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Jul 12

FT Periodic Table: Element 6: SUGABABES

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Freaky Trigger has been going since 1999, almost the exact amount of time the Sugababes have existed. Like the Sugababes it has had many incarnations, from breathless multi-column blog, to the more sedate affair you see right now. But through all of its hiatuses, breakdowns and breakups, both Freaky Trigger and the Sugababes have survived. Of course we would see them as a kindred spirit. Of course they are elemental to us.

Back in March 2001 FT printed a breathless live review of the Sugababes by soon to be celebrated author Dan Rhodes. We used to do stuff like that back then.


Jul 12

Poptimism presents… CLUB ACTION!

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You may have noticed that things have been a little bit quiet on the Freaky Trigger dancing front lately. That’s because DJ Chlorine and The Barnet Ape have been hard at work in secret altitude training up Mount Poplympus, in readiness to bring you…

Club Action

WHERE: Downstairs at Ryan’s Bar, Stoke Newington Church Street (by the 73/476 bus stop)
WHEN: Friday 14th September, 8pm-1am
WHAT: Pop music, dancing and highly drinkable real ale!

FREE ENTRY plus a free pint if you show your recently-won Olympic/Paralympic gold medal to one of the DJs. (Half a pint for silver, a lime and soda for bronze.)

(Facebook event link here)

Jul 12

REPOPULATE: Sandie Shaw – Always Something There To Remind Me

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Almost certainly a victim of the great Haloscan comment purge of 2005, a request has come to nudge the Popular Comments Crew to chat about some tracks which have already appeared in Popular, but no longer have any conversation. And Wichita Lineman suggested this Sandie Shaw favouriteof which Tom said, back in January 2005, “it’s hard to get a great Bacharach song wrong. But it’s hard to get one exactly right, too.”

To discover Tom’s score and have your say, follow the link and Repopulate.
SANDIE SHAW – “Always Something There To Remind Me”

Jul 12

MR BLOBBY – “Mr Blobby”

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#698, 11th December 1993

“Mr Blobby” is something of a first. We’ve met terrible records before – worse than this, in many cases – but their terribleness has been down to incompetence or cynicism (or in Jive Bunny’s case both). Blobby is doing something different: his single is best understood an extension of the Blobby M.O., the gag which made him a star on Saturday night TV. Celebrity is given to understand Blobby is a harmless kids’ TV character; Blobby then deliberately annoys the sleb, destroys the set, etc.