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The World Cup Of Debut Singles (ADMIN)
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August’s Twitter poll at @peoples_pop is about DEBUT SINGLES. Day by day Spotify playlists linked to in this thread.
This is the traditional ADMIN post, especially for fans of POLL ADMIN. Do not read if you are not one of these. (more…)[…]


Omargeddon #14: Un Escorpión Perfumado
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I recently reread Elena Ferrante’s excellent Neapolitan quartet with the same obsessive passion that consumed me when I read it the first time. It’s a sprawling Bildungsroman packed with evocative characters and slow-burn plotlines that, even on […]

The Pollards Of Lop Episode 1: Cover Versions
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Last month’s Twitter poll was about Cover Versions, and to accompany it, I was joined virtually by Cis, Mark and Pete to CAST THE PODS and talk about cover versions in general. And here it is.[…]

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