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Jan 11

BOMBALURINA – “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”

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#649, 25th August 1990

Timmy Mallett is one of those horribly British professional funsters who seem to find employment as DJs and TV hosts and then worm their way to the heart of the UK’s pop culture. Pop, and life, is for them a kind of cosmic struggle between the serious and the fun, and it’s their duty to take balancing action any time the former seems like winning. So when pop in 1990 showed signs of being vibrant, original, and relevant to its audience it fell to Timmy to enter the studio and produce a record of such thundering witlessness it could ruin a whole year at a stroke.


Jan 11

NARNIA WEEK: Infinite Quest

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David Foster Wallace vs CS Lewis.

Or at least here is a few pages of Wallace’s copy of The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe replete with inky marginalia. The notes at one point make referenc to someone called JC: WHO HE?

Stolen from io9, where you can also see some marginalia from a text of Carrie he taught from too. Carrie’s notes are obviously IN RED.

NARNIA WEEK: Yours Is A Younger World

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My favourite part of any subcreation is its edges – apocrypha, marginalia, the sketches and hints at grander unrealised designs. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth is detail-rich (to say the least) but I’d linger fascinated on the Blue Wizards, or Rhun, or Far Harad: the stuff he left only as names. If anyone did fill them in I’d be mortified – this is one reason I won’t let my Doctor Who fandom take me as far as the novels, where mystery seems regularly to be given a thorough and pedantic kicking.

One of the funny things about these holes in a built world is that they work just as well – perhaps even better – if they arise from carelessness as if they’re planned. It’s a tightrope – revealing the mystery is bad, but knowing something was intended to work as a mystery can kill it for me just as surely. The Narnia series has a few of these – most of the close encounters with Aslan’s kingdom never impressed or moved me much as a kid because (I now suspect) there was too much narrative heavy-handedness around them.


Jan 11

NARNIA WEEK: He’s not a tame lion

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But he can cha-cha-cha with the best of them!

See also: Eustace the dragon makes a sandcastle while he’s waiting for a lift and Reepicheep advertising sun lotion.

Jan 11

NARNIA WEEK: what you see is what you get

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I’ve enjoyed all three of the Narnia films so far, partly because they render the deep philosophical silliness of Lewis’s seven beloved books even more massively obvious — but partly because they not only trust in his strengths, but amplify them, by being better than he is (or even realistically could be) at certain things.

Thus: Aslan is a passive-aggressive kn0b who is worshipful only bcz CAN HAZ GIANT KITAN, no more no less.


The Hemingway

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Yes, it’s easy pickins going after pretentious gastro refurbs for being pretentious and expensive but COME ON NOW.

Just off the Lauriston roundabout in Hackney, near Victoria Park, stands a handsome pub on the corner of a residential street. It used to be something else. Didn’t they all? Not that its previous incarnation was any great shakes. In fact, it was terrible. But crucially, it was also ignorable. Now, BEHOLD. The HEMINGWAY.


Freaky Trigger Readers Poll 2010: 11-1

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And here we are – the final section! Thanks again for everyone who’s voted, and a special thanks to all the commenters who’ve joined in the discussion on it. Certainly worth doing again next year, I think.

11. KELIS – “Acapella”: More than a touch of the Gagas in Kelis’ video for this, but the song itself is slinkier and less bonkers than Lady G. A deserved hit, but could the modish, inventive parent album follow suit? Could it bollocks.

And into the top 10!


Jan 11

No One Man Should Have All That Klout

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The social media bits of the Twittersphere I read have been very approving of an AdAge piece this week by Matthew Creamer. Creamer lays into the firm Klout, who peddle a metric of how influential someone is based on the Twitter activity surrounding them. In a press release issued at the end of the year, Klout announced that the most influential person on the web, the sole individual to receive their perfect score of 100 in influence terms, was…. Justin Bieber.

Cue a predictable storm.


NARNIA WEEK: What’s So Scary About Extra Teeth?

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As the resident Freakytrigger fearologist, I can no longer hold my fire on the most insidious trend of monster movies of the last twenty years. It is OK when a few late night shockers tumble down this line, but when even a Narnia film tiptoes into this area of excess, I have to make myself heard. In Voyage Of The Dawn Treader, in the big final battle, the crew come up against a sea serpent. A pretty well realised sea serpent, peril levels were actively high for this bit. Big, slobbery and bitey, I was rather impressed with how this effect came out. And then the serpent had to go and open up ITS ENTIRE BODY to reveal some sort of chitinous extra sets of mouths, legs and a whole mess of needless rubbish. I must speak up. And when I speak I open my mouth and what’s inside BUT ANOTHER EVEN SCARIER MOUTH.

We all know who to blame.


Freaky Trigger Readers Poll 2010: 22-12

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Another 11 of your Top However-Many-It-Is-Now, bringing us into the Top 20 in the poll.

22. KANYE WEST – “Power”: While I’ve waned and waxed on some of the Kanye tracks, this bit of unashamed art-rock is one which I think I like more every play. This is, of course, the “video portrait” so for the full track go to Spotify (which I will update, I promise!)

21. ARIEL PINK’S HAUNTED GRAFFITI – “Round And Round”: Diffuse soft-rockin’ stylings which managed to scoop Pitchfork’s track of the year. The main hook doesn’t land until just after 2 minutes in. I ended up playing this a lot while never being quite convinced it worked, so it’s obviously got something, but….