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Oct 10

LISA STANSFIELD – “All Around The World”

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#635, 11th November 1989

For the second time, Coldcut give a leg-up to a vocalist via the medium of “featuring” – but while Yazz’ music with and without them wasn’t too different, the gap between “People Hold On” and “All Around The World” is far wider. As a house vocalist, Lisa Stansfield was a terrific find: she could play the belter with the best of them, but also provide a calm centre for Coldcut’s gleeful cut-and-mix pyrotechnics and pianos. Best of all, she sounded like she was having a tremendous time.


Oct 10

Freaky Trigger presents A Slug of Pop (series 3, week 4)

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A special episode of Lollards this week, as Tom Ewing and Mark Sinker each talk about a pop song of their choice, with Tim Hopkins asking them the difficult questions. How is putting Lakshminarayanan Shankar on your record a crass commercial move? Are Marina’s diamonds her best friends? Why is Lily Allen hopping from one foot to another like she needs the loo? Find out in A Slug Of Pop!

Time Reconsidered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Who Eps: #10 DESTINY OF THE DALEKS

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… being a show-by-show TARDIS-esque (ie in effect random) exploration of Doctor Who Soup to Nuts, begun at LJ’s diggerdydum community and from now on also crossposted at FT.

OK for my tenth re-view, I have before me (a) the very famous (if arguably very unsuccessful) 1979 ep DESTINY OF THE DALEKS, this being (b) an ep I recall from its first broadcast: in which Davros, the legendary creator of the Daleks left for dead on Skaro, is dug back up and his robot eye, wheelchair and big red knob switched back on. GUESS WHO BY? Th outfall of (b) is that I was very grumpy they didn’t even refit Davros’s mask to the new actor; the out of of (a) is that HILARITY ENSUES, as Davros is quite the silliest megalomaniac ever to have called humans puny, and the Daleks behave like Kevin the teenager in his presence.


Oct 10

Brunet and Gorgonzola Picante (cheesy lovers #98 & 99)

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A small Italian goat’s cheese from The Tasting Room

This round little goat’s cheese comes sitting in its own cupcake wrapper. A label sits directly on the cheese, depicting a hairy, horny goat. The cheese underneath is a pale cream colour, with big, squidgy geotrichium wrinkles and a smattering of white bloom peeking out around them. When I cut a wedge, there’s a sticky, gloopy liquid layer underneath the rind and a solid white chalky centre.

It’s sticky and luscious, tasting milky and nutty, and with a hint of warm dry straw. The soft skin of the rind prickles my mouth just a tiny bit, and tastes of mushroom soup and almonds. The hard centre of the cheese has a touch of moussyness to it, and is slightly sharper; it tastes of salt and lemonpips.



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#634, 21st October 1989

Five weeks of “Swing The Mood” and six of “Ride On Time” were more than enough for Jive Bunny to get a follow-up into the shops, the charts, and back to number one: the creature was now a phenomenon. As one of the commenters on the previous hit mentioned, the wonder is that Jive Bunny had the field to himself: if competitor singles did exist, they surely flopped. The Mastermixers, who’d been in this game a while, had a catalogue of material to work with but more importantly had the Bunny himself. As much as a pop smash, this is a branding success story, and on “That’s What I Like” the voice of Chubby Checker (“I’m gonna sing my song – it won’t take long”) seems to become that of Jive Bunny Incarnate, a cheeky compere of his own hit.


The Curse Of The Cross-Dressing Heroine

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It may be a hackneyed old plot which is rarely dragged out today (bar tomboyish starring teen movies*), but cross dressing women trying to pass as men has been around for a while. And the difficulty with this age old plot is that when it was all the rage, the only thing to dress up as, as a woman, would be some sort of soldier. Hence Mulan. Spot question, one of these people is not, as you might think in first view, a man. Look closely, see if you can guess which one is actually, and I know its hard to believe, a woman dressed up as a bloke. Answer below the cut.


Oct 10

BLACK BOX – “Ride On Time”

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#633, 9th September 1989

The controversy around “Ride On Time” now feels like a mixture of typical sharp practise and unusual naivety. Details are murky, but it seems production team Black Box had obtained sample clearance for Loleatta Holloway’s “Love Sensation” from her record label, but they hadn’t asked her about it, they hadn’t credited writer Dan Hartman, and they certainly had no compunction about hiring a model to lip-synch Holloway’s lines.


Oct 10

Freaky Trigger and the Lollards of Pop – Series 4, Week 3

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This week we talk of art (visual) with Tim, Kat and Rob, including Tony Hart, GCSE coursework, Candice Breitz and Pop about Art. Featuring music from Art Brut, Solange Knowles, Marilyn Manson and Sportique!

Here’s the Tony Hart clip we mention, it’s about three minutes in:

Sorry Tony…

Oct 10

Blu di capra, Scamorza affumicata (cheesy lovers #96 & #97)

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EXCITEMENTS next week will include not only cheeses 98 – 100, but also the CHEESY LOVER 100 CHEESES AWARDS, where I’ll be choosing my favourites of the 100 so far tried, and combining them together on a supercheeseboard. And then eating them!

Blu di capra

A blue raw milk (I think) goats cheese from Lombardi, Italy, bought from Gastronomica.

The pale, almost grey paste of this cheese is smatterd and scored with a green mould. The rind’s a bloomy mix of white and biscuity colours, with occasional patches of the same mould. When I cut into the cheese, it crumbles slightly.