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Apr 18

THE BEATLES – “I Feel Fine” (11 comments) I always think of this as the forgotten Beatles single. At least in the US, it's hardly ever played on… chrisew71
THE ROLLING STONES – “Little Red Rooster” (10 comments) Had no idea this was a #1 in the UK. I always wondered why they seemed to play it live… chrisew71
THE HONEYCOMBS – “Have I The Right?” (24 comments) I love this song. Perhaps I need to check out more by them, but I have to confess to being… chrisew71
MANFRED MANN – “Do Wah Diddy Diddy” (20 comments) I like this song fine, but it reminds me of things like Billy Idol's cover of"Mony Mony". Yes, it's catchy,… chrisew71
THE ROLLING STONES – “It’s All Over Now” (27 comments) I wouldn't consider this blues at all. R&B, and even then, the poppier side of R&B. That may be why… chrisew71
ROY ORBISON – “It’s Over” (64 comments) It's his masterpiece but it only gets a 9? I don't like to harp on scores, but this is one… chrisew71

Apr 18

THE BEATLES – “Can’t Buy Me Love” (17 comments) Sick burn by the pretentious Marcello! I quite like the song though, childlike quality to it that is rather endearing. Barry

Apr 18

Popular ’85 (91 comments) Speedwell! I liked those references,a very good thing. Anyway, speaking of German people who seem (ioo) to… hardtogethits

Apr 18

KATE BUSH – “Wuthering Heights” (122 comments) Heads-up for Populistas of a new KB blog project, Dream of Orgonon, "a strange journey through British popular culture since… Rory

Apr 18

BILLY J KRAMER AND THE DAKOTAS – “Little Children” (13 comments) I believe I always saw this in terms of Robert Brown trying to get little brother William and his friends… enitharmon

Apr 18

GERRY AND THE PACEMAKERS – “How Do You Do It?” (21 comments) Arriving rather late to this debate but I think the reason Guinness ran with the Record Retailer chart was that… AMZ1981

Mar 18

DARIUS – “Colourblind” (35 comments) #34 The Beeb weren't taking every risk George proposed, preventing him from wearing his "No war, Blair out" T-shirt. I… Lee Saunders

Mar 18

THE BACHELORS – “Diane” (13 comments) Back in the '90s, Rhino Records released a 9CD British Invasion box set, and it's from that that I have… chrisew71
ELVIS PRESLEY – “Return To Sender” (9 comments) Proof that songs from the films could be good when they made the effort. Always seemed crazy to me that… chrisew71
ELVIS PRESLEY – “She’s Not You” (6 comments) The UK's tolerance for Elvis' middling output is one of the interesting things I'm learning about from this blog.… chrisew71
ELVIS PRESLEY – “Good Luck Charm” (8 comments) Probably the Elvis song I most often forget actually reached #1, both here in the US and the UK. There… chrisew71
ELVIS PRESLEY – “Can’t Help Falling In Love” (6 comments) Have to disagree on this one. One of his finest ballads, possibly the finest. Though it might have been nice… chrisew71
U2 – “Beautiful Day” (153 comments) To return to the debate over how much of a dick Bono is, I'd like to submit the story behind… Girl with Curious Hair
ALL SAINTS – “Never Ever” (111 comments) This song takes me back to my college days. I was on a chat site at the time, befriending an… Steven

Mar 18

ELVIS PRESLEY – “His Latest Flame” (22 comments) A great song, and a reminder of what a shame it was that the bulk of the '60s would find… chrisew71