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Jun 12

FT Periodic Table: Element 5: INTERNET EXPLORER

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So to the Fifth Element, which, Luc Besson mistakenly thought was Love. We know better, love is the first, fundamental element: which left a bit of a mystery of what the fifth element could be? There was some suggest that Ie refereed to Example, the popular rapper and singer, whose “Changed The Way You Kiss Me” certainly underpinned much of last year to me. And seemed be used a LOT at the 20/20 Cricket match I went to yesterday to signify the end of an over. But of course Ie is Latin for “that is” rather than for example, which you should look out for if there is an element called Eg (Example’s own initials, fact fans).

Jun 12

MEAT LOAF – “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)”

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#697, 23rd October 1993

Pretty much since this song came out Meat Loaf, his fans and all around him have taken great rolling eyed pains to disavow the notion that “THAT” might be something a bit dirty. “It’s in the lyrics,” they sigh, “it’s three different cases of ‘that’ which boil down to Meat Loaf denying his feelings – he’s the St Peter of rock, essentially”. (They don’t really say that bit). Anyhow this attempt to paint “I Would Do Anything” as a wronged song, “Born In The USA” but with sexual innuendo instead of patriotism, founders a bit when in the very first second of the video you get “SOMETIMES GOING ALL THE WAY IS JUST THE START”.

It’s The EDM Of The World As We Know It

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It is time for me to get back in touch with The Kids, by listening to the UK Top 40 and putting it in order of how much I like it as I go. Best to worst.

Jun 12

Cheap food we love: cress that is actually mustard

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Actually, I’m not sure this is totally universal to the site; some of our most esteemed contributors fall into the strangely misguided category of ‘mustard hatas.’ Even so, I would hope that even the most vehement detractor of the second most important food group would say that there is something brilliant about cress-that-is-actually-mustard.

Behold, the pale army

Jun 12

TAKE THAT ft LULU – “Relight My Fire”

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#696, 9th October 1993

With “Pray” I made the case for Take That being – visually at any rate – something new in British pop. But they could do tradition, too – “Relight My Fire”, a confident consolidation of their stardom, put down careful markers on two different strands of pop heritage.

Jun 12

i am legend (new pop division)

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In view of the fact that I sailed into work today through empty streets like some witless monarch, to find it chained and barred to me, the Angel deserted, the Jenghik Palace in flames, Jon Westerly undead… here is under the cut is a picture of Annabella Lwin