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Aug 21

IHM Lyric Watch – Robyn: Be Mine (11 comments) Calm down dearie! No need to get so abusive Mister Smith aka John Simpson (I presume you are not the… Gareth Parker
BE THANKFUL I DON’T TAKE IT ALL (4 comments) 21 years later and Tanya is still just as irrelevant and clueless as ever!!! Mister Smith
TANYA’S FEMINIST CRUSADE (against Shed Seven) (2 comments) This just might be the single most retarded thing I've ever read on the internet, so to say that Tanya… Mister Smith
Shooting Fish In A Barrel Department: Biffy Clyro Division (9 comments) Anyone who thinks all music sucks should kill themselves as soon as possible!!! Also, Tanya Headon and others like her… Mister Smith
IHM Lyric Watch- Kate’n’Ash – Foundations (1 comment) Anyone who thinks all music sucks should kill themselves as soon as possible!!! Also, Tanya Headon and others like her… Mister Smith
ALL MUSIC SUCKS (29 comments) Tanya Headon and others like her are living proof that abortion should always remain legal!!! John Simpson

Jun 21

What Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” Cover Would Actually Look Like… (269 comments) Agree with Vollstix (#268) Prefer Pete as a songwriter to Roger/Dave. Gareth Parker

Mar 21

Weedy Eighties White People Singing About Soul Stars #3: China Crisis – “Black Man Ray” (23 comments) I came here looking for the meaning of a song and found an ancient whingefest and no answer. John

Jul 20

VAN MORRISON – Like A Jelly Roll (32 comments) Loved Van Morrison growing up in the 60’s and 70’s. Still love his music today. Great lyricist. Phenomenal distinctive voice.… John S

May 20

NOB DYLAN’S LEGACY OF CRAP (2 comments) T.C., you're shouting at writing older than Billie Eilish. Patrick Mexico, The Inanimate Carbon God

Jan 19

BREAKFAST OF BANALITY 4: BLUR – Coffee And T(ea)V (1 comment) Great analysis - except that Coffee and TV is written by Graham Coxon. Bobbles

Nov 18

χ is for…The Chi-nese Way (3 comments) Ah wonderful. A belated* thanks :) *because of post-surgery rest which is only beginning to taper off Lee Saunders

Oct 18

Pat Metheny, Derek Bailey, George Bendian & Paul Wertiico: Sign of Four (4 comments) Very good as long is improvised! mingus&toki

Mar 18

REASONS TO BE CHEERFUL (Part 4) (12 comments) It's somewhat unsettling how all the Dury fans posting from their local libraries can't spell. Autism as a marketing gimmick,… T

Mar 18

NEGATIVLAND (1 comment) savage fisto

Nov 16

We Aren’t Reasonable People: Warp Records (8 comments) I actually found tanya's post very funny especially the slagging off of LFO I'm a big fan fan of warp… eatmyballs

Nov 16

Day 26: Clouds Across The Moon AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 LOUSY TUNES (3 comments) The Rah Band weren't one hit wonders. Auntie Beryl

Sep 16

BLACK STEEL IN THE HOUR OF CHAOS (4 comments) Revive, because this is so good. Mark G

May 16

ADVENT CALENDAR OF FILTH 9. FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD – The Power Of Love (2 comments) BrainBoosting FoodsAccording in the Alzheimer's Collective, what exactly is acceptable for and also the is in addition good for as… stop sale

Feb 16

What Album Covers Are Really Trying To Tell Us: 5: MIKA – Life In Cartoon Motion (6 comments) This is crazy. I personally love Mika, but this is not a Freddie Mercury rip-off. He is a Queen fan… Baroness Mononoke