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Feb 12

Best Brit Awards ever?

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Consider the evidence.

Adele, James Corden and George Michael at the Brit Awards 2012


Nov 11

CSI Antarctica

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It was always going to be hard pleasing me with a Thing remake. The John W. Campbell short story it’s based on was the subject of the inaugural episode of A Bite of Stars, a Slug of Time and Thou. Not having read it before then, I immediately took to its tight-knit team of scientists whose ability to rationally work through the horrific problems that increasingly beseige them is undermined by the M.O. of The Thing: it can become someone so completely that the victim may not even be consciously aware that he is no longer himself.

Every Thing fan who hasn’t read Ann Billson’s wonderful BFI book on John Carpenter’s The Thing should do so immediately; I quibble with Billson here and there but it’s a pleasure to read a good writer given free rein to create a searching, detailed love-letter to the object of her obsession.

The review you’re reading right now is not, unfortunately, that.


Mar 11

my deep and abiding interest in pain

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The diagnosis came at the age of 2. My father had set me down some distance from the hives, handing me a jar of honey, and he went to tend the bees. Or “keep” them. I got stung as I sat there, and my little body swole up like a tomato. The hospital nurse (my father claims) said I was the most allergic case they’d ever had.

Count Tyrone RogenI was stung 11 times in the next eight years. Each sting required a trip to the emergency room. Trust me when I tell you that “the ER” isn’t as sexy as George Clooney made it out to be. One time I saw a guy with multiple stab wounds in the waiting room, sitting calmly on one of the orange plastic seats, holding his sides. (Many of my friends had never been stung at all. Is there something about the flesh of allergic kids that proves irresistible to bees – and indeed to yellowjackets, wasps, and hornets? Something about the way they smell?)

The full-body swelling is what distinguishes your allergic types from run-of-the-mill stingees. When it happens, it’s serious. So throughout my childhood I went every six weeks, like clockwork, to get “my shots” – four injections, each with a different blend of hymenoptera serum, designed to mitigate any systemic reaction to a bee sting. But the shots hurt, too. Was it worth it? Getting “stung” 30-some times a year by a needle just in case I got stung once by a bee?


Jan 11

The Hemingway

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Yes, it’s easy pickins going after pretentious gastro refurbs for being pretentious and expensive but COME ON NOW.

Just off the Lauriston roundabout in Hackney, near Victoria Park, stands a handsome pub on the corner of a residential street. It used to be something else. Didn’t they all? Not that its previous incarnation was any great shakes. In fact, it was terrible. But crucially, it was also ignorable. Now, BEHOLD. The HEMINGWAY.


Nov 10

Freaky Trigger And The Lollards Of Pop (Series 4 – Week 11)

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DJ Steve Braiden joins Alex Macpherson and host Elisha Sessions on Resonance FM 104.4 to talk about the furrow of club music being busily excavated by Night Slugs and associated factions. We hear an interview with Girl Unit (aka Phil Gamble), we talk a surprising amount about Red Bull Music Academy, and we hear an in-progress remix from Steve as well as some terrific music from 20-year-old Chilean sensation Nicolas Jaar, Nguzunguzu (did I stutter?), and the as-yet-unreleased “Arpjam” by Jam City.

Nov 10

Freaky Trigger And The Lollards Of Pop (Series 4, Week 10)

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Guests were Cecily Nowell-Smith, Marna Gilligan and Alasdair MacLean; Hazel Robinson on kn0bs; Mark Sinker was presenter. Topic = how much does it matter to do stuff right, and what’s going on when doing stuff wrong stops being wrong?

Nov 10

Freaky Trigger And The Lollards Of Pop (Series 4, Week 9)

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This week the Lollards get Popular! No really! Tom Ewing makes his way to the sprawling Resonance FM studios to preview the next entry in his mammoth project. Mark Sinker, Kat Stevens, and host Elisha Sessions join him for a wide-ranging discussion that takes in Terre Thaemlitz, childhood, pop stars’ relationships with their audiences, a logistical breakdown of the iconic video, and our own marks out of 10. Oh yeah, and “Teen Witch” (1989). Please submit your mental image of Shep Pettibone in the comments, please (no web searches allowed!).

Sep 10

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 4, Week 1

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The Lollards return to Resonance FM 104.4‘s London studio with host Elisha Sessions. He’s joined by Alix Campbell, Magnus Anderson and Alex Macpherson for a discussion of KID POP – kids who sing pop and what pop kids like – not really the same category, as we discover (bling-eyed svengalis take note). We hear singles from our panelists, Frank Kogan talks about old television and why people fall out of love with music, we hear 9-year-old Willow Smith’s new single and of course we share the hotly anticipated results of the FT kid pop poll with you.

Produced by Elisha Sessions.

Sep 10

Again for the First Time

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Well, dear reader, what can we say?

The new series of the Lollards of Pop got pushed back to this week, a huge stroke of luck for all of us dreading having to play – and/or listen to – the controversial winner of our Most Dangerous Album poll. Our new series will start at 7pm BST (2pm EST) this Thursday, on Resonance FM 104.4 in London (streaming available). And that’ll be our slot for awhile.

In place of the DANGEROUS poll, we have a brand new poll to dread the results of. Voting and Youtubes after the jump…


Sep 10

Back Once Again With the Ill Behaviour

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The Lollards of Pop return to Freaky Trigger and Resonance FM 104.4 in London!

Exact dates TBC but you know, probably some time next week the first show will be hitting the airwaves and its pod will be cast here, on Freaky Trigger.

Its theme is DANGER.

So help us, O reader, to determine which of these attention-seeking, faux-admonitory albums is the best. But to sound a warning note of our own, we will play some of it on the show.

Which of these ten DANGEROUS albums is the best?

  • Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks 31%
  • U2 - Achtung Baby 18%
  • AC/DC - High Voltage 17%
  • Lady Sovereign - Public Warning 13%
  • V/A - Speed Kills (The Very Best in Speed Metal) 8%
  • Michael Jackson - Dangerous 6%
  • Sam Brown - Stop! 3%
  • Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material 3%
  • Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet 1%
  • Pearl Jam - Yield 0%

Total Voters: 71

Poll closes: 5 Sep 2010 @ 16:15

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