores the chime-tree. "Run fingers through - instant magic!"… cryptopian

Feb 17

NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK – “You Got It (The Right Stuff)” (81 comments) I genuinely could not be more delighted with that explanation. Pounding it out on the piano now, and that… Izzy
FRANKIE LAINE – “Answer Me” (11 comments) The opening "Answer me, oh my love/just what sin have I been guilty of" is strongly reminiscent (not just lyrically)… Scott B.

Feb 17

THE BEATLES – “The Ballad Of John And Yoko” (56 comments) I have no memory of this at the time. The only awareness I had of John & Yoko's adventures was… lonepilgrim
TOMMY ROE – “Dizzy” (24 comments) I remember selecting this on a jukebox in 1969 on my first holiday in Europe. My mum and dad took… lonepilgrim

Feb 17

ADAM FAITH – “Poor Me” (5 comments) Marvellous meta moment in the 1961 film What A Whopper. Adam Faith and his girlfriend hear the new single by… wichitalineman

Feb 17

THE BEATLES – “Lady Madonna” (32 comments) If I've learned anything from following this blog, it's that I'm willing to forgive a ton of flaws if the… cryptopian
THE BEATLES WITH BILLY PRESTON – “Get Back” (29 comments) I agree LP, I can't work out how much I like it. Same goes for Lady Madonna - both are… wichitalineman
PETULA CLARK – “This Is My Song” (21 comments) Interesting defence, Turn. It is the record we're considering rather than the song, which is reasonably catchy and would work… wichitalineman