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Mar 13

Time Considered As A Hastily Scrawled Set Of Notes On A Livejournal Beermat

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Doctor Who: The Bells Of St John

This one came off as a remix of a few previous companion-intro episodes. Disembodied intelligence and London landmark from Rose, whimsical Doctor and companion-as-kid backstory (well, sort of) from Eleventh Hour, and hardass businesswoman villain plus everyday-menace plot from the Adipose one.


jumpers for goalposts IN THE FUTURE

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fakedragonballTom linked to this at Blue Lines, but not everyone is on Tumblr. More here.

For the puzzled: Japanese schoolgirls re-enacting magical martial arts moves from manga, photographing and uploading them. For the record: AMAZING.

(<---I love the pile of schoolbags.)