Lost Property Podcast – Comments

Jan 19

Lost Property Office 10: Carpet The Ceiling (1 comment) o my god Bennett

Jul 16

Lost Property Office 2-5: The Bread Of Life (6 comments) So an amazing callback to this episode - Moon Unit, the missing cat in the opening segment (what have you… Pete Baran

Oct 13

Lost Property Office 2-9: Fire Alarm! (2 comments) Good show! The conversation flows well, which helps. There, you have 1x listener (although I see I am now quite… jeff w

Aug 13

Lost Property Office 2-8: Annoying Axl Rose (1 comment) Lost Property Office Podcast: 2-8: Llook who came in the Lost Property Office - only that Tom Ewing: @tomewing http://t.co/55bT1UK3FD Peter Baran (@pb14)

Aug 13

Lost Property Office 2-7: Half A Deer’s Skull (2 comments) I had a lot of fun doing this! logged out Eli

Apr 13

Lost Property Office 2-2: An Olive In Sausage-Casing (1 comment) Really liked the music on this one (well, the first track, not so keen on the others) - anyone have… weej

Feb 13

Lost Property Office 2-3: A Dirty Great Crease (1 comment) I will d/l this soon Pete (enjoyed last week's btw) but can I put in a request to you or… jeff w

Jun 12

Lost Property Office 12: Wilsons Promontory (3 comments) Is ^that (#2) the iPod owner claiming it? Yeah, congrats on an excellent series Pete. Looking forward to its return… jeff w

May 12

Lost Property Office 9: Hedgehog Medusa (2 comments) pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør

Apr 12

Lost Property Office 7: Apple Armbands (1 comment) I enjoyed this one! A more reflective, less hyper host than usual = an good thing IMO. The Tropicalia album… jeff w

Apr 12

Lost Property Office 4: Tilda Swinton, Queen Of Atlantis (6 comments) I don't think the underwater city in Stingray can have been called Atlantis, because Troy Tempest's land-based girfriend was called… pˆnk s lord sükråt cunctør

Mar 12

Lost Property Office 3: Karen Dixon 3-Day Eventer (4 comments) Can't pretend I recognised the music, but this seems to be the CD in question: http://www.amazon.com/Carolans-Harp-Turlough-OCarolan/dp/B000001TZM If only you'd plumped… jeff w

Mar 12

Lost Property Office 1: CSI: Max Factor (4 comments) Delightful podcast! The 'Ball Buster' ad appears on Unkle's 'Psyence Fiction' album as "Getting Ahead In The Lucrative Field of… jeff w