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Nov 21

GEORGE MICHAEL – “A Different Corner” (139 comments) [stork-boy] Not a bad way to enter the world. As an American though, I have to settle for Robert Palmer’s… Bewlay

Nov 21

THE ROLLING STONES – “It’s All Over Now” (31 comments) Whether the Stones covering It’s All Over Now was ultimately in Bobby Womack’s best interest is something discussed in detail… Mark M

Nov 21

OASIS – “Don’t Look Back In Anger” (169 comments) It's risky, naming your song after a way better one. I always end up listening to Bowie again. Coagulopath

Nov 21

ATOMIC KITTEN – “Whole Again” (53 comments) I always thought the production on this was a smoothed out version of Killing Me Softly. That hip hop-type beat… James BC

Oct 21

THE COMMUNARDS – “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (50 comments) I think my 7/10 above is still underrating this glorious track. Instead I am going to settle on a 9/10… Gareth Parker

Oct 21

EDDIE CALVERT – “Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White” (19 comments) I lived in Eddie Calvert’s house when my mother was his housekeeper. He was a very nice man. When he… Carol Browne
WET WET WET – “Love Is All Around” (87 comments) Didn't mind the Let Loose and Red Dragon singles that were at #2 when Pellow and co. were at the… Gareth Parker
CLIFF RICHARD – “The Millennium Prayer” (60 comments) Didn't mind the Artful Dodger's Rewind (as mentioned, stuck behind Sir Clifford of Richard). Probably the only thing that Craig… Gareth Parker
COLOR ME BADD – “I Wanna Sex You Up” (66 comments) #51 and #54 I have to say Julie Burchill comes across as a ghastly woman imho. Gareth Parker
BOYZ II MEN – “End Of The Road” (54 comments) As Tom alludes to in his write up, the single version is probably the one to go for here. This… Gareth Parker
BABY D – “Let Me Be Your Fantasy” (73 comments) I'm liking Baby D more and more with every listen, so I'm going with a high 7/10 here. Set You… Gareth Parker
BLUE – “Too Close” (77 comments) Having checked out the earlier version by Next, I do prefer that marginally. Gareth Parker
ANOTHER LEVEL – “Freak Me” (46 comments) Having heard Silk's original, I think that just about works (6/10?), but I must admit I'm still not keen on… Gareth Parker
TASMIN ARCHER – “Sleeping Satellite” (84 comments) (#78) Good lord get over yourself, you pathetic whining manbaby. Gareth Parker

Oct 21

A1 – “Take On Me” (76 comments) "A single that’s good for one thing, at least: “Which group got to No.1 with Take On Me?” is a… Coagulopath

Oct 21

BLUR – “Beetlebum” (105 comments) Damon himself has commented on Beetlebum's 'sleepiness' and I think he sums up the mood of this track pretty well.… Gareth Parker

Oct 21

BEYONCÉ – “Crazy In Love” (24 comments) @20 It wasn't Mark Goodier on the Top 40 at the time, it was actually Wes doing the Radio 1… Stephen Emmett – he/him
JOHN LEYTON – “Johnny Remember Me” (9 comments) @8 Stay in my lane? What's that supposed to mean? It sounds like the usual baby boomer arrogance my generation… Teenage Ebola Victim

Oct 21

MADONNA – “American Pie” (83 comments) American Pie has always been a weird sell to the british, despite some of the referenced musicians being british, and… TheGerkuman
GABRIELLE – “Rise” (36 comments) This is one of those songs that gets stuck in my head sometimes but I can never remember who it's… TheGerkuman