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Dec 10

MADONNA – “Vogue”

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#644, 14th April 1990

After a crucifixion, an ascension: as discussed on the Lollards Of Pop, “Vogue” is Madonna’s attempt to join a pantheon of pop culture icons – “Grace Kelly, Harlow Jean….” and so on. No, not her attempt: her assertion that she is already part of this company by right. She’s the first modern pop star to join it, to rise above the colourised grit and mess of the rock era and act like she belongs in black-and-white.


Dec 10

Freaky Trigger And The Lollards Of Pop (Series 4 – Week 12)

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Another week, another conversation. This time I welcome a terrifyingly well-informed team of Magnus Anderson, Al Ewing and Martin Skidmore to talk about something I (demonstrably, audibly) know very little about – the history, present and practice of comics criticism. Links and other clarifications to follow in the comments.