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Jul 10

L’Etivaz (cheesy lover #90)

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In cheese-with-stuff-in news I sorta want to try this. Would anyone like to watch and laugh join in?


A hard, unpasturised, alpine cow’s milk cheese from Switzerland, bought from KaseSwiss.

This is a slice of pale yellow cheese. The brown rind tastes dark and musty – not an eating-rind, really. The cheese is slightly soft, and scattered with tiny white spots of crunchy potential


Music Swishing In London This Sunday

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“No Parlez by Paul Young? Yes, I THINK I remember seeing one of those…”

New CDs for Old! Trigger pals The Hangover Lounge are hosting a “Music Swish” at the Lexington this Sunday – details here. The idea is that you bring along up to 15 unwanted CDs, records, tapes, etc. and you leave with 15 which other people have brought. I’d be there myself, except I’m in the New Forest that day.

It’s a great idea and if successful the plan is to make it a regular event, so do drop by on Sunday with your cast-offs in tow.