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Aug 11

LIVE BLOG: Pictures Of Bankers With Heads In Hands

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Whilst the threat of a Double Dip Recession is nothing to make light of, there is at least one aspect fondly remembered from 2008. Like the gurningly beautiful twins on A-Level result day, there is only one way our online news sources know how to celebrate this. Pictures of bankers with heads in their hands. So all day (and feel free to send me links), I’ll be updating this post with just that.

3:08PM The markets are rallying. Like they did three summers ago. Still a long way to go, but I’ll probably leave you with this one from the Evening Standard for now. Early prices Special (there was nothing special about the early prices). If only we could zoom in to see what he is saying in that outlook window. I’d give you good money (which is worth NOTHING now) that it is SELL SELL SELL.