Mar 06

The Great Taco Hunt

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being round about hungry o’clock my ailing eyes&tummy alighted on just such a site.

yes, a stout-hearted legend drives around the City of Angels sniffing out tacos (photos too!).

absolutely brilliant.

Dec 05


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yes this is InBev’s attempt to do for bocks what they’ve already done for pils with yer garden Stella (i.e., pig and ear).

on the supermarket shelves this morning this beauty was suspiciously close to such other Publog macro faves as legendary cider beverage SIRRUS and tasty Brazilian brew BRAHMA.

if we really really want a bock (and i can’t think of too many moments when the thought screams thru the head of yr average drinker) hopefully punters will stick when available to Salvator or some decent American craft varieties.

to me the only reason for not booting this away immediately is potential amusing ad campaigns, slogans,
instead of the invariable slick marketing ahead they could get a buxom St Pauli-type lady and think up all manner of clever taglines i’m sure.

same supermarket did later redeem itself with a display of plenty of bottle-conditioned stout from Burslem brewery Titanic

Nov 05

i am ignorant

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“A quarter of adults who have bought alcohol for youngsters claimed they did not know it was illegal, research showed today”, it sez.

how could you not know that?
whoops i didn’t
Sadly, I suspect Gale’s brewery will be quickly closed, as Fullers has extensively expanded its London site.
Roger Protz

Sep 05

delurking grape novice writes

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i like wine.
i love it.
but i don’t know anything really, just that i’ll drink any old plonk (oh i like this one rioja my local always has).
so the other night i went w’ a load of wealthier, older, wiser people (swill the wine in the glass, looks like i had a clue…) to some upscale wine tasting where i had a flight of Spanish reds (and drooled over the cheese a companion ordered).

let’s see if my notes can be identified correctly, set against the notes the bar provided:

bin 29
2003 Bierzo, Bodegas Arturo Garcia, “Hacienda Elsa”
Generously aromatic…skillfully integrated…red licorice, spice and leather.
+ Smells like some sort of ale…woman looks like Ulrika Jonsson – ah! It seemed pretty fruity.

bin 30
2003 Ribera del Duero, Arzuaga, “La Planta”
On their website, this was next to a Rioja. random bouquet. taste all over the shop. veritable feast etc. ARDKORE.
+ plush texture…complex assortment of black cherry, currants.

bin 31
2002 “Ludovicus”, Vinos Pinol, Terra Alta (Tempranillo/Grenache/Syrah/Cabernet)
2,900 cases of this little gem were produced…black pepper and a lingering finish.
+ lovely taste explosion. Again smooth. q. a powerful aftertaste.

bin 32
2003 “Monastrell”, Bodegas Olivares, Altos de la Hoya, Jumilla (100% Mourvedre)
Smooth, doesn’t seem much tannin. could drink that all night.
+ rich with earthy dark fruit, dark chocolate.

CONCLUSION = Oz Clarke’s position is safe….for now.

next week, whisky lover me [er, Bells and, oh, um, CHIVAS REGAL COCKTAILS YI YI] goes on a Speyside walking tour with Michael Jackson.

Jun 05

Charles Wells’ Summer Solstice 4.1% ABV

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a sight more delicious than Bombardier, so thank you, and
NUM NUM as luck would have it

Apr 05

Wolves & Dudley fancy a Jennings

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The continued operation of Jennings’ brewery in Cockermouth would be key, they say [blogged because i am a big fan of some of those wonderful Jennings ales, such as the Cumberland].

what does it mean, oh anyone who knows the games the big boys play?

they reassure Jennings drinkers – additionally it sounds all very happy from the Cumbrian POV – but there again since buying out Burtonwood the fine Bulls Head {Burtonwood estate} pub in Manchester town centre has been mostly, or entirely, closed (not that my parochialism is clouding my judgment..).

as established below, opinions vary over Kronenburg Blanc (no fan myself).
but what is the most expensive pint for it?
someone mentions four coins in comments, i know of a 3.80 ap Fulham way.
to finish, more northwest nationalism, in that this appraisal of a Boston, MA pizza franchise transplanted from the Mcr flags up amusing differences.
further googling reveals most Americans to be no fans of the English touches of a sticky toffee on the sweet tray, but in the end either approving of the place quite well, or not at all.
and what is this about the nods for a large assortment of wines by the glass?
perhaps it is mostly bottles in New England.

Feb 05


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It’s theer mon, rake it eawt ~

This pint kills fascists (unsure if it can shut up mayors of London).

Feb 05

Save Our Pubs

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Save Our Pubs {please}

Book warns of last orders for ornate boozers“, writes Polly Curtis
in the Guardian.

English Heritage document the 250 alehouses still left replete with their original Victoriana glories (inc. London’s Black Friar, the first theme pub, back in 1905).

Bill Bryson’s verdict?

Every old Red Lion pulled apart and plasticised and renamed the Frog and Orange diminishes us.

Not entirely sure about all uncritical narratives of the ‘old pub best’ approach, but Liverpool’s Philharmonic certainly sounds a better option than yet another dreary chain outlet.

Jan 05


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TAB {no, not that kind} UPDATE

It had been settled, an investigation concluded yesterday.
As it was LUNCHTIME, I stayed for two pints and a catfish po-boy (blackened, with tasty remoulade and the most remarkable side of tangy crisps).

The payment system still confused, again with credit card, but just different to what one is used to, is all.

The free jukebox allowed me to confirm my favourite version of ‘Summertime’ is the Sarah Vaughan, so something good has emerged from the whole sorry episode (and not forgetting the po-boy, almost N’awlins-like in quality).

Jan 05


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The scene:
Goose Island brewpub on Clybourn, in Chicago’s “bustling” (if by that you mean ‘full of yuppies buying organic’) Lincoln Park neighbourhood.
The mood:
not entirely subdued, with cheer in the shape of a frazzled homebrewer – to our side – with opinions. he appreciates the CAMRA magazine, fresh from Stockport branch.
Politics at the bar:
seems to be of the leftwing conspiracies variety, if Wednesday lunchtime is any judge. the odd environmentalist and ACLU subber. some inauguration punning. telly showing gridiron and baseball, no cricket, one PPV ad for the FA Cup Tournament, Fourth Stage.
the weather is wintry and gales rage, snow collects.
a reasonable scoop is served [current draughts], of which the juniper tones of Baltic lass Sahti perhaps star. the Christmas Ale is decent too.

Your correspondent exits the scene, avec some haste, after a coupla hours useful supping, late again.

Stupid, stupid, stupid, on waking this morning one cannot recall if the bill was settled.
Did the girl take our credit card?
Where is any receipt?
Can one walk out of establishments like that, without twinge of conscience?

Oh dear.

There are a couple of words that go together well to describe this situation and one of those words is problem.
I think my new name rhymes with Clucking Mule.
Anglo-American booze comparisons: four pints of drink UK equals five pints of drink USA (American jar generally 16oz. as against the Imperial 20oz.). This might explain something about Americans and beer. Also the one food&drink measurement, AFAIK, in which the USA is a world leader in slimline portions. Curious.
A swift return beckons, if only to sort out the tab…