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May 17

Making Your Mind Up: How Eurovision Caused Brexit (23 comments) Further evidence! Leave voters 76% in favour of quitting Eurovision versus only 35% of Remain voters. Rory

May 17

Unheard Album Project: April 2017 (1 comment) After "PRIDE." (co-written by Anna Wise) the next step must be Anna's own 'The Feminine: Act II'.… jeff w registered

Apr 17

2017 Albums I Like Part 1 (7 comments) Good stuff! Of the ones you've introduced me to, I've had a lot of time for MUNA (big roomy synthpop… cryptopian

Apr 17

Unheard Album Project: March 2017 (2 comments) If you liked Charli XCX's song with CupcakKe, you HAVE to hear CupcakKe's own stuff if you haven't already -… Janet

Apr 17

Datapanik In The Year Sheero (45 comments) Now! 96 is on course to have only one Ed Sheeran track - and not even the one that actually… Kinitawowi

Mar 17

The UPDATED Secret History Of Band Aid (14 comments) good But that specific material would certainly be easily available to him anytime, also when the information link of his… terrarium tv iOS

Mar 17

Unheard Album Project: January 2017 (3 comments) Now playing! Tommy Mack

Mar 17

Gnome Man’s Land (118 comments) Ooo. I LOVE apricots. Love ‘em. I think my friend and I are going to do a jam night and… Nelly

Mar 17

underpop e-zine (1 comment) I have done a cover version of Joe Dolce's 'In the Garden with Monet', which can be seen on Facebook;… David Russell

Mar 17

Unheard Album Project: February 2017 (1 comment) Good shout on The Other Side of Town, an underrated cut on that album (I seem to vaguely remember an… chap

Feb 17

Andrew WK: I Get Wet: Pitchfork Review (7 comments) The review's moved again: Here it is, for now Andrew Farrell

Jan 17

Popular Crystal Ball: 2016 – The Year Pop Broke (9 comments) That's a bit of a grim list, and it's not much better if you look at the full top 100… lockedintheattic

Jan 17

Eric Clapton – most over-rated guitarist in poll shockah! (45 comments) Hey #43 - There's nothing brilliant about playing the melody from Blue Moon over Sunshine of Your Love. Yes, no… Boogitee Woogitee

Nov 16

PET SHOP BOYS – “Hey Headmaster” (2 comments) Funny how this was just ressurected by a bot, somehow it just feels kind of timely... LucaZM

May 16

Of Was And When (6 comments) Just finished this - absolutely wonderful. I've been dipping into the "Pushing Ahead Of The Dame" archives since January, pretty… Neil C

Apr 16

4 U (9 comments) Even though I was starting to get used to 2016 as the year that Death started getting his groove on… Rory

Mar 16

Together! We Will Learn And Teach (9 comments) Cool! I love Seattle, I go there every year....I love the EMP, but forced myself not to go every… DanH

Feb 16

EARLY RAP IN THE UK TOP 40 (18 comments) 5: I had no idea that Rapper's Delight is the house band vamping, rather than a sample. DJ Sven… Izzy

Jan 16

Popular Crystal Ball: 2015 – At Least I Can Say That I’ve Tried (17 comments) The Adele track did exactly what it needed to do, ie, remind people why they probably liked Adele in the… snoball

Dec 15

Guru Josh – Infinity (5 comments) Everyone's favourite rave-era entrepreneur turned political catnip Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes claims he was the person behind the "I… Auntie Beryl