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Aug 10

Sex Bob-Omb: The Scott Pilgrim Musical!!!

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World is a musical. It is a therefore somewhat of a pity that much of the music in it is pretty anonymous, there are no showstoppers here. It is exactly of a sort, though, the sort that you might imagine no mark Toronto indie bands making. This should therefore be successful within the movie, since the movie is partial about the travails of a no-mark Torontonian (Torontian? Torontoed? Torontinoed?) indie band. And thus, happily in the music within Scott Pilgrim vs The World (The Movie) we have a perfect metaphor for the problem with the film Scott Pilgrim vs The World. It is too faithful to its source, its internal world and its own sense of doing its on story justice to succeed. Edgar Wright has delivered a stupendously entertaining movie, but one which you know could have been better. Just as the music played by Sex Bob-Omb in the film is good, and correct and accurate could also, in a perfect world, also be catchy and fun and sing along on the way home.


Time Reconsidered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Who Eps: #7 PLANET OF EVIL

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or “i’ve got a very unpleasant theory!

… being a show-by-show TARDIS-esque (ie in effect random) exploration of Doctor Who Soup to Nuts, begun at LJ’s diggerdydum community and from now on also crossposted at FT.

After dramatically qualified location CITY OF DEATH, we’re off to PLANET OF EEEEVIL (my home burg, in similar vein, is known to the tourist board as “town of flowers”). Anyway, it’s 1975+30,000 years and the BoringBaker and a frighteningly young-looking SJ are distress-called to the WELL AT THE END OF THE WORLD edge of the known universe, to a planet that resembles a boiled and scabby bald head, where a frightened encampment of scientists is being caused to dwindle and corpse by a JUNGLE THAT SUCKS. Now read on…