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Oct 10

London Film Festival: Carlos Whisper

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It seems an odd thing to say but the some of the most interesting things about Olivier Assayas’s 330 minute biopic of the world famous terrorist is what is left out. Which bearing in mind how much is left in (all 330 minutes of them) is not an inconsiderable amount. Starting in 1973 we are presented with a pre-trained and ready Ilich (pre-name change) ready to strike for the Palestinians in the name of International Marxism and a well timed sense of murderous mischief. And the foot doesn’t really come off of the gas for the next five hours, at least not until we discover Carlos’s varicose vein in his testicle and the wheels fall off of his wagon, delivering him in prison. But Carlos tells, in an assiduously linear way, a story of what we know happened, and a fair few educated guesses. What is left out quite often is the why.


Guess My Theory: When Deigning at this Level

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