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Aug 10

Time Reconsidered as a Helix of Semi-Precious Who Eps: #2 THE SONTARAN EXPERIMENT

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or “the invasion of the stiperstones

… being a show-by-show TARDIS-esque (ie in effect random) exploration of Doctor Who Soup to Nuts, begun at LJ’s diggerdydum community and from now on also crossposted at FT.

in a strange symmetry, the second story i got was THE SONTARAN EXPERIMENT: last time the Ruton Earth invasion was foiled from a lonely and isolated spot, with only a handful of somewhat dispensible earth onlookers to “help” and be “helped” — well turn and turn about, bcz now it’s the eternal Ruton foe, the Sontarans (and it’s Earth in the far future rather than the recent past, when all London is become a be-heathered hilly outcrop) (also: THIS is apparently the ep that drew mary whitehouse’s fierce ire!)