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Jan 20

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 12

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What currency of which country is suggested by:
 1 a nip?
 2 6.76 metres for gold?
 3 a Balkan amphitheatre?
 4 a sweet-tasting carbohydrate?
 5 a converted Muslim place of worship?

Jan 20

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 11

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 1 did Rajam captain the MCC?
 2 did the chauffeur confess to Pinky’s hit and run?
 3 did the doomed old man ride on a long-eared, cream-coloured donkey?
 4 did the Irish orphan play his eponymous Jewel Game in the spymaster’s shop?
 5 was the elephant, earlier acquired for £2,000, given to the mahout by the grateful globetrotter?

Jan 20

BEYONCÉ – “Crazy In Love”

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#956, 12th July 2003

History in the making,” says Jay-Z in the intro, and he’s been proven right. As I’ve said before, there’s a temptation with Beyoncé to treat her big moments as inevitable steps in a process of becoming. Her control over her career and image in 2019 – and the directions she’s gone and grown in – exerts a retroactive gravity on the rest of her story. “Crazy In Love” really does feel like a historical landmark, which can make it difficult to recover as a living single.

It’s difficult for Beyoncé too – on her 2019 Homecoming live album she drops it at the start of her set, in a place of honour, and at first treats it with the warmth an old friend deserves. It’s a way to show how she’s grown as a singer – her voice on the first verse is richer, fuller of feeling, than it was on the original. But halfway through the song she turns away from it, first following the line of its beat into a funk jam then switching out from it entirely.

Jan 20

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 10

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 1 whose opera was inspired by Virgil?
 2 who honoured Queen Anne’s consort with a stimulating voluntary?
 3 who wrote music for the attendant to Prospero as he donned his ducal robes?
 4 who wrote music forever patriotically associated with our green and pleasant land?
 5 who named a composition after a mighty biblical hunter in honour of his editor and friend?

Jan 20

The Freaky Trigger Movie Poll 2019: #30 – #21

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Here’s the next batch of ten films. Some big studio productions and some tiny indie films too. Again it is notable how many of these films centre on women’s stories (perhaps with the exception of the big studio hits  – though even our number 30 has more interesting female characters than the rest of its series). 


Jan 20

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 9

FT9 comments • 228 views

 1 who started in the Justinian?
 2 as what is the black trumpet also known?
 3 upon what is the Lord laughing in the sun?
 4 where did Dulcibella run aground, lured by Dollmann?
 5 which oxymoronic engagement resulted in the humiliation of the 7th?

Jan 20

EVANESCENCE – “Bring Me To Life”

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#955, 14th June 2003

Corporate rock, a vignette: the label wanted Evanescence to add a male co-vocalist all through their debut album. The band said no, and so a compromise was met – Amy Lee would be joined by a growly dude only on this first single.

Jan 20

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 8

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 1 Who fell to Pardiñaz in Madrid?
 2 And who fell to Bailaor in Talavera de la Reina?
 3 Who initiated the vindication of the Maid of Orleans?
 4  Which avenging monarch succumbed to plague in La Linea?
 5 Which king was assassinated with his own sword while besieging his sister’s inherited city?


Jan 20

King William’s College Kwizz 2019. FT Round 7

FT7 comments • 248 views

 1 were we 76 for 7?
2 did the Donkey kick off northward?
3 did Gurney reward Lightborn by stabbing him?
4 does Monti’s Father Thames overlook the first lock?
5 did Simpkin confiscate the twist of cherry-coloured silk?


Jan 20

The Freaky Trigger Movie Poll 2019: #40 – #31

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Welcome to the FreakyTrigger Top 40 Films of 2019. Quick catch up on the rules, the vote is open to as many people who submit a ballot. Voters submit up to 20 films in order, which are ranked. To qualify for the final list a film must get more than one vote.

This year, probably because we didn’t do a music ballot and music is the main bread and butter of FT, we got about five less voters. This also meant that we only had 42 films to get more than one vote. I could tell you what they were – but I will leave that to the end. In particular, quite a lot of really good films didn’t qualify (he said bitterly having binned much of his list). To qualify a film had to have been released in 2019 in the UK, either in cinemas or straight to streaming / VOD. This meant quite a few of our international ballots had Parasite on it – which hasn’t been released in the UK yet. I can’t wait….