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Oct 10

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 4, Week 3

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This week we talk of art (visual) with Tim, Kat and Rob, including Tony Hart, GCSE coursework, Candice Breitz and Pop about Art. Featuring music from Art Brut, Solange Knowles, Marilyn Manson and Sportique!

Here’s the Tony Hart clip we mention, it’s about three minutes in:

Sorry Tony…

Jul 10

Dinosaur Planet!

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Hello there! it is the Advertise Hibbett’s Show At The Fringe Time again. but this year is different as you will see from the following trailer:

why YES, that’s right, I AM IN THIS YEAR’S SHOW! so if you would like to see it, the dates are:

5-14 August, GRV, 37 Guthrie Street, Edinburgh, MIDDAY
21 and 22 August, Camden Head, 100 Camden High Street, Camden, 8.45pm

Here are a couple of clips from our recent preview show in Lewisham:


Jun 10

Glastonbury Festival Weather Forecast Forecast 2010*

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Given the demise of glastoweatherwatch and glastofestivalforecast and no obviously googleable replacement by some other person with too much time on their hands, I’ve been having to look myself at the assorted forecasts, to see if we can predict what the forecast for Glastonbury will be!

Dear old metcheck have gone a bit funny this year, I can’t seem to get their events page to work at all, although their 14 day forecast is working OK.

The Weather Forecast says the back end of June will be “fine and settled”. Interesting that the ad in the middle of the page is for numerology, maybe we should just get a reading from them for the forecast…


May 10

The FT Top 25 Pubs of the 00s No 4: The Calthorpe Arms

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So, we reach the top 4, an area, one would assume, of almost complete agreement between those voting but, for some reason, our fourth choice has elicited strong opinions, hence two different views. Let’s take this to the comments box!!!

The Lovely Lovely Calthorpe Arms, look how lovely it is. Wouldn't you like to go for a pint there right now?


Apr 10

Pop World Cup 2010: Group E – Denmark 0 Japan 3

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Onwards, ever onwards the Pop World Cup marches, with barely time to draw breath! Both Rob H’s Denmark and Dasal’s Japan need a win here, but even that won’t be enough if the other result goes against them. All they can do is play for the full 90 minutes and see what happens…

Voting on this poll closes at midnight on Sunday 18th April


Pop World Cup 2010: Group E – Cameroon 1 Netherlands 0

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With Ian F’s Netherlands already safely through as group winners this is little more than a run out to keep their eye in, maybe let some of the fringe players have a go. It means a lot more for Weston’s Cameroon who can confirm their place in the last 16 with a victory here, and cement his reputation.

(There appears to be some sort of dog on the pitch in the other match in this group, hopefully this won’t delay the start by too much, we’ll bring you full coverage as soon as it kicks off…)

Voting on this poll closes at midnight on Sunday 18th April


Apr 10

Pop World Cup 2010: Group A – France 1 South Africa 1

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Real Actual Crunch Time here, in the first real decider of the tournament. South Africa only need a point to be sure of qualification but France are in a mathematical nightmare. They could win and still go out, or lose and go through, depending on what exactly happens in the other match, every percentage point and vote will be absolutely vital, even South Africa aren’t through yet! Due to the incredibly high standard of play across the competition this is something we’re going to have to get used to over the next fortnight, and I can’t help thinking there may be some tactical voting from the managers and their supporters…

This match closes at midnight on Sunday 11th April


Pop World Cup 2010: Group A – Mexico 2 Uruguay 2

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Here we go then, this is where it all gets hectic, and the calculators come out to decide who goes through to the round of 16 and who gets sent home. We’ll be doing TWO matches per day, so that, as in the football based world cup, the groups finish at the same time. First up it’s Group A, with both Mexico and Uruguay dependent on the other game’s result, and the Mexicans in particular needing a stonking win to advance, we should be in for a rollicking tie.

This match will close at midnight on Sunday 11th April


Mar 10

Pop World Cup 2010: Group E – Cameroon 1 Denmark 1

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A must-win match for Denmark here, although given the popularity of all of the African teams so far, they may be facing an uphill battle against a Cameroon side looking to enhance their chances of getting through to the later stages.

Voting on this match finishes at midnight on the 29th March.


Mar 10

Pop World Cup 2010: Group E – Netherlands 2 Japan 0

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Crossing the mid-point of the second group round, if the Netherlands can get a win here a place in the last sixteen is within their grasp whilst Japan will hoping to build on their first game to push it just that little further to secure all three points.

Voting on this match finishes at midnight on the 28th March.